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Twist of Fate update Friday 14th May 2021 Sarita behen calling Pragya and tells that her phone is ringing. She picks the call and Rhea is on call. Rhea is crying and asks Sarita behen to give call to Pragya. Pragya takes the call and asks Rhea if she is fine. Rhea cries. Pragya asks what happened? Rhea asks her to meet her. Pragya says I will come to your house. Rhea says not here, but restaurant near your house. Pragya says I will come there and asks her not to cry. Sarita behen asks where is she going? Pragya says I will come and goes. Sarita behen thinks don’t know what Pragya sees in that girl. Aaliya picks disha’s pic from the floor and thinks she is more good looking and educated than her. She has become good for Purab and held him when he was in need. She thinks she changed for him, but he still loves you and has sympathy for me. She thinks I want his love and not his sympathy. She thinks why did you come, you shouldn’t have returned. You shall go back, if not this way then that way. She burns her pic with the lighter. She says I will not let you come inbetween Purab and me.

Pragya comes to the restaurant and waits for Rhea. She sees Rhea there. Rhea thanks her for coming and says I have no idea why I called you. She says I just felt that I want to meet you and asks can I hug you? Pragya says yes. Rhea hugs her and says can we sit there? Pragya says yes. They sit. Abhi gets worried for Rhea and calls her, but she doesn’t pick the call. Pragya asks her to let her talk to her dad. Rhea says sometimes he gets insensitive and don’t listen to things. She says she is not upset with her dad, but with her mum. Abhi tells Meera that Rhea is sitting in tbe fine line restaurant. She insists to come with him. Abhi says he will go alone.

Employee looks at Ranbir and says he is hot, wishes to have him as a boyfriend. Ranbir comes to Prachi and asks her to have coffee with him. She refuses saying she has so much work. Ranbir gets upset and asks the employees to come to his cabin and have coffee. Prachi gets up. Ranbir asks her to sit back. Prachi gets upset.

Pragya says you are upset with your mum, but it is not in our control with whom we want to stay. She says our destiny sets us away from our loved ones. She tells that it is not necessary that we get everything. Rhea says I have a bua ji/buji whom my mother troubled a lot and tortured her life. Pragya asks did you see, who told you. Rhea says Buji told and tells that she loves her a lot more than her dad. Pragya hugs her and asks her not to cry, says you are very lucky.

Rhea asks do you love me? Pragya says I love you a lot. Rhea says I love you equally to my Buji and says if you talk to my dad then everything will be fine. Pragya says parents understand their kids, but kids don’t understand them. She says you will understand your parents’ helplessness when you become a mother yourself and then you will think you was wrong. Rhea says my mum has done wrong with Buji and loved my two sisters more and left me and never thought of me, she never thought that she shall meet me. Pragya says you have so many people in your life who loves you. Rhea says but they can’t give mother’s love and goes crying. Pragya messages Mr. Mehra/Abhi to meet her as she wants to talk to him about Rhea. Waiter comes and takes her order.

Prachi thinks if everyone is drinking coffee till now and thinks Ranbir wastes his time. She says she shall tell Kohli sir about him and says he shall know whom he made boss. She thinks discipline matters. Abhi comes to the restaurant and sees Rhea leaving. He asks why you are crying, who is inside? Rhea says Prachi’s mum is inside and she didn’t tell me anything. She says today I came to know about my mum and she left me and ruined my childhood. He asks why you don’t think that she is bad and destroyed everything.

Abhi asks her not to talk about her like that and says you don’t know her, but she is a really really nice woman. Rhea says she is not a good woman, but ruined my life and childhood. She has ruined your life and my life and you still think that she is a good woman, she is not a good mother. She says when I have to give an example of a bad woman, then I will give example of my mother. Abhi raises his hand to slap her, but stops. He says sorry. Rhea says I was right, Prachi’s mum said that she will talk to you, but I told that you will not listen. Abhi asks her to behave herself. Rhea says you should have asked my mum to behave. She sits in taxi and asks the driver to take her away from far from here.

Abhi gets upset and goes inside the restaurant. Pragya thinks she shall talk to Mr. Mehra and says he shall know that his daughter is so disturbed as she don’t have her mum. She says he shall give sometime to Rhea and her feelings should be her first priority. She thinks her Bua shouldn’t have told negative things to Rhea and effect her mind. She goes to washroom. Abhi comes inside and calls Pragya. He thinks of Rhea’s words and thinks I am made to do mistakes, but Pragya should be with me. He thinks he shouldn’t have fought with her. He goes to bar and asks for the one large peg and asks the bartender not to stop until he says. He thinks of Rhea’s words and drinks wine. He thinks how will I tell Pragya that her daughter don’t like her. He says Rhea is like him and once she starts hating someone, she don’t like that person. He hopes Pragya should have been with him. Pragya comes and sits on the chair, waiting for Mr. Mehra. Abhi continues to drink.

Abhi continues to drink and asks bartender to give more drinks. Bartender refuses to give any more drinks and says you already have 6-7 drinks. Abhi says you are refusing to give me and says I will break glass on my head. Pragya hears him and turns to him. She asks what are you doing? Abhi says he is refusing to give drink and then looks at Pragya. Allah wariyan sogng plays….Abhi looks at Pragya and smiles. Pragya also looks at him. Abhi hugs her tightly. Pragya cries emotionally.

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