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True Love Update Wednesday 27th November 2019 on Glow TV, Mukta telling Tapasya that she was really stuck in an important task.

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Tapasya says, why should I believe you? Just because I’m your mother? Tell me where you were? Mukta says, please listen to me, Maa.
Tapasya says, do you have any idea what Meethi and Mai thought of your absence today? Does that mean what they’re saying is the truth?
Mukta says, no it’s not the truth. How do I tell you? I was really, really stuck in an important task. I’m telling you the truth.

Tapasya pushes her hands away and says, you’re STILL lying to me… I stayed away from my family for so many years, I used to yearn to come here… I used to cry in loneliness… but I never came here… you know why? Just so my past never affects my daughter.

(Tej comes in the background and is enjoying the show)

You were going to give such a big sacrifice for Icha, right?? I was so proud of you that what mistakes I made, my daughter isn’t making the same mistakes…
But today, you gave me this huge slap…
You ruined everything, beta… Today I heard what I never wanted to hear: “Like mother, like daughter”.
Jogi consoles Tapasya.
Mukta says, no Maa.
Tapasya says, you’re lying again… lie after lie, lie after lie… you’re still not telling us the truth.
Mukta says, it’s not so!
Tapasya says, tell me where you were? Your phone was off… you are not telling the truth now… you didn’t go to college right?
Mukta says, I will tell all of you truthfully where I went today!
Tapasya says, do you think all of them will believe you after so much happening? What you did today wasn’t right… you have hurt my feelings a lot today… broken my heart.

Tej says, this is great… now this woman (Tapasya) won’t have her shadow on my ‘jalpari’ (Mukta). All the people in the family will be busy in marriage and relatives, and no one will know where the jalpari went?? (I think he is planning to kidnap Mukta).

Mukta says, please give me a last chance, Maa.
Tapasya says, why should I listen to you now? The whole day what you did, will you give clarifications for it now?? We will agree so easily to what you say after that? Do you have an idea how much you’ve hurt Maa and Papa (referring to Jogi and Divya). I don’t have any rights on you whatsoever… after all, what have I given you as a mother?
But my Maa and Papa… you even lied to them?
Nani says, enough Tappu beta… you’re ready to listen to that makkhi’s accusations… and you’re not even giving a chance to Mukta to talk? Which daughter are you suspecting?? That daughter which was going to marry that animal Tej Singh for Icha?? How can you suspect this daughter?
Tapasya says, that’s what I’m sad about Nani – where did that Mukta go?
Jogi comes and consoles Tapasya.

Tej says to himself, go and do your work Tej Singh.

Jogi says, it’s not the right time to talk about this stuff. We will be ruining the happiness of this family… we should all leave now.
Nani says, oh yes, ram hi raakhey, if Icha or that Makkhi said the same things, everyone would have listened to them quietly… make your daughters go quiet and look after others’ daughters… that’s the tradition of this family.
Jogi says, it’s sad that you never understood me. It’s useless to talk to you Mausiji.
Nani says, stop it now… stop neglecting your own daughters for servant’s daughters!
Tapasya starts to make Nani go quiet.
Nani says, why shouldn’t I speak?? This is what’s been happening in this house until now!
Mukta starts crying and says, enough Nani… stop it please.
I am begging all of you… all the fault is mine. If someone gets hurt by my actions, but I will stay away from this marriage and this celebration. I beg of you guys, not to fight with each other.
She’s crying and says, it’s my fault through and through.
Tapasya softens up and says, no Beta… don’t say that.
Mukta says, let me say it… because of me you had to hear so many things – taunts and everything. I will stay away from this marriage. Please forgive me, I don’t want to stay here.
She runs away crying… Nani goes after her.
Tapasya is crying… Jogi says I will look after her.
They all leave and Tapasya begs for them to look after Mukta and not leave her alone.
Tapasya cries alone.

Icha talking to Meethi. Surbhi standing next to them.
Icha says, I have total trust that Mukta has nothing in her heart for Vishnu. She’s not that type of a girl.
Meethi says, but Maa, it didn’t happen just one time. It happened repeatedly. Why does Mukta do all this with me? When Vishnu came to give his identity papers, she was behaving very weirdly towards Vishnu. I’m not saying this, Vishnu told me himself.
Surbhi puts in, yes Maiyya… she took the papers from Vishnu. She wanted to say something, but we never understood what she wanted to say. Kanha wanted to see Vishnu off, but she said no, I will go. Now tell me, what she wanted to talk about that she wanted to talk to Vishnu alone.
Icha touches Surbhi’s hands and says, I’ve seen the world too! Silly things like these happen between a brother-in-law and his sister-in-law (saali-jeeju), all the time!
You’re an elder… at least you shouldn’t talk like this.
Surbhi makes a sheepish face.
Icha says, Meethi, I’ve seen tears of sadness and regret in Mukta’s eyes… those tears weren’t fake (Surbhi makes faces).
Icha says, I trust Mukta completely.
Meethi says, but I don’t trust her Maa. I don’t trust her at all.
Surbhi smiles with satisfaction.
Meethi says, but just because you’re saying, I will respect your words. I will do exactly as you tell me to!
Icha says, just accept Mukta once with an open heart… give her one last chance.
Meethi nods her head.
Surbhi thinks, give as many chances as you want… but now what my brother wants, will happen! Today only Mukta has tears in her eyes, but soon, all of you will have those tears!
Kanha comes in the room.
He says, Mayya, everyone has gone home… both of us have to go too (him and Surbhi)… we’re needed at home.
Icha says, look after Mukta.
Surbhi says, don’t worry Mayya. I will look after her.
Both of them leave.

Mukta enters her house crying and goes upstairs directly.
Divya tries to stop her, but she doesn’t stop.
Nani says, Mukta has gone completely alone even with all her family around her! I don’t know what else we have to see before this makkhi’s marriage is over!
Damini listens to all this.
Nani gives a dirty look to Damini and leaves.
Mukta closes her room door… sits on the floor right there and cries a lot.
She has flashbacks of Tapasya’s words. That she had to hear “like mother, like daughter” today, that she never wanted to hear.
Mukta says, no one will believe me now… and I broke my mother’s heart too!
She has a flashback of Rathore telling her, that he promises her, that after today, until her father is alive, no problems will touch her life.
She gets her phone from her bag and calls Rathore.
His secretary picks up the phone.
Mukta says, I’m his daughter, can I talk to him?
He says, all his calls are being diverted to the office… do you have any message for him?
Mukta says, do you know when can I talk to me?
The guy says, as far as I know, very soon.
Mukta cries and puts the phone down.
She says, my Papa is not here either. Who do I talk to? Who will believe me?? Barey Papa??

Surbhi comes to her room with a glass of water.
Mukta takes it and says thanks.
Surbhi says, I saw you crying in front of everyone… I thought I should blurt out the whole truth in front of everyone.
Whether anyone believes you or not? But I trust you completely. I know you’re doing all this for Meethi’s well-being. You went to Satara to find out the truth.
Mukta says, but tell me Bhabi, how can I tell everyone why I went to Satara?
Surbhi says, we cannot tell the truth to everyone. They will not believe us. But can I say one thing? When we’re not finding any proof against Vishnu, then why don’t we believe that this Vishnu is the real Vishnu.
Mukta says, no Bhabi, I’ve found out the truth today. I would have faced truth today too, if I wasn’t in a hurry to get back home.
Surbhi sits down next to Mukta and dials Akash’s phone from her mobile and leaves it on.
Akash picks up and hears Mukta talking.
Mukta says, yes Bhabi, first no one wanted to give me information about the real Vishnu. Then someone felt pity on me. Real Vishnu works for an NGO and he comes every month on today’s date to Satara jail. But I don’t know why he didn’t come today? If I wasn’t in a hurry to reach home, I would have met him today. I would have brought him with me.

True Love Update Wednesday 27th November 2019 on Glow TV

Akash listening to all this on the other side of the phone, and gets worried.
Mukta says, but we have finally found out that the person who came to our house as Vishnu, is not Vishnu at all. The real Vishnu is someone else, who works for an NGO.
I have left my name and number over there… whenever he comes, he will get my message and number and hopefully he will contact me. I will make sure the real Vishnu comes in front of everyone.
No one believes me here… except you.
I think I should talk to Barey Papa. I should tell him all the truth.
Surbhi says, no Mukta… don’t say anything to anyone. Find some solid proof, then say something… because if you say something and there’s no proof, then the little trust that’s left on you will also go away.
Mukta says, maybe you’re right. I should stay quiet until real Vishnu comes to light. Thank You Bhabi… I feel lighter after talking to you.
She hugs Surbhi.
Surbhi says, you shouldn’t say thank you to your family.

Akash smashes the mirror in his room… he says, Mukta… this girl has become an obstacle in my way… if Surbhi didn’t call me today, I wouldn’t have found out how far she has gone! I will have to find a way for her not to reach real Vishnu!
But what if the real Vishnu comes here? He gets worried.

A bus from Satara to Dadar stops somewhere.
They show a hand with a scar first… then a guy gets off the bus.
His face is not shown. But we can all guess he’s the real Vishnu 😉
He asks someone for some directions and is directed somewhere.

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