Twist of Fate: Rhea hates Pragya, asks Abhi to marry Meera – TellyLover  

MUMBAI: Twist of Fate is one of the most popular TV shows. The upcoming episode of the show is set to showcase an interesting twist.

Aaliya is playing her dirty mind game with Rhea which made Rhea completely hate Pragya.

Rhea has started hating Pragya so much so that she demands a new mom from Abhi.

While Abhi gets terribly shocked to hear Rhea’s words, Rhea now compels Abhi to marry Meera.

Abhi gets scared to lose his Pragya whom he just met after such a long time but he is helpless.

Though all these years Abhi and Pragya have stayed separated, they never stopped loving each other.

What will Abhi do now? Will Rhea succeed in forcing Abhi to marry Meera?

It would be interesting to know what happens next on the show.

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