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True Love update Wednesday 10 December 2019 Glow TV

In True Love update Wednesday 10 December 2019 Glow TV, both of them continuing the remaining pheras. All are smiling except the Thakur family.

Pandit announces that the rituals are done with. All clap with happiness. Both sit down to complete the rest of the rituals. akash & Meethi exchange glances.

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Pandit asks him to make Meethi wear the mangalsutra. (Tadeva lagnam is playing in the background). Akash looks at Meethi with somewhat weird expressions (of course, no one notices!). He holds the mangalsutra in his hands & looks at Meethi through it, who smiles back at him (stupid girl). Tappu wipes away her tears. Surabhi is finally happy that their plan is working. Akash makes her wear it but tightens the knot a bit & Meethi is a little taken aback. But when he smiles at her, she dismisses it.
Akash thinks that this isn’t a mangalsutra but a tight rope around your neck. It will tighten very slowly around your neck & you wont even get time to react. Plus you wont be able to notice the pain as well.

Rathore & Mukta are in car….lost in thoughts. Mukta says today I wanted to save my sister but in trying to do, I have distanced myself from ma and everyone. But my heart knows….I really want Meethi to get all the happiness in her life. I wish that she stays happy forever. Always.

Pandit asks the groom to put the vermilion in Meethi’s head. Akash holds it in his hand & AGAIN stares at it for a second. Meethi closes her eyes with happiness & he adorns her with it….some of it falls on her nose too (that’s considered a lucky sign for the bride by the way). All smile & clap happily while Nani is not too happy with everything.
Pandit announces that the rituals are complete now. According to the scriptures, they are now husband & wife. He asks them to maintain the love & respect in their relationship & stay with each other always. He asks them to go & seek everyone’s blessings. Both smile & go.

Mukta says….Papa, I tried my best but couldn’t save Meethi. I couldn’t save her papa. I lost papa.
Rathore asks her…..who lost? Did you lose? Did I lose? Did we lose? We dint lose dear….we dint lose at all. It was a fight…but it is over now. We told them the truth…if they don’t believe it then its their choice…their decision. But its not the first time…it has happened a lot of times already. Many a times we reach a road which bears the No entry sign. But I have learnt one thing from life…that one has to fight alone. One should never give up. You have to keep fighting. I know. But I’m worried for Meethi. Hope she understands it all before its too late….or before anything wrong happens with her. Hope the day she understands it…its not too late. And when she comes out of this fight, I just wish that she comes out as a strong & matured individual. I just hope.

Meethi & Akash come to everyone one by one to seek their blessings. Jogi apologises on behalf of Mukta. Divya too blesses them that they stay happy always. Damini shares with her that since she was a child, she always wished that she could live to see this day. And today when it has turned into a reality, her hands are shivering. Both share an emotional moment & she blesses both of them to stay happy always. Akash assures her.

True Love update Wednesday 10 December 2019 Glow TV

Iccha tells Meethi to be happy always. Meethi says….I know you are trying to hide your tears from your daughter. But after all I am your daughter, I know. After I leave, don’t cry too much…..else I will call you from abroad and scold you. Ma, I will be back soon then I will be nearby only. They both hug.

Veer hugs her too. Then he says to Akash….today your love has passed all tests & has won with flying colours. I bless you that your love always keeps increasing like this every day. He throws a flying kiss at them.

Surabhi tells Akash to take care of Meethi…she is our life. Akash promises her that he will never let her down. Whatever you wish, I will definitely fulfil your wish. I promise.
Surabhi & Meehti share a hug. Surabhi says…Meethi I hope that in coming days…your life be filled with moments you have never imagined. Happiness stays with you always. Akash is finally smiling.

Rathore brings Mukta in his hotel. He tells her…till your royal suite gets ready, you will stay in this suite. Make yourself comfortable. The whole hotel & its staff are yours only. You are not only my princess but the princess of this whole kingdom. And if you wish to talk to me anytime, you just have to dial 1 from the intercom. He is about to leave when Mukta holds his hand and thanks him.
Rathore hugs her & says…you are my life. You don’t have to say thank you to me.
Mukta tells him that she was very scared. Whoever he is…Vishnu or Akash….I don’t know where he will take Meethi now.


Vidaai time….Meethi is descending downstairs & throwing back the rice (ritual). Iccha & tappu both are holding out their saree’s to catch the shagun.

Meethi turns back & Rohini opens her arms for her. Meethi goes and hugs her. She blesses her to stay happy always.
Mai asks Meethi if she wont hug her grandmother today? Meethi says yes dadi & goes to hug her. Next is Umed Singh in line. They then go to Nani who blesses them but not before shooting a questioning glance at Akash. Meethi goes to Tappu now. Both cry & then hug.
Meethi starts to go towards the gate. She has flashback of when she had shouted at Iccha….what is this vermilion for? Whom do you share this relation with? And if I am a legitimate or an illegitimate child? Flashback ends. Meethi turns back & goes to Iccha saying Maa!!


Meethi apologises for her past behaviour & hugs her. I am sorry ma… I have been very rude to you & have hurt you a lot too. I am sorry ma. But I cant live without you. I will miss you a lot. I will always miss your presence ma. I cant live without you.
Iccha says….pagli, you shouldn’t speak like this. And I will never leave you alone. A mother can search for her daughter & bring her back from anywhere in the world.
Meethi asks her to take care of herself. Iccha assures her that she will but you too have to take care of yourself. Meethi says…you too papa (to Veer) & take care of ma too.
She then says…my mother never shares her pain with anyone. She keeps it inside her always & lives with it all alone. But now you are with ma na. Veer hugs Akash who shows an evil face. Surabhi is elated too. Both part & Veer & Akash smile.

Akash puts forward his hand for Meethi who happily puts her hand in his & both proceed towards the main door & exit. All are in tears & Surabhi wipes her fake tears. Episode ends at Iccha’s face.

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