Karuna wakes up. She says you shouldd go and concentrate on the competition. Dolly says Karuna is correct. Archie says lets go. Dolly says no you keep here. Shaurya leaves. Mandhar says to MAhek come with me. She says I wont go anyplace.

I will take care of chachi and so complete this contest then come with you. Kanta’s head is injury. individuals decide her up and decision doctor. She calls Shaurya. Mandhar forces Mahek to return with him. She locks him within the room and runs. Mandhar says you’re doing wrong. The finals begin. Mahek says is ma okay? He says affirmative. Kanta comes. Shaurya says who did this? wherever is Mandhar? Mahek says I secured him. we’ve to remain calm until contest. Shaurya says you go begin operating.

Mahek is nervous. Shaurya calls Neev and asks him to speak to Mahek. Mahek talks to him. He says ma don’t be nervous ma. Good luck. the competition starts. Mahek cooks.
She displays her dish for serving. The judges style her dish. They announce the winner is white chillies. Kanta hugs Mahek. She hugs Shaurya. Mahek is close to hug Shaurya. Shaurya shakes hand along with her. they furnish her sheild. Mahek says I ought to go currently. She goees towards mandhar. Shaurya says we’ve to prevent her. She comes ouside the space however he isn’t there. Mandhar is hidden in a very corner and crying. She says why are you crying. Please come with me. i do know i did wrong however i used to be helpleess. She takes him out. He pretends to cry.

Mahek says i’m sorry. He says my wife doesn’t care concerning me in the least. You secured me in there for that man. She says I had to try and do this to urge you out. You black-and-blue chachi. Mandhar syas is it over? come with me. She says I won the competition however I will come back once chirstmas party.

He says okay then come with me afterward. Mahek says in heart i would like answers. Shaurya comes there. Mandhar sits in Kanta’s feet and says i’m sorry. Shaurya syas what’s happening in his mind. Kanta says stop it. Kanta and Shaurya leave. Kanta says however can we tend to stop her now? he says we all know it wont be simple. Kanta says Mandhar can do one thing. Shaurya says we are going to counter it. Mahek involves neev. He tells her what he desires from Santa Claus. Mahek sits next to dadu.

She says why do I actually have such a big amount of questions. WHy I desire i do know things that I can’t recall. Shaurya involves building. He asks vicky to remain home with Karuna. He says mahek i do know you’ll recall everything with this. He says wherever is what I entailed.
Archie meets Mandhar and says you’ll leave. The car can take you. Shaurya sees Mandhar speech somebody. he reverses and can’t see the face of alternative person.
Archie says your car can meet accident. Mahek can die. you’ve got to require vandana type here. Shaurya comes towards them. He sees Archie with Mandhar. Shaurya says what are you doing with him?

Shaurya asking Archie what she is doing with Mandar, furiously!
Archie thinks he didn’t hear something ..so she lies that Mandar came to attack her with lever as a result of he’s not in sense, he’s drunk and goes to Shaurya’s aspect. Mandar agrees along with her telling he’s not in right mind since in Delhi and what’s happening today. Shaurya warns him to remain far from her friends and family. Mandar apologizes and leaves. Shaurya says he can drop Archie.

Archie once sitting in car asks what’s that box for? He says its decoration things.

Mehak with banvaarilaal …and tells him to urge well before long and solve her turmoil within she has.
Kanta prays to lord to grant them there Mehak back…Shaurya to Meera’s portrait soliciting for her blessing to urge Mehak back …Neev takes the temple bell and rings it ..and wipes Mehaks tear telling to not worry concerning anything…everything are alright soon…Mandar thinks everything won’t be sensible for her and smirks.

In white chillies party arrangements goes on. Shaurya is guiding them. once individuals bring Christmas tree, SK tries to sneak in to vandana however she catches him sneaking at her. He tells to maneuver the treat bit bit.
Something falls on Shaurya’s face. Mehak tells him to clear it by sign. They smile. Soap Bubbles were blown, Shaurya tries to select up one thing from down sitting on knees whereas Mehak stands ahead of him. She tries .. and remembers however she confessed her like to him initial …and says i like you inadvertently.

When Shaurya asks her, she gets confused and leaves. Archie comes there, tries to sneak in to the box however Shaurya stops her. Archie informs Mandar to be prepared tonight as a result of Shaurya is designing one thing huge. Sharmas try to depart for the party. Mandar brings her mother telling his mother she ought to opt for the party. Sharmas tell them they’ll take her. everybody gets prepared for the party. In white chillies, Shaurya has one thing in his hand to gift Mehak. Mehak is nervous and guiding the cook to serve snacks initial. Shaurya offers her the gift and says Merry Christmas.

It’s a snowball with couple it. She appearance at it and thanks him. Shaurya says its necessary night for him however one thing sweetness is missing. She offers him sweets, however he tells her that he wasn’t asking sweet however her smile. He leaves. Mehak thinks what he desires to inform her. Mandar bribing neev by rasgullas (sweets)…and tells him to eat and watch TV…neev will identical. Shaurya says he’ll do one thing that Mehek gets her memory back. Archie says it’ll be the top of Mehek. BL wakes up and says that Mehek’s life is at risk. Mandar tells Neev to eat rasagulla, that he can come before long and goes from there. Archie is speculative what he’s designing thus on the Q.T.. Praises the dishes to Vicky who says the credit goes to their cook.
Archie says these days Mehak starts her last journey.
Guests marvel concerning Mehek and gossip concerning her thinking who she is. poke fun that original and duplicate each are same. Archie hears all this and tells Vicky to start out serving the dinner. Says once the dance starts everybody are indulged in it and Mandar will exclude Mehek from there.
Mehek seeing her MIL who is angry along with her thinks she’ll be alright before long as they’re going back before long. Mehek is arrangement the dishes and turning in for serving.

Mandar is on phone and is asking the auto driver i suppose and instructs him to be there quick in five minutes. Manhandles his father and tells him all this drama went on attributable to him and he appears like concealment him there. Talks to Archie and tells her that he’s returning to urge his mother and Mehek. Cuts {the decision|the decision} saying that he’s obtaining auto driver’s call. Tells BL these days are his pretend DIL’s day of reckoning on earth.

BL wakes up and recollects Mandar’s words and says Mehek’s life is at risk and he must save her.

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