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Geet 25 February 2020; Rajji is crying that no one was helping her so I…everyone is shocked as Brij walks around in anger. Rano keeps on saying Hai Rabba as Taayji tells her to keep quiet and Rajji runs to Dolly as she consoles her. Rano concludes that her Geet has ran away…our doubt has been proven right. Mahinder asks what does she want to say? Say it clearly! Rano says that I am telling the truth I went to Geet’s room and saw that *something* was broken and when I opened her cupboard…there weren’t any clothes in there Then it means that she has…Mahinder asks why didn’t you tell us this before? But Brij interupts and says how can she run away like this? He pulls Rajji away from Dolly as his mother and father try to stop him from hitting her. He asks where is Geet? Taayji finally frees her daughter as Brij yells speak up or I’ll cut you pieces Taayji asks her to speak up! Say where Geet is? Rajji says mommyji Geet didi wanted to talk to Dev jiju so we went to find the number. Brij says that she is probably still around…I’ll go find her! Mahinder stops him and says that he’ll tag along. But Brij tells him to take care of Daarji and leaves. Geet update 25 February 2020

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Geet update 25 February 2020, Maan finally stops in Geet’s land and she wonders who has cut the trees from here? Maan asks what are you going to take for leaving from here? Jeep has stopped! Geet says that I will get off your jeep but when are you going to get off my land!? Maan looks angry and says first you got into my jeep and now you are saying that my land is your’s! Geet gets off the jeep in anger and goes to the passenger side to say that this land is not your’s! Maan’s angry looks changes into one of a smirk and Geet looks maha confused. Maan gets off his jeep and walks around to where Geet is standing. He says that even after learning how to talk…it hasn’t done much for you! You still talk without thinking! But it’s not your fault…you are a woman! Geet answers back that it is a man’s defeat to think that all women are without a reasonable mind  When I didn’t sell you my land…then how did you buy it? Maan turns to face Geet in anger which scares her and she moves back. Maan remembers farmers telling him that he must be mistaken…this land belongs to Daarji! He has named it to his grand-daughter Geet! Maan says oo so your name is Geet Handa? Geet replies yes! You remember your name but you don’t remember that you have sold me this land! Geet notices the sign board with Maan’s name and says Maan Singh Khurana…writing your name on somebody’s land doesn’t it make it your’s! Even an unreasonable woman knows this fact! Maan turns around in anger yelling listen you! He wants to point his finger at her but Geet thinks that he is going to hit her so she gets scared! Maan puts his hand down and says that I am not weak that I will hit a person who is weaker than me!  He further says don’t be scared! Geet finally looks at him…Maan continues I know very well that using the brain is a good thing! He yells for his accountant who says coming sir! Munchiji says yes chote saabji…Maan asks him to show Geet the land papers…she doesn’t believe that I have brough this land! Munchiji goes to get them after telling Maan that he’ll just get them! Maan says that I know that you won’t listen to me but I’ll still tell you that before acting one should think  You should look at the situation from a 360 degree angle before getting flown in emotions. Geet walks up to him in anger and says why? didn’t you tell me last time that I should stand on my two feet! Maan remembers telling Geet that nothing will change in her life as long as she lives in fear and doesn’t stand on her feet. He turns to her and says that along with that you should also know what is right and what is wrong! They both have a staring contest which is broken when the munchiji comes with the papers. Maan snatches the paper from his hand and opens it up! He gives the paper to Geet as he says that here are the land papers and now don’t say that this not your sign! Geet Handa! 

Geet 25 February 2020; Geet starts to look through the paper and realizes that those are her signatures! She starts to walk away from them and says this is her signature! But I haven’t signed any of the land papers! Geet remembers her Daarji giving Pammi and Kamya…Geet’s jaidad papers and then Nainatra asking her to sign a blank piece of paper  Geet starts to hyperventilate and remembers Brij saying that the person that she is trying to find has left her after betraying her! Daarji telling her to get rid of the suhaag ki nishaani and her yelling that he will come for sure and Taayji yelling that why don’t you understand? He will never return! Basically all the flashbacks regarding Dev’s betrayal! She faints as Brij’s voice keeps on revolving in her mind that Dev has betrayed her! 

Geet 25 February 2020; Naintra is walking in anger as Pammi looks scared and Kamya is playing with the kangan like a little kid. Nainatra goes up to Kamya and says did you give them our number by mistake? Kamya denies saying what paarjaji? Do I look that stupid to you? Why will I give anyone our number? And that too Geet! Never! Nainatra gets a hold of her and in a strained voice says tell me the truth did you call here from that house or the guest house? Pammi looks scared and Kamya says that we were all in India then why will I call Canada? If I wanted to call…then I would have called Chandigardh to dadi’s place Nainatra yells if you haven’t made the mistake and I haven’t done it either then how did Geet find out the number? Nainatra realizes something and looks at Pammi who looks scared out of her wits. She walks up to her and says that mean you have! Pammi nods a yes! By mistake…I was worried what chote saab was eating…he doesn’t take care of himself na!  Nainatra yells that did you call him to tell him how we are or to tell on us? Tell me! Why did you call bade Veerji? Pammi says what are you saying nuraani  I am worried about all of you as much as I am about him! My lord knows that my life resides in Dev! Nainatra yells that she doesn’t know if her life resides in Dev or not but all she knows that because of her our life is in sure danger! What if that girl comes here? Pammi looks scared while Kamya looks shocked! Pammi says oh Lord now what is going to happen? When I saw her for the first time…I knew that she seem to have a lot of patience but her eyes told a different story! She isn’t going to give up really easily! She freaks out and asks Nainatra to say what is going to happen now? But Nainatra yells please for God sake! Kamya comes up to her and says what will we do now? She replies that what will we do? Nothing! I know Indian families way too well…and anyways in that house they do not listen to womenfolks! Geet update 25 February 2020


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