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Twist of Fate 24 May 2020; Twist of Fate update sunday 24 May 2020, The Episode starts with Aaliya seeing Disha crying hugging Purab. She thinks if they had any love or just pretend. Pragya comes there. Aaliya collides with her and asks her to be careful while walking. Tanu tells unconscious Abhi that she will be with him and be fulfilling the wedding vows. She says I am your real wife. She asks him to open his eyes and says Doctor said that if you don’t get consciousness in 24 hours then…She says she wants to be fine so that Dasi and Dadi call her …. she checks on mobile and says Savitri. She asks him to get up. Pragya thinks don’t know how Aaliya and Tanu behave with him. Disha asks Pragya thinking her to be nurse to tell about Abhi’s condition. She asks her to tell her. Pragya says I will ask Doctor and tell you. Disha finds her voice resembling that of pragya. Pragya goes inside and looks at Tanu. Tanu asks why she is looking at her. Disha tells Purab that she found the voice familiar. Purab asks her to relax. Dadi’s condition deteriorates. Tanu scolds Pragya and asks her to clean unhygienic hospital ward. Pragya looks at Abhi. Tanu says she knows such girls who traps rich girls. She asks her to show her face. Just then she gets a call and gets busy talking.

Twist of Fate update sunday 24 May 2020 Pragya cares for Abhi and looks at him. Tanu asks why she is behaving like a girlfriend and asks her to show her face. King sees Aaliya and realizes she is Abhi’s sister. He asks how is he? Aaliya says you might be thinking that something shall happen to him. King says I am concerned for him and want to meet him. He says Abhi has saved his wife’s life and he wants to thank her personally. Aaliya says my brother is real rockstar. She says bhai is unconscious and you can see him from far. Tanu asks Pragya to show her face and asks if she is pregnant to walk slow. She scolds her and says she wants to show her face.

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Twist of Fate update sunday 24th May 2020 She is about to pull the mask, just then Suwarni Dadi knocks on the door and says your time is over. Disha says Doctor said that nobody is allowed inside and that’s why we said. Aaliya brings King near ICU and introduces everyone. King greets them and touches their feet. He offers help and says if you need help then you can tell me. Aaliya says she doesn’t need help. King says I appreciate that he has such a caring sister and says he wants to see him. Pragya cries in the ICU asking abhi how he can break promise? She thanks him for returning Kiara’s mummy to her. She says you asked me many questions and says she will answer to his all questions. She says she really missed him a lot and lied to him when he asked, but it was right as she never forgot him and remembered him every moment. She asks him t get up and question her. She says ask me once if I love you, and says I love you so much and asks him to look in her eyes and see her. She holds his hand and kisses on it asking him to wake up. Song plays.

zee world Twist of Fate update sunday 24 May 2020 Kiara praying for Pragya. Pragya thinks he came to meet him not afraid of anyone. She is about to leave, but just then Abhi takes her name and holds her hand. Pragya gets emotional and happy. Song plays….He faints again. Tanu brings Doctor there and says Abhi is unconscious. She says I asked him to open his eyes, but he didn’t open. Dadi says he doesn’t love you. Tanu gets upset and asks Doctor to check him. Doctor goes to the room. King thinks to meet Abhi and then search Pragya. Doctor asks Pragya about the chart. Pragya searches for it and gives chart to him. Doctor checks and says Abhi had opened his eyes for sometime. He tells Tanu that he is out of danger. Pragya turns and keeps her foot on her foot. Tanu asks Doctor to ask her to apologize to her. Pragya thinks what to do? Tanu asks him to ask her to remove her mask. Doctor sees her name tag and tells Pragya that he is proud of her for not bending down infront of her. He tells Tanu that she couldn’t handle her status. Pragya in her heart asks Abhi to open his eyes. Doctor sees improvement in him and asks Pragya to bring glucose drip. King gets a call and he excuses himself. Abhi gains consciousness and thinks where is Pragya? Pragya is walking out. Aaliya stops her and is about to keep hand on her shoulder, when Tanu informs everyone that Abhi is fine. Aaliya, Dadi, Dasi and others come inside. Dasi says whom you are searching is outside.. Abhi asks if Pragya is outside.

Twist of Fate 24 May 2020 Aaliya says Dasi is talking about Purab. Abhi says Pragya shall be here. Aaliya blames Pragya. Tanu says Abhi is in this condition because of Pragya. Aaliya tells Abhi that she feels how he is feeling now, and tells that he did a mistake by risking his life. He says it is good that Pragya didn’t come here and says she must be with her family. Abhi gets upset and thinks about King and Pragya’s relation. Aaliya says my brother is strong etc. Abhi says she came here. Aaliya says she didn’t come here and says you didn’t mean anything to her. She says if she doesn’t come here then it is not her mistake, but yours. Abhi says she must have enjoyed seeing me. Aaliya and Tanu tell that Pragya didn’t come. Abhi thinks why did I get lost in her thoughts. Purab comes there and says he has signed on the papers for his discharge. Aaliya tells him that King came there and not Pragya.

Twist of Fate 24 May 2020 zee world Pragya comes back home and asks King if he is not yet slept. King says Mr. Wick didn’t let him slept and sent email. Pragya asks why did he call him? King tells that he got fever and that’s why he was more worried for him and took him to hospital. He asks Pragya if she got any injury and says he saw her in hospital. He says I called you, but you didn’t pick the call. Pragya says she was not having phone.


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