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Sikander holds setus hand and keeps cash and says please tell me the reality, setu says this can be the number,setu throws cash in water, Sikander says dont you’ve got worth for cash,setu says we tend to poor have a lot of worth than you,please stand back, Sikander says what have I done,setu goes within and locks the door, Sikander says im right outside and won’t go, until i notice the reality.

Lovely tells cutie that nihalo had seen her throughout accident,what will i do currently,mom do one thing,ship her out. Nihalo prepared outside. Cutie says relax baby solely money will save us.Amyra and Kulfi at door,kulfi says. frightened of your granny,amyra says we’re friends currently,she won’t do something. Nihalo tries to open the door on cuties directions, but unable too. Amyra and kulfi escape when waiting long,nihalo opens door, Kulfi leaves amyra says why it took farewell, and enters. Nihalo shouts at Amyra who are you, amyra says however dare you its my Granny’s house.

Kulfi near to ring bell however remembers cuties scray face and says i wont get into, cutie comes out and amyra says who this dweller is, cutie says no baby get into take what you wish, nihalo says Ohio your grand daughter she is thus sweet wherever your daughter is, cutie says she is out and currently you’ve got to depart too, nihalo asks any downside, why {are|ar|area unit|square measure} you asking me to depart, cutie says you’ve got to achieve chiroli, cutie Says you’ll be receiving cash however you’ve got to stay shut and not reveal truth get into currently, nihalo says however am i able to deny,and thinks one thing is shady here.

Kulfi says I shouldn’t be afraid and get into and rings the bell, nihalo opens the door however afraid Kulfi hides,nihalo sees nobody,amyra says shh its my friend holds Kulfi hand abd leaves. Sikander waiting move into sun exhausted for setu to return out,

a duppata falls on him that reminds him of nimrat. Amyra says however did you create such smart drawing,kulfi says mommy use to sell duppata and that we use to create styles thereon. Setu sees Sikander and bear in mind nimrat and says ought to i tell Sikander that kulfi is his daughter however what regarding his different daughter. Tevar gets food,kulfi and amyra show him slides they ready. Tevar says this wont work as a result of you player on wrong paper, kulfi says we will still work applying oil or clarified butter makes it clear.amyra says thus good. Cutie says bear in mind no queries simply keep quite, otherwise you won’t run cash,nihalo says i simply need cash, and it had been smart to envision your grand daughter,nihalo leaves.lovely breaks down, and says all my fault,i messed my life on my very own.

Sikander gets decision from amyra, Kulfi says Ohio Sikander sir,amyra says affirmative come back lets speak. Setu standing behind Sikander. Sikander gets video decision from Amyra and she or he says I’m at tevars with Kulfi and that we celebrated and tells what all she did,Sikander says why didn’t you tell me why did you visit him,amyra says i believed thus however you went away and provides all funny details,Sikander in tears,amyra says come back presently i would like to point out you what all we tend to did,Sikander says I’m missing you,Kulfi walks and says you reprehension Sikander sir,amyra says affirmative you come back here,Kulfi says I can’t see him,amyra says Ohio could also be association got lost. Setu sees Sikander in tears and says he was removed from my Nimrat and had no pain and removed from his daughter he’s in such a lot pain.

Amyra asks why did you draw your Mami, she hates you right,Kulfi says however I miss her, Mohendar sees them and says gunjan you keep here i will be able to go see Kulfi and are available back. Setu asks Sikander does one have any past connections with Chiroli,Setu thinks these days if you settle for I shall tell you the reality, Sikander thinks of Nimrat,and remembers his promise and thinks I can’t tell an unknown person regarding Nimrat she is married and includes a child,I can’t offer her a lot of pain and says no I don’t ave any past connections here. Sikander asks currently tell me,Setu says leave I don’t want to speak to you. Mohendar asks what area unit you upto,amyra says acting on faculty project,Kulfi asks where’s kinswoman,Mohendar says she is down,amyra says i will be able to go down and show her all slides,Mohendar asks however area unit you,Tevar Walks to them and says at her fathers place and then terribly happy,Kulfi rushes to him and says affirmative uncle and that we acting on our bond and once our projector are going to be done we’ll see footage along,Mohendar says okay. Sikander asks Setu why are you doing this,I love Kulfi heaps and what if she would have landed elsewhere and not close to me,didn’t you’re thinking that of checking on her,Setu bear in mind checking on Kulfi throughout ganpati competition and the way Tevar stood for her,and fought with Sikander too.

Sikander asks Setu why didn’t he come back, Setu says I even have seen her proud of Tevar,and he’s doing smart for her and that i don’t need her to recollect this place and therefore the bitter reminiscences. Amyra with gunjan, cutie and nihalo along,nihalo asks who is amyra with is she your girl,cutie says yes yes,nihalo says let me go see her,cutie says not needed. Amyra sees her shout and walks to her,and asks are you from village,nihalo says affirmative,amyra asks what place,cutie says far-flung and she or he must leave or she is going to be late,amyra says one minute my friend delineate her mami and she or he resembles you,let me get her,nihalo says okay,cutie thinks I can’t let this happen and asks nihalo to remain their and runs behind Amyra.

Nihalo goes to gunjan and says your mother didn’t introduce us,I’m nihalo I’m kulfis mami,do you apprehend Kulfi,I came here to ascertain her however cutie isn’t permitting me too,gunjan tries to sign nihalo,nihalo hands her pen and paper.gunjan writes it down. Nihalo tries to browse it.

Sikander says you’re thus heartless,Kulfi is often regarding you,always mama mami,tinda kadu bholi however verify you,she had everything Ta my place, it her peace was here however you didn’t even hassle to satisfy her, Setu remembers kulfi praying to lord Ganesha,and he keeps her fav sweet potato close to her and walks away,

Setu says I would like to ascertain you my child, your innocence attracts everybody,I can’t come back see you and give thanks god my child is happy. Setu asks why will she refer you,Sikander says I agree we have a tendency to don’t seem to be connected,but she is like my girl,I ne’er have treated her any but my amyra,Setu says then why did you hand her to an unknown man,would you di that to amyra what you probably did to Kulfi,please let her keep proud of that man, Sikander stands in manner of Setu and begs Setu and says Kulfi trusts me the entire world willn’t however she does and that i stone-broke her trust us,I know in line with you she is proud of Tevar however who is her father, Setu points at Sikander.

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