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At the point when Erica’s darling canine Angel is taken, Scott, Xavier, and Jessica should find her.

Turner and Hooch

Season Number: 1

Episode Number: 10

Episode Title: Lost and Hound

Air Date: Sep 22, 2021

Source: Turner.and.Hooch.S01E10.1080p.WEB.h264-KOGi



Scott and Xavier need to take a captured programmer across the town. Scott discovers that a few issues are going on among Xavier and Olivia, yet X will not share anything. Then again, somebody takes Erica’s van with her canine Angel inside it, which cracks her out. Jessica calls Scott and Xavier for help, and the pair chooses to assist Erica with the programmer and Hooch going with them. 

A man took Erica’s van and offered the PCs to a young lady named Valery for unlawful selling. Valery additionally accepts Angel as she intends to sell the canine on the web. Erica is gone ballistic, and Xavier is suffocating in distress, and Scott needs to deal with them with a programmer in his vehicle. With Jessica’s assistance, Scott and Xavier discover Valery’s area and get a warrant rapidly. In any case, when the US Marshals contacted her place, she had as of now escaped with her accomplice. With the programmer’s assistance, Scott and Erica discover that Valery is stowing away at a distribution center. They all head to the distribution center to get them and salvage Angel. 

With Hooch’s assistance, they nearly discover Angel, however Valery, and her accomplice escape in their van once more. The US Marshals, Hooch, Erica, and the programmer get back in the vehicle and follow the van. They can’t make up for a lost time to the van’s speed. Jessica tells Scott on the call that Olivia’s space of purview is a similar way where the van is heading. She advises them to look for help from Olivia. 

Scott demands Xavier call Olivia for help. On the call, Olivia and Xavier express what’s irritating them and sort their issues while she likewise figures out how to prevent the van from pushing forward. At the point when Valery and her accomplice attempt to hit their van on Olivia’s vehicle, it bursts into flames because of the impact. Together, they get hold of the hoodlums while Scott salvages Angel from the van that is ablaze. Erica gets enthusiastic as she reunites with Angel and says thanks to Scott for saving her canine’s life.

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