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In True Love update Saturday 30th November 2019 on Glow TV,  Megha cooks in her kitchen. Renu is there too and has a terrible headache. she blames its all because of your daughter, Nanhi.

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Megha is tensed listening to her. Renu says the channel was airing such a good program Project Talash…and Nanhi says its all fake. I’m telling you no wonder she can any day come & say, Ma I have left the job.

Megha says, no bhabhi…this time she won’t & smiles.
Renu says for real? Look Megha you have to take care of this.
Meanwhile jiji enters & Renu burps. Jiji is annoyed. Renu says its gas jiji.
Jiji comes to Megha & tells her that you have received a sms…check it.
Megha takes the phone. Jiji

asks about coffee bottle…why is it open? Renu is drinking coffee & burps again. Jiji is like…let it be.
Its Mohan’s message…she reads, I am Rimjhim’s father..I just came to know that you discourage her a lot in your class. Are you a Kathak Teacher or a Ring master? Megha is astonished first & then gets angry..
Jiji Bua looks at her & senses that she is angry/ upset.

Here, Mohan is saying to himself that the teacher must have been shocked after reading his message. His cellphone rings (message message). He says it would be her reply definitely.
Pulls out his phone & says to himself (before reading the message), O Mr. Bhatnagar, I am so sorry…I will never scold Rimjhim again. Please don’t complain to the Principal. Smiles at himself.
Then starts reading the message….no doubt you are Rimjhim’s father…because only you can write this kind of message. Now his turn to be surprised. Rimjhim has disciplinary issues & authority issues. She gets personal in small small things. If you yourself don’t want that she learns dance from me…then I myself will go and speak with the Principal Madam so that she doesn’t have to attend the dance class anymore. But if you want that your daughter should learn dance..then please do not interfere.
Mohan says…she sounds so rude. I will give her a reply.
Here, Megha is shown entering her room after having a bath & her phone beeps.

She reads the message…she is my daughter. I have full right to interfere.
Megha is really pissed off now.
She starts writing the reply…which Mohan is shown reading. But in school she is my student. Its my right. You please don’t teach me my job.
Mohan says, ok & replies. Megha’s phone beeps again.
The message says…at least for that work properly.
She is very angry now 😛 & of course, replies.
Mohan reads the text…why don’t you yourself come to school & start teaching her Kathak.
Next message…Megha reads…what rubbish! I don’t pay fees for this. But yes, if need be…I will definitely come & teach my daughter…I can do anything for her:)
Mohan gets the reply…first tell her about genders in hindi!! 😀
Megha reads the message…Madam, now you are getting personal.
Mohan reads…its you who started it Mr.!
Mohan replies one word…ladaku…fighter/ troublemaker!
Megha replies to him….yes, Mr. fighter/ troublemaker sounds perfect!
Mohan is left speechless. Split screen of Mohan & Megha with their peppy back ground music.

Nanhi on her terrace with the webcam on. She says (to Addu’s pic), I am sorry Addu. I was going to commit a very stupid mistake today. But thankfully, ma made me realise or else because of that Mohan Bhatnagar, I would have left this job too. She holds his pic in her hand, smiles & says…you don’t worry..I am not the one to accept defeat. Your Nanhi will find you from wherever you are….even if for that I have to work with that Mohan Bhatnagar only. I’ll do it. I’ll have to be a part of his project Talash team somehow.

Next morning..
Mohan tells Rimjhim to brush quickly…she cant bunk school. Rimjhim says, if you had to find this of dance teacher for me…then you shouldn’t have called me to Indore..I want to go back to Bhopal.
Mohan assures her that he will talk to her dance teacher. But because of that they cant skip school. Are you scared of anyone?
Rimjhim says, no..but do tell my dance teacher today that if someone laughs at me then I wont go to school.
Mohan agrees to it.

Nanhi is dressing up Megha for the school. Megha says (in reporter style)…would Aawaz India be lucky enough to have its star reporter back or not. You stay tuned with us..we will be back after a break. Nanhi claps for her. Megha is like…this much I have learned after watching tv. Nanhi replies that the wow was for you…because you are looking very pretty today. Both smile at each other. Megha’s cell beeps.
She reads, its my humble request to you. I apologise for yesterday’s rude messages. Please teach my daughter dance somehow.
Megha smiles at the message. Nanhi looks at her & asks her…who’s messaging you that you are smiling so much? Megha replies…a student’s father. The guy is sweet.
Nanhi jokingly says its been just a day since you have joined school and you are getting the messages of student’s fathers. Plus smiley messages?
Megha looks at her and signal to tap her & nanhi runs from there saying sorry. Megha smiles.

Mohan gets the reply from her. It says, that’s ok. But I too have a request to make…please let me do my job my way & do not interfere. Rimjhim will definitely learn dance. Am sorry too..I too shouldn’t have replied this way. Mohan now a cute smile on his face.
Rimjhim who was there only. She says…Should Rimjhim wear tie or not?
He says, for sure. She guesses that he has spoken to the teacher. He agrees that she will teach her.
She reminds him of her condition about no one laughing at her or she wont go to school.
Guru enters. Mohan replies…yep, have told her that. By the way, your teacher is quite sweet. whatever she will do..will be good only.
Guru interrupts, what kind of a sweetness is this. Yesterday she had scolded her so much…is this a way to teach & takes Rimjhim to have breakfast. Mohan too joins them.
He says, I agree she is Rimjhim’s 6th Kathak Teacher. But the first one to tell me not to interfere in her work. Guru is wondering. Mohan says, I know what she is doing.
Rimjhim asks him did she say this to you? You are my dad..if someone scolds me then you have to interfere.
Mohan asks her not to get angry & tells her that she dint say it rudely. She said it nicely. Leave all that, don’t you trust you dad…his choice..whatever I will do for you, it will be good only.
Guru agrees & says but what if she is unable to teacher Rimjhim properly, then?
Mohan looks at Rimjhim & says, then whatever my Rimjhim will say I will agree to it. Guru cross checks his words with him & Mohan says, Haan na!
Rimjhim says ok, I will do it just for you.

Bundela House:
Veer on phone checking with someone about cards distribution & asks him to confirm him after everything is done. Iccha enters the room & asks him to send 2 cars to the airport. Veer jokes that for her, he can become the chauffeur and go. Iccha says, no you stay with me only. Just send two drivers.
Veer says he has & he knows that her two special guests are coming over – Megha & Mohan. He tells her that its good that she has called both of them in Meethi’s sangeet. Iccha says, how could I not call them…they have don’t so much for us.

She remembers how Megha had come to meet her in Satara & how she has promised Iccha that she will make him meet Veer for sure. Another flashback of Megha asking the journalists to bring out Iccha’s truth in the public. She shares with Veer that she felt so good after meeting Megha after so many years.
Flashback of when she had gone to meet Megha to invite her for Meethi’s sangeet at Indore. Megha, Renu & Jiji are happily surprised to see her there. Renu & jiji ask Megha to show her purses & her boutique as well. 😀 Megha is giggling.
Both share greetings over a cup of tea & how they had met. Iccha says friends can never be forgotten & especially never in the time of celebrations. Megha is confused. Iccha shares that her daughter Meethi is getting married. She has come to invite her for that only.
Megha says this means you and…Iccha says, yes time has taken a new and happy turn. Now me & Veer are back together. And how could I forget this fact that you & Mohan had tried so hard to make me go back to Veer. Megha’s smile disappears at the mention of Mohan’s name.

Iccha continues with her talks. You and Mohan have to come.
She senses something wrong & looks at Megha who has her head bowed down & tears coming out of her eyes.
Iccha asks her the reason and about Mohan. Megha tells her that they both don’t live together now. Iccha is shocked. Megha makes an excuse of bringing something to eat for her but Iccha stops her.
She says, no one can understand better than me…how to hide tears behind your smile. I respect your decision. I don’t know what was the reason that you guys separated but I know for sure that the more you stay away from each other, the more you will yearn for each other.
Megha negates that they have living away from each other for years. We haven’t seen each other, neither heard nor spoken to each other…& we do not either want to. I don’t even know where he is, how he is. We are like the 2 banks of a river who can never meet.
Iccha says, if that would have been the case then you both would have never fell in love with each other in the first place. Because ultimately love unites people…they can not live away from each other. Megha is left speechless.
Iccha reminds her of coming to Meethi’s marriage & Megha looks at the card. She says, she has her school on the wedding day, so she wont be able to come that day. Iccha makes a sad face. Megha assures her that she will definitely come in sangeet. Iccha gets happy & takes leave. Flash back ends.

Veer says, I remember Iccha as you had called me immediately after that only. Iccha nods her head.
Another flashback of the conversation. Veer shares information on Mohan Bhatnagar & that he is currently working with Aawaz India & is in Indore only. She asks him to message the address. FB ends. Veer says, this much we should do to help unite 2 lovers. She tells him that she did what he had told her to…Mohan was hurt very deeply.

Iccha comes to meet Mohan in his office. He is happy says this is unbelievable. They exchange greetings. She says that the credit for her happiness goes to you & Megha too. He changes the topic asks her the reason for her coming to Indore.
She shares about Meethi’s wedding & hand him the wedding invitation. He congratulates her. She asks him to come. He too says about the date…schedule is tight.
She suggests him to come on the sangeet…he can come & enjoy.
He asks about Veer & if they are happy. She asks him the same question. He has flashback of leaving Indore.
She asks him what does his heart say. He replies that it says that you are mad Mohan. Iccha says…it loves her only. Mohan – you can love her & her only. Iccha – and will always do. Mohan – Forever 🙂
Tears come rolling down his cheeks. He wipes them & says you must not do this here or no one will feel scared of me here in Aawaz India.
Mohan asks her if she has invited Megha. He doesn’t want to hurt her. Iccha says she hasn’t invited her & takes his leave. Flash back ends.

Veer asks her what do you think will they both come? She says yes, they both have promised me. I have called them both especially for sangeet…after 12 years when they will come face to face all their differences will fade away & they will be back together. Iccha goes to give Ammo album.

Meethi sits on the sofa & all look at her happily. All compliment her that she is looking very pretty.
Some girls take Mukta for dance. Mukta dances on Radha. Nani cant believe what she is seeing 😛 rohini joins her. Mukta tries to drag all but Vishnu agrees to join. Surabhi & Meethi wonder who he is. Mukta & Vishnu dance together. Finally when they both realise, Mukta drags Kanha to the dance floor. Surabhi & Vishnu are standing next to each other. she asks him whether he works with Veer in the office.
He says no, I have come here to meet Teacher didi, Iccha ji. She becomes tensed & asks him how do you know her. He tells her that he is one of her students. She has done so much for him.
Rohini tries to take Nani to the dance floor but she shoos her away.
Surabhi asks him his name. Her doubts get confirmed when he says – Vishnu. She is shocked & remembers Akash convo about Vishnu.

She wonders that he is here now. What do I do?
Vishnu shares that she had shaped his life for better in Satara jail. It doesn’t look like I was once in jail na? Surabhi is very nervous. He says see what a coincidence it is…her daughter is also getting married to a guy named Vishnu. She looks at him in shock.

All family members are dancing together.
Suabhi & Vishnu see Veer & Iccha coming downstairs.
Vishnu says, Teacher didi and is very excited to meet her while Surabhi is still in shock & fumbling with herself. She looks at them & then Vishnu.
She thinks to herself if this real Vishnu meets Iccha then whatever we have done so far, will be finished.
She is about to say something to Vishnu when Rohini comes & takes away for dance.
Vishnu moves ahead to meet Iccha. Surabhi tries to go but first Kanha & then Rohini stops her.
Veer & Iccha are happy to see that everyone is enjoying. Vishnu too is smiling looking at them.
Iccha self thought that she has tried her best but don’t know if they will come or not. I would be very happy if I can in any way bring them close again. Just pray to God that they both come.

Iccha moves towards Vishnu. Surabhi sees this and is feeling helpless.
Here Vishnu is happy. Iccha says, how are you Vishnu? WHile the real Vishnu was about to answer the fake one (Akash) says everything is good as your blessings are with me. The real Vishnu is shocked and turns around. Surabhi is finally relieved & happy.
Vishnu turns and looks at Iccha who is not looking in his direction at all.
She goes up to Akash who bends down to take her blessings. Vishnu is unable to understand it while Surabhi is watching it keenly and is enjoying it.

Tappu notices Surabhi. Mukta notices Akash’s arrival & becomes tensed.
Iccha takes him to Meethi. Vishnu tries to go after Vishnu but Surabhi stops him & asks him to come outside with her for a minute. I have to say something very important to you. Vishnu obliges.

Tappu pulls Iccha’s legs saying even the bride doesn’t take so long to get ready. She compliments her about her son-in-law. Iccha thanks her.

Surabhi asks Vishnu’s reason of coming here…something urgent?
Vishnu tells her that someone had come to meet him in Satara. He forgot her name.
Surbahi remembers what Mukku had told her about the real Vishnu working with an NGO & that he comes on this day of every month to Satara Jail. He was to come today as well but don’t know why he dint come.
Vishnu says she had some work. And then, I got a reason to come here and meet my Teacher didi after so many years. And I came here directly to meet her & her daughter (Mukta). And after coming here & seeing the celebrations, I guess I have come at just the right time.
Surabhi tells him to not to meet her. When Vishnu wants to know the reason, she very shrewdly shares that this is her in-law’s place here no one knows that she was in jail once. I hope you can understand that the truth that we have hid for years can ruin everyone’s life if it comes to the fore. The celebrations can turn into sorrow.
She pleads with him that just like she has taught you, she has raised my husband too. I do not want that her past should ruin her daughter’s marriage in any way & her life gets ruined. You understand right?
Vishnu is unsure but then assures her not to worry. He can understand. It was my luck that you met me at the right time or today I would have ruined the life of the person who had actually given me a new life.
He tells her to share his greetings with Teacher didi & Meethi when she meets them alone. Also tell her that her Vishnu has come to meet her.
She guarantees him that she will definitely give him message to her. Both bid goodbyes. Surabhi hides behind the flower pot to make sure he is leaving. Vishnu takes one last look at the house & leaves. Surabhi heaves a sigh of relief. Don’t know what would have happened if he would have stayed. Now no onw can stop this wedding.

True Love update Saturday 30th November 2019 on Glow TV

Mukta looks at Vishnu and ha flashbacks of how he had told her he is Akash…how will she prove in such a short span of time that he is Akash and not Vishnu. She looks at Meethi & remembers how Meethi had doubted her that it is she who wants to get married to Vishnu. Another of Tappu shouting on her. She notices Akash looking evilly towards Meethi. She asks forgiveness from Meethi. I tried so much to bring out Vishnu’s truth in front of you but I failed. Got to know about real Vishnu too but couldn’t meet him. I wish I could bring him here in front of you..i so wish I could save you.

Surabhi sees everyone around the bride groom. She wants to share all that had happened with Akash that a big danger is still lurking in their way. She has sent away the real Vishnu for now but what if he meets Mukta.

She sees Mukta lost in thoughts. She goes up to her fakes her sympathy. She knows what she is thinking. She is waiting for the real Vishnu right? But till he comes…she should keep smiling for others. I don’t want anyone to doubt you. And its a fact in today’s time that without proof…truth looks like a lie only.
Mukta says, I don’t have any proof against him right now & see today even papa isn’t here. Surabhi nods in agreement & leaves. Surabhi looks at her & smiles at her.

Kanha seeks everyone’s attention. He tells everyone is here…her family, best friend, friends, close relatives, mother but one person is still missing. Kanha announces someone’s arrival. Rathore is shown entering. All look up in anticipation.

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