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Twist of Fate update sunday 31st May 2020; Twist of Fate update sunday 31 May 2020, starts with Tanu asking Pragya to return her mangalsutra before going. She says your eyes are showing that you are yearning for love. She asks her to tell when she misses Abhi, in the day time or in the night. Pragya raises her hand to slap her, but stops herself. Tanu says truth is bitter and that’s why you have raised your hand. Pragya says I don’t want to break someone’s house. Tanu asks her to prove that she has no feelings for Abhi, and she respects and love her husband. She says if you don’t then I will humiliate you infront of the world. Abhi asks the manager to call the sales girl who can take that mangalsutra out. Manager asks him to wait.

Twist of Fate update sunday 31 May 2020 Tanu asks Pragya if she accepts her challenge or not. Pragya says you think everything is challenge, nothing is changed in you. Tanu says place is changed and says today I am his wife and you are second woman in his life, who dreams to get my husband. She says don’t know if you really like him or his money. Pragya says I never wanted his money. Tanu says everyone needs money, especially middle class people as they don’t want to come in poor people category or can’t match up to rich people status. She says you always wanted his money.

Twist of Fate update sunday 31st May 2020 zee world Pragya says I don’t need money or don’t wish to get it. Tanu asks if she married a professor who gives her coaching. Pragya says she is married to King Singh, the rapper, he is my husband. Tanu is shocked and recalls Aaliya introducing her to King Singh. Tanu says another rich guy and says it is proved that you are greedy and says why you don’t get ordinary guy. King comes there. Tanu says you came back to get my husband. Pragya says Abhi was my husband, but he is not my husband now. Tanu asks her to proof. King is about to come to Pragya, but announcement is made to move the car as it is parked wrongly. King gives his keys to watchman. Tanu scolds Pragya and says you are again doing the same thing. King thinks why is she talking to Pragya like this. Security calls King again and tells that he can’t park that expensive car.

zee world update on Twist of Fate sunday 31 May 2020 Abhi comes to Pragya with manager. Pragya says you have married Tanu and says congratulations. She thinks it is very difficult for her to see Tanu as his wife. Tanu tells that she will take out mangalsutra and takes the scalpel in her hand. She tries to cut the mangalsutra. Pragya and Abhi look at each other. Pragya gets tears in her eyes. She thinks I have the right to ask you, why did you marry Tanu. Tanu takes it out. Pragya asks him to be careful with Mangalsutra. Abhi thinks why she is telling this, if she wants to hurt me. Purab comes and calls Pragya. Pragya hugs him and cries. He cries. She asks why are you crying? Purab says you can’t stop crying and asking me. He asks why she didn’t meet him being in the same city as him. He asks did you break relation with me. Disha comes there and hugs Pragya. Pragya asks how are you? Disha says I will scold you. Pragya asks her to scold her. She feels pain. Disha checks and asks why blood is coming out from her neck. Pragya looks at Tanu. Disha says she will bring an ointment and tells that she always keep it for her son. Pragya gets happy to know that she has a son. Tanu says he is good and calls me Chachi. Purab says he will call you Chachi as your relation with us is still the same. Disha brings an ointment and applies on her neck. Pragya thinks my family was my life and you have snatched my life. How I will live now after meeting them.

Twist of Fate sunday update 31 May 2020 Mitali invites someone for Purab and Disha’s anniversary. Aaliya thinks Tanu did some good work. Mitali praises Disha and tells that she is her friend. She tells her friend that Aaliya is very egoistic. She turns and sees her shocked. Aaliya asks her to complete her talk. Mitali ends the call. Aaliya says what you wanted to say. Mitali asks her to understand. Aaliya warns her before saying and says you need me. Mitali gets sad. Dasi hears them and asks Mitali not to talk to Aaliya today. She says Aaliya punished us as her stubbornness is not fulfilled, says Sunny and you are same. Mitali hugs her.

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Twist of Fate sunday 31 May 2020 update King comes there. Tanu introduces herself as Abhi’s wife. King says Abhi didn’t bring you else we would have met in the party. Abhi thinks why Tanu is excited to meet him. Tanu tells him that Pragya told her about him and says you both are very lucky to get each other. King thinks why did Pragya lie to Tanu that she is my wife, interesting. Tanu saysI never saw any wife praising her husband and was feeling jealous. Abhi says I am going to billing counter. Tanu invites King to Purab and Disha’s anniversary party and says Pragya agreed already. She says you had said that you accepts the challenge. Pragya looks on surprisingly.

Twist of Fate 31 May 2020 Tanu inviting King for the party and tells that Pragya has already agreed and reminds Pragya about her challenge. King asks what? Pragya makes an excuse. Tanu says your husband is good. Abhi goes to billing counter. King says we will meet in the party. Kiara and Sunny come to the Mehra Mansion. She greets Dadi. Sunny asks where is chucks as she came to meet him. Pragya and Abhi look at each other,. Aye dil sun le zara plays. Tanu reminds Abhi that Pragya is Mr. Singh’s wife. Mitali calls Abhi and asks Tanu to go to counter. Kiara talks to Abhi. Abhi tells her that his mood was off, but now he is fine hearing her. Kiara asks what happened? Abhi tells her that he met his doll today and someone else took it. Kiara asks him to take her gyan and asks him not to let doll go with someone else. Abhi says I wish it was possible. He says I am reaching home in 1 hour and asks her to wait. Kiara tells that she is going and came to drop cookie, will take it next week. Abhi asks her to take cookie with her. Kiara asks him not to think about her happiness.

sunday on Twist of Fate update 31 May 2020 Abhi tells her that she had left her bracelet last time and says she copies him. Kiara says she is wearing it since London. She says you have copied me. Abhi says ok. He asks Tanu why did she invite Pragya and King and says he is his rival. Tanu says he was talking nicely. Abhi says I don’t like him. Tanu says she will ask them not to come and says you will get uncomfortable with pragya’s presence. Abhi asks her to let them come.

Twist of Fate 31st May 2020 zee world Dadi and Dasi talk about Kiara. They think she is like Pragya and have her qualities. King asks Pragya why is upset. Pragya says it is not like that. King tells that Tanu is strange and was telling again and again that she is Abhi’s wife, don’t know why. Pragya says if you don’t want we will not go to party. King says we will go, I want to thank Abhi for saving you. He makes her wear necklace. Abhi sees and gets tears in his eyes. Pragya asks King not to gift her anything again. He teases her. Pragya smiles. Abhi and others leave. Mitali and Tai ji are doing the arrangements. Abhi and others come, but don’t talk and go to their rooms. Mitali says we will know what happened in the evening.

Twist of Fate 31 May 2020 zee world Purab and Disha talk about Tanu and Pragya. Disha tells that something is going on Tanu’s mind and tells that Aaliya must have made the plan of party. She tells that God made mangalsutra fall on Pragya’s neck and says they are destined to be together. She says Tanu invited her to hurt her. She says she don’t want her to come. Purab says everyone will get happy meeting Di. Disha says she will hurt her just like she hurt her in jewellery shop. Purab says yes. She hopes Pragya di don’t come to the party. Pragya recalls Tanu insulting her and thinks she can’t go. She then thinks she has accepted her challenge infront of King and have to go.

zee world update on Twist of Fate Pragya asks King to check the time and says we have to go to party. King says I don’t want to go. Pragya says I am prepared to go. King asks for revenge. He says I have seen and heard what you both were talking.


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