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Kulfi worried and waiting for Tevar to help her out in finishing her assignment, Lovely smiles over seeing her sad as she pays no attention to Kulfi.


Tevar gets upset when he runs out of work. He doesn’t get any help from the music directors. He gets worried. Kulfi reaches Amyra to take help for finishing her homework. Amyra wants to help her but Amaira comes in Lovely’s words and doesn’t help Kulfi. She asks Kulfi to leave and not trouble her. Amyra’s move brings Kulfi more closer to Sikandar. Kulfi seeks help from Sikandar. He helps her in finishing her homework.

Amyra doesn’t want Sikandar to be with Kulfi. Sikandar helps Kulfi for her homework. Amyra gets insecure again. Kulfi thanks Sikandar for the help and tries to finish the homework. She gets the teacher’s note for Tevar. Tevar comes home in a drunken state. He gets angered feeling he has lost big assignments. He didn’t expect his life to take a turn this way. Kulfi tells him that she got a note from school for her.

She asks him if its her complaint.He tells her that its for him. He checks the fees structure and doesn’t share his tensions with her. He asks her about her first day at school. She shares the day’s stories with him, while he falls asleep. She takes care of Tevar. Sikandar puts Amyra to sleep and sits by her side. He thinks of talking to Kulfi so that she can adjust herself in the class. Sikandar calls up Tevar and Kulfi to help them out. Kulfi fails to do her homework.

The students make fun of her and don’t help her.Teacher scolds Kulfi for misbehaving in the class and not finishing the class. Kulfi cries when the teacher shouts on her. Teacher asks her to complete the course in few days of time, else she won’t be deserving the admission. She tells Kulfi that the admission will be cancelled if this happens again. Kulfi runs to Amyra and shares the sorrow. Amyra consoles her.

She feels bad for Kulfi. Amyra asks Kulfi to study well and not lose her focus. She tells Kulfi that she has to help herself and manage everything. Amyra shares the upsetting news with Lovely. Lovely finds it a good news. She tells Amyra that very soon Kulfi will be out of her school. She asks Amyra not to care for Kulfi. She takes Amyra home and leaves Kulfi alone. Kulfi falls in huge trouble when nobody turns up to pick her.

Tevar sings, producer says theres something missing, tevar looks at Kulfis note from school and says what all is this happening im not getting. Tevar gets a call and he asks for break, producer gets upset and scolds him, Tevar says im coming right away sorry, tevar says my daughter is waiting outside school please i will come back, tevar and producer get in an argument.

Amyra narrates her experience in school and says Kulfi got punishment again, Sikander asks why, lovely says chill all kids get punishment, Sikander says its different,amyra asks why, Sikander says its new for kulfi. Tevar calls Sikander and says why did you do so why did you leave Kulfi alone in school, Sikander says i have no idea lovely went to get kids, Tevar says whatever see I need help,theres all mess meet me,im leaving kulfi home just take care of her, Sikander says i will. Sikander asks lovely and amyra what all is this,gets upset and leaves. Lovely says amyra baby,amyra gets upset.

Tevar drops kulfi and says im sorry i have to leave i will return home Early,kulfi asks all okay, tevar says at times things get difficult but you don’t worry,i will manage,you stay happy, Kulfi things I shouldn’t be troubling him and says all the best and thinks i won’t trouble him. Amyra studying, lovely helping her, lovely starts creating negative images about kulfi, and creat differences between her and kulfi.lovely says if you tell your dad about kulfis deadline he will start spending more time with her and their bond will increase and so your dad will be hers,see the future baby,Amyra says he is my dad,what will i do. kulfi prays to god to help her study,master asks kulfi to rest a bit, kulfi says no I can’t please help me study, master says okay. Kulfi gets confused but starts practising and says oh how will remember these.Sikander walks to Kulfi, and says sorry.

He says i appologise on behayof kulfi. Kulfi says im sorry too,you and baba worked so hard but im failing and tells about deadline.Amyra sews kulfi crying and Sikander consoling her. Kulfi says i want to tell maam even im capable and want to study, Sikander says cmon cheer up i will help you. Amyra walks in kulfis room, and says I will never allow her to steal my dad,no books means no studies and picks her books and by mistake they fall on lamp and catch fire,amyra sees Kulfi coming and hides. Kulfi enters the room and sees books burning, and shouts, Sikander rushes in. Amyra says god she will burn herself. Sikander pulls kulfi away.and throws his jacket on books to stop fire.

Kulfi Burns her hand.sikander picks her and takes her away. Tevar has to give away his car,and is claimed of not paying EMI,Tevar says i did and gets in argument. Sikander helps Kulfi bandaid her wound. Sikander says look your studies are important but that doesn’t mean you harm yourself me and your baba can’t see you in pain.

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