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Twist Of Fate July Teasers 2020 on zee world; Twist Of Fate July 2020 Teasers, Abhi finds a greeting card under Tanu’s pillow. He then questions her loyalty towards him.

Wednesday 1 July 2020
Episode 216

Once again, Tanu gets herself out of this sticky situation.

Thursday 2 July 2020
Episode 217

Twist Of Fate July Teasers 2020 on zee world Pragya hears Raj talking about him working with Aliya, she finds out that he is not the person she always thought he was. What will she do with this information?

Friday 3 July 2020
Episode 218

Raj’s true colours are revealed, he confesses to his action in front of the family. Raj finds out that his wife is the one that initially cheated him and not Pragya.

Saturday 4 July 2020
Episode 219

Raj struggles with dealing with Mithali’s betrayal. Could this be the end of the marriage?

Sunday 5 July 2020
Episode 220

Mithali convinces Abhi to get married to Tanu sooner than he had planned. Pragya manages to stop Mithali’s plans from materialising.

Monday 6 July 2020
Episode 221

No teaser available.

Tuesday 7 July 2020
Episode 222

zee world Twist Of Fate July Teasers 2020 Pragya finds out that her mother is missing. Pragya plays a prank on Tanu to scare her. She is on to Tanu, she knows that Tanu has her mother and follows her to find Sarla.

Wednesday 8 July 2020
Episode 223

Abhi expresses his love for Pragya to his grandmother. Tanu does her best to keep Sarla from being saved but Sarla manages to escape.

Thursday 9 July 2020
Episode 224

Nikhil tries to lead Abhi and Pragya astray from the location where Sarla is. Pragya finds her mother but Nikhil runs her over to keep her quiet.

Friday 10 July 2020
Episode 225

Aliya returns to the house. Tanu switches Sarla’s injection with poison, will her plans succeed?

saturday 11 July 2020
Episode 226

Twist Of Fate July Teasers 2020 on zee world Tanu makes her second attempt to kill Sarla and things do not go as planned. The family receive terrible news about Sarla’s health.

Sunday 12 July 2020
Episode 227

Tanu seeks Aliya’s help with her problems. Ronni comes up with a plan to hurt Tanu. Ronni’s actions lead Pragya to deciding to reveal the truth to Abhi.

Monday 13 July 2020
Episode 228

Abhi asks Kulpreet to speak with Pragya about getting divorced. How will she deal with this?

Tuesday 14 July 2020
Episode 229

Pragya lays a trap for Tanu. Pragya tries avoiding talking to Abhi about the divorce but things do not go well.

Wednesday 15 July 2020
Episode 230

Twist Of Fate July 2020 Teasers on zee world Abhi gives Pragya an ultimatum that leaves her stuck between a rock and a hard place. Tanu tries killing Sarla. Aliya saves Sarla’s life.

Thursday 16 July 2020
Episode 231

Tanu keeps trusting Pragya while she plays her like a puppet. Pragya spots Nikhil with Tanu, could Tanu’s secret be out?

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Friday 17 July 2020
Episode 232

Twist Of Fate July Teasers 2020 Pragya is onto Tanu, she suspects that Nikhil might be Tanu’s boyfriend. Tanu escapes by the skin of her teeth. Aliya gets a chance to bring destruction to Abhi’s concert but things do not go as planned.

Saturday 18 July 2020
Episode 233

Abhi proposes to Pragya instead of Tanu. Pragya finds out that Nikhil is the father of Tanu’s child. Ronni takes things too far by kidnapping Tanu. During an altercation Nikhil throws Ronni off a cliff.

Sunday 19 July 2020
Episode 234

Tanu keeps seeing Ronni everywhere. Pragya sets up Tanu at a Holi event. Will Pragya’s plan work?

Monday 20 July 2020
Episode 235

Purab films a video of Tanu and Abhi having a conversation about her baby. Their plan to expose Tanu fails flat.

Tuesday 21 July 2020
Episode 236

Purab films a video of Tanu and Abhi having a conversation about her baby. Their plan to expose Tanu fails flat.

Wednesday 22 July 2020
Epiosde 237

Purab receives a call, the caller request that Pragya be exchanged for Bulbul. Purab then realizes that the person who kidnapped Pragya is someone obsessed with Bulbul.

Thursday 23 July 2020
Episode 238

Tanu plans a valentines surprise for Abhi but she is shocked when he chooses to rather spend his time looking for Pragya. Tanu forces Abhi to choose between her and Pragya – his reaction leaves her shocked.

Friday 24 July 2020
Episode 239

Bulbul is starting to suspect that Aliya is involved in the kidnapping. Will Aliya be able to keep her image any longer?

Saturday 25 July 2020
Episode 240

Twist Of Fate July Teasers 2020 Abhi catches Neel. He corners him to reveal the name of the person who helped him with his plan.

Sunday 26 July 2020
Episode 241

Tanu reveals the truth about Abhi’s whereabouts to his grandmother. Purab suspects that Suresh might be behind the kidnapping. Pragya and Abhi find themselves in a very difficult situation.

Monday 27 July 2020
Episode 242

Sarla is taken back when she finds out that the kidnappers have also held Abhi captive. Abhi and Pragya manage to escape the kidnappers. Will they get home safe and sound?

Tuesday 28 July 2020
Episode 243

Twist Of Fate July Teasers 2020 on zee world Neel goes to Abhi’s house to ensure that they do not return home. Aliya gets Purab drunk and disguises as Bulbul in order to get intimate with Purab.

Wednesday 29 July 2020
Episode 244

Aliya tries to film a video of her and Purab being intimate but everyone catches her in the act. The family has made plans to celebrate Abhi’s return, little do they know the kidnappers have caught them again.

Thursday 30 July 2020
Episode 245

Neel tries to force Pragya into shooting Abhi but he gets shot instead. Will this battle with the kidnappers end?

Friday 31 July 2020
Episode 246

Sarla goes missing and the whole family is worried sick looking for her.

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