Twist of fate update tuesday 19 May 2020 on zee world


Twist of Fate Tuesday 19th May 2020; Twist of Fate update Tuesday 19 May 2020, The Episode starts with Abhi telling Pragya about the robbers attack in the bank. Pragya and Abhi have a romantic eye lock. Allah wariyan plays….Robber tells that the info is leaked from someone’s mobile. Woman robber asks Manager to give his phone. Male robber asks Mona to tell if there is any famous customer here. Mona says Abhishek Prem Mehra. Robber asks her to go. Other robber slits her throat. They threaten to kill everyone, if they insist to go out. Everyone is scared. Abhi says I have to do something. Other Robber tells that there is someone here on upstairs. Boss sends the robber and asks him to bring the persons downstairs. Doctor checks King and asks him to have best rest. Kiara asks him about the precautions. Doctor says she is sweet. King says yes. He asks Kiara if he shall rest. She says yes and hugs him. King asks her to go and rest. Kiara says she called mum, but she is not picking the call. Robber comes in the room and takes another couple from the room. Abhi and Pragya are hiding there. Abhi tries to go, but she stops him. Robber Ronnie tries to kill the man, but his wife pleads infront of him not to kill him. Boss stops him. Robber tells Boss that Manager escaped with the keys.

Twist of Fate update Tuesday 19 May 2020 Boss asks Robber to cut all wireless lines. Abhi calls Police station. Constable picks the call and doesn’t believe that he is rockstar on the call. Robber cuts the phone lines. Boss asks the robbers to break the door. Lady robber says police will come here by then. Boss says we will have a helicopter ready on the terrace. She says if they shoot on the helicopter. Boss says he has already thought and says they will keep Abhishek Mehra hostage. He sees Pragya’s phone and asks lady robber to get that girl also. He tells that he will take Abhi and this girl in the helicopter. He tells that nobody will know they are with the terrorist gang. Abhi asks Pragya not to walk else she will lose weight. He gets an idea and tells that there must be a fire alarm in the bank and says if he burns the lighter near the fire alarm then it will make a sound. Pragya asks do you smoke? Abhi says no and says he will manage the get lighter. Pragya asks how you will get fire and asks if he rub two stones. She says she will also come. Abhi says no and says if you come then. Judaa hoke bhi plays…

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Twist of Fate update Tuesday 19th May 2020 zee world Abhi insisting to go alone to get lighter. Pragya says they have guns if anything happens to you. Abhi says nothing will happen to me, asks if she trusts him. Pragya says but. Abhi asks her to agree to him. Pragya says if I feel the need then I will come out. Song plays…Pragya asks him to come back and asks him to take care. He comes out and thinks where will I get the lighter. Pragya worries for him. A robber catches Abhi and calls him Abhishek Prem Mehra. Lady robber catches Pragya as she is about to hit the robber attacking Abhi. She takes her with her. Abhi asks robber if he has lighter. He says yes. Abhi beats him and takes gun and lighter. Lady takes Pragya downstairs. Pragya asks who are you? Old lady says you are weak to kill innocent people. Abhi hears the bullet sound. Abhi gets the walkie-talkie from the goon and thinks how to switch it on. Boss of the goon hear him and says you will know soon Abhishek Prem Mehra. Pragya gets tensed. Abhi comes back to room. Boss comes there. Abhi calls Police station again and inform about the robber attack.

Twist of Fate zee world 19 May 2020 Boss of the robbers come to the room. Abhi catches him. Boss tells that he is bank customer and asks him not to shoot at him. He tells him that he has a wife and daughter. Abhi misunderstands him and gives gun in his hand. Robber says shall I shoot at you and says he fooled him. Abhi says my doubt was right and asks him to stop him. Boss tries to shoot him, but there is no bullets. Abhi says I was acting and not you. He locks him and comes out of room. He thinks to impress Pragya and searches her. MAanger calls Police and informs of robbery. Police says they are coming. The robber who was beaten up by Abhi opens the door and frees the boss. Pragya asks where is he? Boss asks all goons to come with him and leave one goon there.

zee world Twist of Fate update Tuesday 19 May 2020 Pragya smiles and tells old lady that Abhi might be safe and must have irritated the robber and made him angry. Old lady asks if fight ended. Pragya says anger ended. Old Lady love is left and asks if she is newly married. A boy comes to Abhi and asks him to save him. Abhi asks him to hide where he was hiding. Boy says you are rockstar. Abhi says I am rockstar, but not Fightstar. Boy says I will be with you and shows trust on Abhi. Boss asks goons to get ready for fireworks and then it will be difficult for them to rob the bank. Lady robber says if we get caught. Boss asks them to search Abhishek Mehra and says he is Mohra for our safe exit. Abhi sees robbers trying to break the locker and asks the boy to hide in the place where he was hidden. The boy asks him to take him. Abhi promises him. Goons sense his presence.


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