The Episode begins with Amba and Jagan disputation. Raavi begs Amba to help her and stop Jagan from doing this, I did wrong with you, thus I m obtaining corrected.

Amba says Raavi has supported you in right and wrong things, what are you doing, you would possibly be considering to conjoin, why Jagan. Mohini says Jagan, your bhabhi has additional curiosity in your life. Jagan asks Amba to not intervene in his life. Amba asks Jagan is he deed Raavi for this lady. Mohini asks why, what’s a lot of less in me, i like Jagan, I do understand he’s married and am ready to end up to be his second wife.

Amba asks her to clam up. She says Jagan its unlawful to try and do second wedding once 1st wife is there. He says I’ll marry and goes. Mohini asks them to try and do wedding preparations.

Mannu tells this to Jai. Jai says it means that Mohini is ruination Raavi’s life. Mannu says simply you’ll be able to do one thing currently, Amba can save Raavi’s kid. Jai asks what will Jagan love most. Mannu says his standing. Amba says sarpanch isn’t respondent, i will be able to go and meet him, stop crying. Mohini attacks and makes Amba smell chloroform.

She says you work a lot, currently sleep for someday, smart issue goes to happen, I don’t need you keep around. She locks Amba’s space and leaves. Gunjan says wherever did mummy go. Raavi says she visited decision panchayet. Mohini gets prepared in bridal dress. She asks Gunjan to urge alta. Gunjan refuses and calls her unhealthy lady.

Mohini says affirmative, however if you return to my facet, you may be smart, tell me wherever is alta. She scares Gunjan. Gunjan says its in room. Simran stops them. Mohini says I m progressing to get alta. Simran thinks Raman is in room. She stops Mohini. She acts sweet to Mohini and says i will be able to get alta for you.

Mohini asks however did you modify. Simran says Raavi accustomed hassle Amba loads, we tend to accustomed pray to urge a decent aunty, i will be able to get alta and apply to you. Mohini smiles and asks Gunjan to find out from Simran. Gunjan thinks why is Simran behaving such. Simran sees Raman and smiles. Simran applies alta to Mohini’s feet. Jagan comes dressed as groom and gets fascinated seeing Mohini. He asks pandit to travel his work. Raavi worries.

Jagan holds Mohini’s hand. He scolds Raavi and asks her to become a part of wedding if she has got to keep here, else leave. He asks Raavi to try and do ghatbandhan. Raavi will ghatbandhan. Mannu stops Jagan and reminds its his second wedding. Jagan asks him to return downstairs. Mannu says does one know how several marriages Mohini did. Jagan appearance at Mohini and asks wha’s this nonsense. Mannu asks him to ascertain and throws pics down.

Jagan sees Mohini’s wedding pics with varied men. Jagan gets aghast. Mannu says these are her wedding pics. Mohini asks Mannu why is he spoiling her life, Jagan don’t take care of him, he’s terribly clever. Jagan says i will be able to ne’er trust Mannu, simply tell Maine once, what’s truth of the pics. Mannu asks Mohini to answer Jagan, else i will be able to say. He says Mohini marries the lads and so loot them before deed, she may be a deceiver and this is often her work, you’re her contemporary target. Jagan gets aghast. Mannu says I did my duty, currently your would like. Mohini says he’s lying. Jagan says shut up, you may build Maine target, if you’re seen here, i will be able to kill you. He drags Mohini out. Mannu smiles. He hugs Raavi. Jagan throwing out Mohini. He shuts the door. Jai claps. Mohini gets angry.

Jai smiles and asks did Jagan throw you out, you forgot that we tend to fooled folks along, if you’ll be able to warn me to ruin these folks, then I conjointly know how to prevent you, currently game got equal, we tend to each are outside the house. She says I rather like 2 things, cash and you, you probably did not let Maine get cash and love, i will be able to keep in mind one issue, that I finish the sport that you started. He smiles. Amba wakes up and worriedly knocks door. Gunjan opens the door. Amba sees the havan kund. She sees Jagan sitting unhappy.

Gunjan says wedding failed to happen. Amba asks Jagan what was he progressing to do, Raavi is with you in each work and every one the time, she stood by you, once she wants you the foremost, you were progressing to leave her, if anyone says Raavi goes to urge a girl, can you agree. Jagan says doctor conjointly same its a girl. She asks did Lord tell you, that doctor wasn’t a true doctor, if its a baby boy then….. what is going to you are doing. Jagan says fine, i will be able to wait, if its a girl, our relation is over. He goes. Amba worries. Raavi sits crying. Mannu wipes her tears and consoles her. Mannu says I won’t let something happen to my sister, her life is my responsibility currently. Amba feels pleased with Mannu. Mannu asks Amba to forgive Jai. Simran goes upstairs. Gunjan finds her behavior weird. Simran asks her to travel. Simran goes to room and meets Raman. She gets sweets for Raman.

He says I even have to depart currently, you recognize I even have run away, my male parent would be finding me, its dangerous for your family if I keep here, if you hide and meet me, somebody can doubt, I even have to travel. She asks wherever can you go. He says i will be able to keep in friend’s house. She asks him to cover here, I will meet you atleast. She cries. Raman smiles and hugs her. Mohini tries to kill Amba. Mannu comes and stops Mohini. Mohini gets mad. Amba and Mannu catch Mohini and tie her to the chair. They decision police. Mohini says i will be able to kill you Amba and shouts. Amba asks inspector to require Mohini. Jagan says take her away, next time don’t attempt to cheat a decent man, remember me. He drinks.

Mohini gets angry on Mannu and Amba. Police takes her away. Mannu says Jagan framed you in wrong things, you’ve got forever forgiven her and failed to build her leave home, why. Amba says i do know, however I can’t forgive Jai. He asks why, Jagan did all this by choice and ne’er learnt a lesson, however Jai failed to do something by choice, once he complete mistake, he did loads to cure Bheeru, i will be able to forever love Bheeru, however its not Jai’s mistake, he’s a decent person. Amba says fine i will be able to meet him for your sake.

Mannu hugs her. Mannu goes to Jai and takes his shirt. Jai asks what are you doing. Mannu asks him to satisfy Amba, she in agreement to satisfy, prepare to satisfy her and build things fine, you initially apologize and make a case for her that you just are able to become our male parent, you may love us and keep us nicely.

Jai smiles and hugs Mannu. Jai says you instructed me that means of life, currently you see i’ll ne’er allow you to get hurt and fulfill all of your needs. Mannu says I simply want to own peace during this village, can you become my pappa and fulfill my want. Jai smiles and says for certain. Mannu asking Jai to come back on time. Mannu sees a bottle and asks what’s this. Jai provides him the bottle and says its wont to trick folks, once this liquid is thrown, it creates a lot of smoke, and these pills lower rate, person gets fine in an exceedingly moment, you’ll keep this. Mannu goes. Inspector involves arrest Jai and tell that Mohini grievance regarding him. Jai says she is lying, listen. Police takes him, Simran goes to room. Gunjan comes there and asks what are you hiding since several days. Gunjan gets dismayed seeing Raman. Simran says he was livid, I actually have hidden him here. Gunjan says does one apprehend what is going to happen if Bajwas apprehend. Raman says i’ll leave before long.

Gunjan asks Simran did she tell Amba regarding this. Simran signs no. Gunjan says if mummy is aware of then… Simran says i’ll tell mummy nowadays. Mannu asks Amba can she marry Jai. She appearance at him. She says its massive issue that I m getting to meet Jai. Jai tells inspector that Mohini is framing him. Inspector says we tend to got your information. Jai is place in lockup. Jai says I actually have to satisfy somebody.

Mohini comes there and smiles. She asks Jai wherever are my children, tell me. She will shayari and smiles. She says no matter happens with Amba and Mannu currently, you’re accountable, I told you to not anger me, you’re in station house. Jai thinks what to try to to. Mohini talks to inspector and gets feat.

Jai gets likelihood to flee. He runs out of lockup. Inspector says stop him. Mannu and Amba return to satisfy Jai. Goons drag Amba and Mannu. Amba and Mannu attempt to fight. Jai comes there and scolds the goons. Jai fights with them. Amba and Mannu look on. Jai beats all the goons. Jai gets livid. Mannu runs and hugs Jai. Amba thanks Jai.

Jai apologizes to Amba and says I failed to do Bheeru’s accident purposely, Mannu came in my life and created me meet you, the day I saw you for the primary time, i needed life provides him another likelihood, I understood that means of life seeing you and kids, I connected along with your sorrow and pain, Mannu’s dad’s dream of peace in village, I felt its my dream, I can’t take his dad’s place, however if you support, i’ll want to undertake once. Jai sits down and says if heart has truth, Lord conjointly will pity. He remembers Mannu’s words. He proposes Amba and expresses his love by dumb charades. He provides his hand to Amba. Wo terrorist group adhuri si yaad baaki hai…..plays…… Mannu smiles seeing them.

A goon gets up with a knife to stab Mannu. Jai sees that and runs to Mannu. Jai gets injured. Amba and Mannu get dismayed. Goons exploit. Amba and Mannu cry seeing Jai and rush to carry him. Amba tears her dupatta. She ties her dupatta to his wound.

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