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True Love update Thursday 28th November 2019 on Glow TV, Kanha is searching for Surabhi. He wonders where she has gone.

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Thakur House:

Surabhi is shown standing in the hallway & thinks of calling Akash. She calls him. He says that sister, he was about to call her only. She is about to speak when Kanha comes looking for her.

Kanha asks her where she was…he was searching for her. She asks him if he had some work. He asks her about who she was calling. She stutters & finally says that she was calling the florist. We have to take a bouquet for Meethi right. Kanha holds her shoulders. He says, its so strange…how we understand each other’s thoughts so well. I was thinking the same thing. Surabhi now says that we are husband wife…wouldn’t we be? Both smile at each other.
Meanwhile Akash calls her. She’s thinking what to do as Kanha is here only. She disconnects the phone. Here Akash is confused as why his sister isn’t picking up his calls now.

Kanha lovingly shares with Surabhi how we met some years ago. Its been two years but I have never told you one thing – Thank You! She says, Thank You? Why? He replies that since we have been together there have been so many ups & downs but you always stood by me. There was a time when we had everything. And sometime back, we had lost all what we had. Now its my sister’s wedding & you are putting so much efforts for this. She says, is Meethi your sister only? She is nothing to me? He says ok ok I was just kidding…now come we have to leave now. Surabhi says; yes just let me call the florist first. He says ok & then leaves. She looks after him going. He stops midway & turns back to look at her. She smiles up to him nervously. He finally goes from there.

She calls up Akash. He asks her what happened sister? I called you up so many times…why dint you pick…I was worried. She says that your brother-in-law came & was thanking me. He doesn’t know that I am very slowly ruining everything & they don’t even realise. I thought to say Thank you to him as he is a fool to trust me. She gets serious and says, I have spent 2 years with him just because of our 1 mission.
Akash says yes I understand sister. I wont let your efforts go to waste. She says that yes, they have to focus on aunt’s (Bua ji’s) problem now. These people will have to pay back for their wrong doings. Its after all a widow’s revenge!
Akash remembers how his father got killed & how he did the last rights of Avinash. He wipes his tears & says, yes, he remembers it all.
Surabhi says that’s it. Now we just have to take care of Mukta.
He replies that that has already been taken care of…he has told the jailor to tell him when the real Vishnu comes to Satara. He has also deployed 2 people there who will take good care of him. Now whenever he will come, they will be there to fix it all. I have committed one mistake. Surabhi asks what? He replies that he took his place but forgot to kill him. Surabhi says that now don’t worry about that…come what we may have to do everything possible to take our revenge. She disconnects the phone.

The real Vishnu calls Satara jail. The warden picks up. He tells her that he wanted her help…..he want to know Teacherdidi – Iccha ji’s address. She says that what will you do with address…I gave you the number of the girl who had come to meet you.
He says that he does have the no….but he wants to go & meet her personally. She says that Teacher didi lives in Mumbai. He says, he too is in Mumbai. She asks him to wait…she gives him the address. He happily disconnects the call.
Vishnu self thought – Teacher didi, your favourite student is coming to meet you!

Mukta in her room. She has flashback of Akash asking her that only a few days are left for the marriage now…how will she prove in such a short time that he is not the real Vishnu. She tears some papers from her diary & angrily tears them in tiny pieces. She shouts that its of no use…no one will believe her. Divya sees her shouting angrily.
Mukta calms herself & tells her that they were some old college notes only….thats why she tore them. Divya asks her to sit with her as she wants to tell her something.
Mukta says that I know Badi Ma what you want to say…that it is Meethi’s marriage & I shouldn’t bt doing anything that will hurt her.
Divya says, nothing like that. Mukta asks her then? She tells her that there are so many families where when a boy is born..They rejoice. And when a daughter takes birth their happiness fades away. But in our home, it was different. When Tappu came in our lives, tappu’s dad gave her all the things she wanted…all the happiness in the world that she deserved. But destiny had some other plans…Tappu went far away from us. Then you came into our lives, our daughter’s daughter. You increases your Bade Papa’s happiness, you are his respet, his pride….and when someone points a finger at you…that finger is indirectly pointed at us as you were raised here, with us. We all know that you are very mature & intelligent; we just don’t want that nobody points a finger at you.
Mukta assures her that she understands what she is saying…she wont let anyone point a finger at her or them. They both share a hug.

Bundela House:
Veer checking all the last minute arrangements. Kasha Kaka for coffee. Iccha declines & asks if he has kept Mai’s, Baba’s clothes in their room. He nods in approval. Veer checks with Iccha if everything is done. She says yes & that she is checking that only. Veer looks at Tappu looking anxiously towards the door. He tells Iccha that her friend might need her….she should go to her. Iccha tells him that she must be worried about Mukta…let me go & talk with her.
She approaches Tappu & asks her if she is waiting for her.
Tappu is startled & has flashback of accusing Mukku (like mother, like daughter thing). She says, I was so angry yesterday at her…yelled at her but now I’m really disturbed about all that. Iccha says, she can understand…..Can I tell you one thing? Tappu nods yes. She says that Mukku is my daughter too. I think something is troubling her…she wants to share something with us, but is unable to. Tappu agrees with her but says that the way she is behaving I don’t want anyone to… iccha understands what she is thinking…and now she has made Meethi understand too. She will definitely come to meet Meethi and then all will be fine.
Veer interrupts them & tells them to see who has come. Iccha exclaims see our little doll has come. We were just talking about her and now she is here. She asks Tappu to go and meet her. Tappu is very happy to see her…she is looking so beautiful in light pink lehenga.

True Love update Thursday 28th November 2019 on Glow TV


Tappu goes to Mukku…she is so happy looking at her. They both hug. Mukta says sorry Ma. All fault was mine…I’m really sorry. Tappu tells her that I should be asking sorry…I over-reacted. She very sweetly holds her ear. Mukta tells her not to & both wipe each other’s tears. All are looking happily at them.
Iccha tells them that today there will be no place for tears and question-answers….Mukta today you will be the first one to perform in Meethi’s sangeet. Mukta very happily wipes her tears and says, yes definitely…after all its her sister’s sangeet.
Iccha says, that’s like my girl. I will go and check Meethi now whether she is ready or not. She says she will be back soon. Nani is not liking it & her favourite…Ram hi rakhey!
Mukta compliments Tappu. Tappu says that it is she who is looking beautiful…just like a fairy goddess. She welcomes Divya, Jogi & everyone else in.

Surabhi calls Akash & asks him where he is. He is saying he is getting ready after all its his sangeet ceremony. She says, come…everyone is waiting. There is no danger now. Mukta is completely in her control now…her every move is known to her.
Akash replies that what she is waiting for, she will never get. I have told the jailor to inform me when the real Vishnu comes. Surabhi says, very good…that thorn will also be taken care of.
Akash says yes, right now for the world there is only one Vishnu Kashyap and that’s him!
Surabhi agrees. The call disconnects. Akash looks at himself in the mirror.


Nani comes outside & sits on the swing. She is disturbed. Rohini comes there with sweets. She asks him why is she sitting here alone…its sangeet ceremony & everyone is dancing and enjoying inside. She is angry as if everyone is enjoying then why is she eating her head. Rohini asks her to come inside and enjoy as they all are our family.
Nani replies that no, we never were and we can never be a part of them. Our Mukta is elder than Meethi. The world will see how a Thakur’s daughter doesn’t get married and instead is dancing in the servant’s daughter marriage. Rohini quips, for me its all about merriment, dancing & food. She says to herself how come this foodie is stuck with her (Rohini leaves)…she says, this Vishnu is a mere guy who works in a temple and these people here are so happy about this alliance as if he is a prince. Baki to ram hi rakhey!

A taxi drops the real Vishnu outside Bundela House. He is shown approaching the gates but his face is not clearly shown. He spots Nani sitting in the swing and calls her Mataji. She asks him who he is. He replies that he has come to meet Teacher didi…then corrects himself and says…Icchaji!
Nani goes berserk hearing Iccha’s name. She speaks to herself, Ram Hi Rakhey…every where everyone is speaking of that iccha only. She angrily replies that she doesn’t know where Iccha is and goes back inside the house. Vishnu says maybe she was not in a good mood.
He then sees a servant coming out of the house with flowers. He calls him and tells him that he has come to meet Iccha ji. The servant says you have come to meet our madam…please come in. what should I tell who has come? He replies Vishnu! Finally face is shown.
He smiles looking at the house & says…I have come to meet you after so many years Teacher didi. Your favourite student Vishnu – whom you have a new life in Satara Jail Pathshala (School). She will be so happy to see me.
Episode ends.

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