True Love update Sunday 1st December 2019 on Glow TV, Nanhi enters her office & looks around. Sharmilee comes up to her & says, Hi I am Sharmilee. A Reporter or Project Talaash & goes off waving.

Nanhi rushes to the notice board to check whether her name is in the list. She says, my name is not in this project. She rushes to Anu & apologises for yesterday. I had lost my mind but I don’t want to leave Aawaz India Live. Anu says Love you & starts to go from there.
Nanhi stops her and says, but my name is not in the core team of Project Talaash.
Anu says, the team has been decided by Mohan, Navika.
Nanhi tries to convince her. You know I can contribute for this project & I am capable enough as well.
Anu doubts whether she can even work with Mohan? Nanhi replies I don’t know all that. I only know that I want to work on this project & you will have to help me for this. Anu thinks but then says that this project is Mohan’s. I cannot do anything in this….I am not even allowed to interfere. Sorry but you will have to talk to Mohan about this. She leaves from there. Sharmilee boo’s her & goes from there too. Nanhi is left thinking.

Daddaji with all his party workers enters the police station & everyone gets up to greet him.
The police inspector says, I got to know today morning only that he is your grand son. I have completed all the paper work already…you can take him with you. Orders the constable to bring in Sir ji.
Beera comes in shouting..Dadda!!! He keeps boasting of what he was saying & Satyen Babu must have come to you by now & apologised. Dadda gets up from his seat & slaps Beera. All are shocked.
He signals to his head & says, this tilak (a coloured spot/ mark worn by Hindus) is a symbol of my oath that I had taken that I would become an MLA. That’s why I am known as Tilakdhaari (person adorning a tilak). But now I think you will definitely blacken my face & this tilak.
He tries to justify himself that he was trying to help you Dadda. Dadda cuts him off…from now onwards you wont call me Dadda…understand? He leaves in anger while Beera is dejected. Beera feels his cheek & blames it all on that black cat (Nanhi).

Scene shifts to Nanhi who thinks that if I have to beg in front of that Mohan Bhatnagar for Addu, then I accept it. Mohan enters office lost in the words of Iccha that his heart is still in love with Megha (their previous meeting of yesterday’s episode). He comes out of his thoughts and moves towards his cabin. Nanhi stops his way saying Excuse me. Mohan without looking at her says, you are still here.
She says sorry to him…for whatever happened yesterday. I wanna be a part of… Mohan tells her not to exert herself for that. You don’t stand a chance. He starts going in but Nanhi follows him & asks him why. He says an irresponsible person like you don’t have any place in my team. Nanhi is astounded. He signals Sharmilee to call the core team in to conference room. Nanhi is miffed now…Me? Irresponsible?

Mohan explains to his team that to find a lost person is not an easy task. Its almost impossible. During this project we will definitely face many challenges but now we wont back out, right?
Here Nanhi is approaching the corridor slowly. Mohan asks for the list of all the families who wish to be associated with this project from Sahrmilee. Interviews should be taken on camera. We have to take as much info as we can. Nanhi is peeping in from the transparent door & listening closely.
Mohan continues, especially in those circumstances where some one has lost their family members. Mohan & Nanhi notice each other Nanhi hides herself.
Mohan stands up & says its not just a video recording but a mission..sensitive & secretive. That’s why we will have to maintain privacy. As we will unearth a very big ongoing scam in Indore. He comes outside & doesn’t see Nanhi. She has left a recorder on the wall with help of chewing gum
He again notices her peeking but she hides again.
He is about to go back inside when he notices the recorder on the wall. He takes it off & notices the chewing gum on the back. He remembers how he had done the same with Nanhi’s wand.
He smiles a little & then shouts, who’s the fool who thinks that she is smart. Goes back in & then Nanhi comes out. She says now how would I get to know what’s happening in the meeting!

Satyen babu with Aarti & his wife are returning home after doing shopping. Rest all the furniture & everything will be provided by the opposition party. The mother daughter duo get excited. She reminds them of her laptop. They both leave for someone’s place & tell Aarti to go home directly. She wonders even tanu dint remember me & leaves for her home.
Just behind her Tanu was sitting hiding behind news papers. He remembers how he had gone to her house to break all things. He goes to her home as a courier boy & gifts her a laptop.
Just usual scene…where she asks him to guess who has sent it & she takes some other guys’ name.
Finally he says his name himself & they share do some light flirting.


Nanhi enters Mohan’s cabin. She wants to talk to him. She sees her recorder & Mohan notices. So its yours. Nanhi declines then asks him how can you judge me on the basis of that step father sting. He says, remember when I had called you to follow that story lead with me…these 2 incidences are more than enough to tell me about you. Apart from this you haven’t done anything great on the basis of which I can judge you.
She says, but I am good…very good. And no one else can work as passionately on this project unlike me. Mohan says are you done…now listen. You have so many misconceptions about you. Its not that you are not good, brilliant maybe. You have talent but you suit better to a marriage events…you can earn much better than what you earn here.
Nanhi replies, I haven’t studied journalism to just earn money. Mohan retorts that talented people show by their work…this Dictaphone act is not journalism. Project Talaash doesn’t require any gimmick artist & throws it at her. He leaves & Nanhi is left thinking.

Megha is calling Iccha & Veer picks up. They both introduce each other & Megha asks for Iccha. Veer tells her that she is busy in the preparations. Veer asks her if she is coming or else we would feel something amiss in the celebrations. Iccha is very much waiting for you. She assures him that she will definitely come. Veer is happy & says he will sms her the name & no. of the driver. meanwhile Iccha comes.

Veer tells her that Megha is coming but he is doubtful about Mohan. Iccha is sure that he will definitely come…he will have to come. Veer smiles at her belief. She asks him to come downstairs as everyone is waiting.

Nanhi comes to Anu who is busy showing her make up kit to Sharmilee. She has to speak to her urgently. Anu says cant it wait. As Nanhi declines, Sharmilee leaves the room. She says she want an assignment…right now. Anu appreciates & says some shooting has been cancelled due to permission issue, go & cover it. Nanhi says, No Ma’am. I need a challenging assignment..through which I can prove that I am a good journalist. Anu asks her if she would like to do a political assignment. Nanhi wants to know if its challenging.
Anu agrees & shares the details (o a projector) about Daddaji. How he used to sell stamps outside court..married a girl & thereafter, opened a liquor shop with his father-in-law. His background about what kind of illegal works he does. He gets off the hook everytime he is arrested. Now he is standing for the MLA elections. If someone does a sting on him & gets a proof against him, then it will be a huge achievement. No one will doubt that reporter’s credibility. Nanhi is listening intently. Anu shares that he does all the illegal work in the name of NGO’s, etc but holds tight security every where. How is it possible.
Nanhi spots Beera in the pic & asks Anu about him. She mentions that he is the grand son of Tilakdhari (Dadda). He lives with him only & works for him. I have heard he is quite dangerous.
Nanhi asks her not to worry as she only will do this sting operation.
Sharmilee comes to tell her that her massage appointment has been confirmed & she leaves.
Nanhi takes out Beera’s pic & has flashbacks of meeting Beera. She is glad that he dint see her face even one. Now this dangerous Beera only will take me to his Daddaji. And Mr. Mohan Bhatnagar will himself call me for Project Talaash…better be ready.

Mohan & Megha are shown packing their bags side by side & the back ground music is playing. Mohan again has flash back of his meeting with Iccha. They both leave for airport & then the flight is shown taking off.

Here, Rathore enters & the dance begins on Say Shava Shava. All are overjoyed to see him (especially tap, Mukta & Meethi). He takes veer & Iccha & all 3 of them dance together. Mukta is tensed though. iccha goes to bless Meethi & Akash. Rathore puts forward his hand for Tappy who shyly declines. Tappu imagines their dream dance. She comes put of her tranace & realises it was a dream. Mai taunts Tej Singh, see how your wife is enjoying seeing her ex-husband dancing. Tej exclaims let her do what she wants. Its her last day today…to stay happy. Iccha & Veer take almost everyone to dance. Meanwhile, Rathore notices Mukta. He goes up to her & compliments her. She hugs him & thanks him. She had a very important thing to share. Nobody here believes her. Tried contacting you but couldn’t speak to you. Have to speak to you urgently. Rathore turns serious now.

Iccha comes out & wonders that neither of them have come…they should have come by now. Veer follows her & asks the same thing. She wishes that they both do come today & everything becomes fine again. They were talking when Iccha sees Megha at the gate (beauty ) They both go to her & compliment each other. Then Iccha introduces Veer to her. Iccha takes her inside to meet Meethi.

Surabhi calls Akash but he disconnects as meethi is sitting next to him. She calls again & this time he excuses himself. She asks him to come & meet her in the room upstairs. She has to speak to him urgently. Akash agrees &a they both leave simultaneously.

Damini is busy in untangling Rohini’s earrings from her saree when Iccha asks her to see who has come. Damini is happily surprised to see Megha and remembers her attempts to help iccha in the past. They both hug & Damini blesses her. Iccha asks Ammo if she remembers Megha. She replies how can I forget her. SHe is the one who stood by us when no one was with us. Your remember Icchki…she says yes. Damini asks about everyone at home. Iccha distracts her & calls Meethi to meet her Maasi. She gives Meethi a gift (Ganpati ji) as she is meeting her for the first time & wants her to remember her Maasi forever. Everyone is touched by this gesture. Damini goes into flashback when Damini had given Megha a Ganpati locket to give to Iccha. Meethi shows her gift to everyone & leaves to show it to Vishnu (aka Akash).

Mohan walks in through the main door. Iccha sees him & is overjoyed. Veer & Icha go to meet him. They both ask him to come & meet Meethi. He is about to enter when he stops & spots Megha. They both stop to see at him. He is all lost looking at her & has flash backs (their lovely moments, marriage & all the time they had spent together). He dreams of walking up to her & both see each other and are lost in each other.

True Love update Sunday 1st December 2019 on Glow TV


Both are silently crying. Mohan remembers his last words before leaving Indore. Iccha taps his shoulder and his trance breaks. Mohan keeps looking at Megha and then leaves from there. Iccha follows him. He is very disturbed. As tears start coming out of his eyes he says, arre yaar! Iccha comes running after him & asks him what happened. You are crying.
He asks her why did you do this?
She replies that you did the same for me years ago. Anyways, I am sorry & bows down her head.
He looks at her & says, I understand that your intentions were good, but maybe I got weak. Iccha says, nobody gets weak when in love. Love gives strength. You want to know why I did this. Years ago, they who had done everything possible in their reach just to make me see a glimpse of Veer. Today, they only are living separately from each other. How can I see those 2 people in this condition Mohan?
Mohan – when time decides no one can do anything.
Iccha retorts that time is not a line carved by stone which cant be changed. When you had come to help me, then time wasn’t in my favour. But today it is with me, that is why I am with Veer.
Mohan sadly smiles & moves forward. But Iccha continues. I know that you still love Megha a lot. You cant live without her. Then why Mohan. I can very well understand how tough it is to stay away from each other. That is why I request you to at least meet her once, speak to her once. I am fully sure that everything will get sorted again. At least try once.
He turns to look at her & says, who better than you to understand the importance of keeping promises. Iccha says promise? He nods saying, I had promised her something. The day I fulfil it, I will show my face to her. SHe wants to know what promise? He doesn’t share but thanks her for her efforts. Just pray to God that that promise gets fulfilled. He shows her the bouquet of yellow flowers….its her favourite colour. He hands it over to Iccha for her & Veer. He congratulates her & compliments them as the best couple till date. He goes back & Iccha says, I will definitely pray to God Mohan that you & Megha get back together again because I can best understand the pain of staying away from your loved one.

Veer seed her & asks her what happened. She says, that which normally happens in love….a long gap. Veer takes her back inside. Iccha gives the bouquet to Megha. Iccha remembers Mohan’s words about her colour. Megha tries to protest but Iccha says, just trying to make you hear some one’s voice. Megha is confused. Then Megha & Iccha share a hug.

Megha prays that they both stay together always. They both thank her for her wishes & for coming at Meethi’s sangeet. Megha says that they are the best couple. Iccha explains to her not to turn her face away from happiness. Megha doesn’t understand. Iccha says, time will tell. They bid adieus to each other.

Veer exclaims what a love story. Neither Mohan said a word nor she….Iccha agrees. this love story will take a happy turn too…like ours did!

Episode ends.

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