True Love update Tuesday 10 December 2019 Glow TV

True Love update Tuesday 10 December 2019 Glow TV, Rathore utters control? You should ask me what control is. He comes on stage & stands next to Mukta.

He says, I will tell you what control is. If I control for so long, then I hope you too can control for some more time dulhe raja (groom). She hasn’t finished yet. Let her finish. Till now, even I have not told anyone where Mukta was since morning.
Akash’s varmala drops back on his shoulders form his grasp. Everyone is worried now. Rathore asks Mukta to say what she has to now.

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Mukta comes to Iccha & says, ma, you remember the real Vishnu dint like chocolate when he was a kid. You remember right?
Akash is worried now & an evil music is playing in the background.
Iccha replies, yes I only said that. But with age, people change. Their likes and dislikes change too. One or two things might not match but the change that Vishnu ahs brought in Meethi….the goodness….its of the same Vishnu only.

Mukta goes into another flashback of Gopal & how she had asked Akash about his friend & if he was older than him or younger. Mukta shares the same with Iccha again that he doesn’t remember him or anything about him. Its all a ploy. Surabhi is losing it now.
Mukta continues believe me. I am not lying. He knew about real Vishnu…found out all the information regarding him & then came in Meethi’s life. He has come here with some secret mission. The real Vishnu works with an NGO & he comes every month to Satara to meet the kids.
Iccha says….Vishnu works with an NGO? But how do you know that?

Mukta saya because on the mehendi day I had gone to satara to get info about the real Vishnu.
Akash stutters…I…I am Vishnu. Mukta tells them that that was the reason why she got late. And before I could say anything, everyone started scolding me. I dint have any proof that day that is why I couldn’t say anything. I was believed to be the culprit.
Now Tappu asks her where is real Vishnu? he dint come with you today? You should have brought him with you. Mukta tries to tell her that she couldn’t meet him. I only got info about him through the warden of the jail. I had left my number with her. Tappu asks her to stop it.
Mukta says, the real Vishnu had called me in the morning. I went to meet him only in the morning.

True Love update Tuesday 10 December 2019 Glow TV

Meethi shouts enough Mukta! Enough! You are saying anything that is coming to your mind & I’m listening to everything quietly. I dint utter a single word. You have said too much already. But now I wont tolerate it…not even a word. Your even called him a murderer & I kept mum. But now I wont stay quiet. Stop lying. You went to meet the real Vishnu right, where is he now? answer me.
Mukta replies that I am not lying. Before I could meet him, I got kidnapped.
Everybody is shocked to hear this.

Meethi dismisses it as another lie. Jogi too says if she is in her senses or not? Nani is the only one who asks about her wellbeing & who had kidnapped her? Mukta nods that she is ok.
Tej now gets the point. That is the reason why my goons couldn’t catch hold of my dream girl. This is the real reason. Someone (missed who) asks who was it.

Rathore very tersely says….he is here only. Amongst us. Meethi is really getting angry now. rathore continues…my daughter was locked up in the lonesome warehouse of Madhuban Valley. There were 4-5 goons who were on guard. But now they are in an ambulance…on the way to hospital…for treatment. IF they are ALIVE!!
Rathore doesn’t even blink his eyes for a second & his gaze is intently fixed on Akash.

Tappu credits it to Tej Singh. Only he can stoop to such a low level.
Mukta shakes her head in a no & points her finger at Akash. He is the one who did it…he, Akash Chatterjee. Meethi holds her fists in anger. Iccha is shocked.
Meethi assures Akash that she is with him. Rathore is not liking it & glancing continuously at Akash.
Rathore states that this name is not given by us. His aides have only told us his name…when they were in my hand’s grip.

Mai’s turn now. She says…stop it Mukta. What nonsense is this? Why are you lying? This girl (pointing at Mukta) is our enemy. First she sent my grandson to jail & now she has come to ruin my granddaughter’s happiness. You say that Vishnu (aka Akash) had kidnapped you…did you saw him?
Mukta remembers what she had seen. She declines saying that she couldn’t see his face. But it was him only.

Meethi shouts thats it Mukta. You are lying since so long but now you have to stop it. You doubted him thats why you asked for id proof from Vishnu right? But now that it is proved (after the doc’s) that he is Vishnu…my Vishnu what do you want. Very good presentation Mukta. You have proof right? Show me the proof!
Tappu folds her hands at Mukku & asks her to stop it.
Mukku refuses her mom saying that she has proof. I will prove that I am not lying. Whatever I’m saying is truth. I am doing everything for the sake of Meethi’s happiness. I will prove it today.
Meethi again asks for the proof. Mukta wipes her tears & goes to get it rightaway.

Akash is alarmed & looks at Surabhi who looks equally troubled.
Mukta comes back with Vishnu’s childhood pic with Iccha in Satara jail. Iccha ma, you told me that Vishnu has a birthmark on the elbow of his left hand.
Iccha confirms that she did saw the birthmark. It should be there only. Mukta is relieved finally & says yes ma. You are right.
Akash pretends to be deeply hurt & states that I am bearing insult after insult because of Iccha ji. Whatever I am today, I am because of her only.
Now Meethi wants Akash to prove Mukta wrong. Everybody here should know that you are Vishnu & Mukta is lying. Prove it Vishnu. show it Vishnu…for me….for our love. Prove her wrong.


Veer tells Vishnu that you are saying the truth then you don’t have to be afraid of anything.
Akash very slowly takes of his varmala while Meethi is silently crying. Akash also has tears rolling down his face. He removes the stole (gathbandhan stole) & drops it on floor.

Mukta says If you have courage then why don’t you show the mark on your left hand that is there on the real Vishnu’s hand? Akash takes off his varmala & starts untying the buttons of his sherwani while everyone looks embarrassed.
Mukta glances at Rathore who is watching akash’s every move. Tej is also watching everything intently. Akash takes off the sherwani from his right hand side & it hangs on the left side now. he gives pained expressions. Mukta taunts him….what are you waiting for? Are you scared? You have to show the mark on your left hand…just above the elbow.


Akash exclaims I am doing all this to prove that I am saying the truth. He rues that he has to prove himself in his own marriage. I understand. I am poor & I have no one to stand by me…this is why.
Tappu asks Jogi to stop all this. Their relation is about to begin & if they start it with so much bitterness in the beginning only then what will happen god only knows. Please papa.
Jogi doesn’t know what to or how to do it. He feels helpless.
Now Surabhi stands up for Akash’s defence. She says, Mukta you must not continue all this. I know that you have shared everything with me since the beginning & I supported you too. But only with the hope that you will bring out the truth in front of everyone. But not anymore. I beg you to put an end to this right away. The insult one bears in the marriage mandap…one never forgets it. It wil break all the realtions.

Mukta denies no bhabhi, no relation will break. You have to believe me. Its all a lie & I am just trying to save Meethi & nothing else.

Rathore now says, dulhe raja, guess you have not heard it properly. Mukta has asked you to show your left hand, not the right one.
Meethi says Vishnu show the mark.
Mukta again taunts he will show only if it will be there na. Akash takes off his sherwani & yes, the mark IS there. Mukta & Rathore are too stunned to react while Meethi is proud & Surabhi..relieved.

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