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True Love update Thursday 11 December 2019 on Glow TV

True Love update Thursday 12 December 2019 on Glow TV, Meethi stop. Akash ask the driver to stop and get down in anger.

Both get down from the car and Meethi apologies to him and say we may get late to flight. Akash say not even a day was over but you want me to stop romancing. will you come with me to the place i call you and then notice the car.

Meethi think it s a suprise and Akash ask her to come with him and he ask their driver to transfer the thinks to the other car. He give the cash bundle to the new driver and ask him to leave. And ask the old driver to leave the new driver and Meethi si happily waiting for her suprise. She drool on Akash…
Akash ask what you are seeing.
Meethi say nothing. why i shouldn;t see you.
Akash say nothing like that. he ask whether she is afraid.
Meethi say nothing like that. since childhood I have always seen many expressionss and feeling but I am looking forward for your suprise. and say I love you. she say once we reach switzerland we have to buy gifts for all.

Akash say not to get too excited wait and watch about ur life changing events.
Akash turn into National highway than going to Airport. when Meethi ask we are going in a wrong way Akash say we are going in the right route… Meethi is shocked.

Thakur House
Nani and Rohini are sitting and Nani share her hatred about Meethi’s marriage but Rohini is busy with her coffee.
Jogi come down and say that Damini have spoken to Meehti and i am happy for them. He say that I am wondering how is Mukta. But Divya consol him.
Damini come and share her happiness of talking with Meethi and Surabhi come and say yes. you spoke good. she will be happy.
Nani taunt them saying they will be happy for someone else than their own child. she say you never care for Mukta.
Divya say she is with her papa. what is there to worry.
Surabhi say what you are speaking you want us to forget what all happened in the mandap. but Divya stop her and say that all the things Mukta needed to be taken care. Nani is about to go but stop and say today the happiness of this house is gone due to Mukta not here. What if whatever Mukta said is real. what if he is not a Real Vishnu. But Jogi say all these doubts are already cleared.
Nani reply what if these are planned?
Damini say you say he is not real Vishnu, how can you talk like this and think like this…
but Nani say Ram hi rakhi and leave from there.
Surabhi think that I have sent real Vishnu off the place. till I am here no one can believe Mukta and her words…


In Hotel Room,
Raghu have made Mukta to sleep and worry that even after all these day effect you have failed but not to worry till he is there with you.. He recollect the day when Tappu returned to him without the baby on the stormy day. then he recollect the day when he first saw Tappu in the party and their marriage then their happy moments etc.

In Car,
Akash get Meethi to some market like place but Meethi keep asking why he didnt go to the airport they may get late to board the flight.
but Akash get down and Meethi keep asking him.
he ask do you believe what ever Mukta said is true?
Meethi say I have full belief on you so only me agreed to marry you.

True Love update Thursday 12 December 2019 on Glow TV

– Break-

There are in some Dhabha and order food. Akash say I need to talk about his family and say that i need to talk about that.
meethi say you never said about these before.
Akash said i lied becos i was in jail so no one accepted me. we have to go there now.
meethi ask why you didnt say about our marriage. they would be happy na.
Akash say Mayya is very loving person; but if she know about this she might be very happy but we can go there and talk to her. i think she might to waiting for our arrival if i say that. he continue saying we can get blessing from dadi and all others.(I cant understand as he is talking too fast)
meethi is all in thinking mood while he watch her. she happily reply what is ther in that we can go there and get blessing.
akash say that you will be very happy there. great you have changed so much after marriage.
akash say you know where we are going..
akash say arakka (Something like that. then they show kasi place in black and white and saints.)

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