Twist of Fate 15 April 2022: The Episode starts with Prachi about to walk out of the hotel. Ranbir comes to her and asks if she doesn’t feel ashamed to be caught red-handed, and then shows him attitude and walks out. Prachi says you didn’t leave anything. He asks shall I ignore it? Prachi says you accused me wrongly and asks where did his love go? She asks why he used to boast about his love. He says love is two-sided, but my love was one-sided, it was foolishness, you used to fool me. He says there was no doubt between Sid and you and asks if she doesn’t love Sid until now and says I believe the third person will come in your life. She shouts Ranbir. He says you are exposed and caught by me, and asks her not to act to be good. He asks why is she feeling bad, as she is caught and he is talking about her lover.

Prachi says lover and says you are blinded by doubt and says whatever I say, you will think me wrong and I will not give any clarification. She says the way you are looking at me, this is wrong and I will not bear it, as I am not wrong. She says we will talk when this anger goes. Ranbir says when relation is not left then what we will talk. He asks what I will do after seeing my wife on the bed with my brother and asks will I keep my relation with you. He says I got betrayal and understood that character is needed for marriage and not love. He says Rhea was right, you have ruined her house. He says when you couldn’t be loyal to your sister, then how you can be loyal to me. Prachi says when only the husband is accusing her, then their relation is not left.

Ranbir says I filled kumkum in your maang, but you disrespected it and went to meet Siddharth. Prachi says marriage is a responsibility and both husband and wife fulfill their responsibilities. She says husband’s duty is to fulfill wife’s needs, give her respect and love and says when husband disrespect his own wife then nothing is left, where one sided decision is taken. She says it is wrong to take a decision without knowing the truth and says you can’t say that Siddharth and I have an affair. Ranbir says I was blinded since 2 years, and says I was ignoring your and Sid’s illegitimate relation. Prachi says when the truth comes out, you can’t forgive yourself. He says truth is out, even if I try to lift you, then also you can’t reach me. He says her tears are fake. Prachi says this is my genuine tears. Ranbir asks her to accept her mistake and she will feel light. He says if you agree then may be I can….He says I don’t want to talk to you, and don’t want to keep relation with you, and says why am I saying this? Prachi says because you love me. Ranbir recalls seeing them on the bed, and says I don’t want to see your face. Prachi says I will not clarify and will not plead infront of you, and will not plead for what I haven’t done. She says my trust is broken, but not my self respect. She says you never loved me, and was finding ways to leave me like your Mom and dad. He says don’t bring my mom and dad. Prachi says I didn’t say when you brought Rhea between us. She says I don’t love you and even you don’t love me. Ranbir asks why you didn’t tell me before. She says when I told that there is nothing between Sid and me, you didn’t agree, but when I said that I don’t love you, you agreed. He says I hate bewafa woman like you, and asks her to go away from his life, very far. Prachi says I am feeling very pain, as my dream broke today. She says I wish we wouldn’t have meet, I wish I had not fallen in love with you, I wish we wouldn’t have gotten married. Sad song plays….Rhea is happy. Sid walks out.

Aaliya comes out of the room and signs Rhea. Rhea smiles. Siddharth tells Ranbir that he is doing wrong. Ranbir hits him and says don’t say anything. Sid asks him to beat him and says your words are hurting me than your beating. Ranbir beats him more. Prachi looks on shocked. Sid says beat me, but don’t say anything to Prachi, she is innocent. He says we have come here. Ranbir says to sleep here and asks what a girl and guy do in hotel room. Prachi says I can’t bear anything against my character. Ranbir asks them to stay together and leave him. Rhea smiles. Ranbir asks them to marry so that they stay together and asks them not to come to the hotel room. Prachi gets angry and slaps Ranbir. Ranbir says this is our last meet, I will never forget your betrayal and slap. He says don’t touch me from now onwards, as there is nothing between us. Sid asks if he is mad? Ranbir beats him more. Rhea enjoys the sight. Prachi is standing in shock.

The people come there and stop Ranbir from beating him further. He says Prachi, its over. Prachi says it is good that you said, else I would have said. She walks away from the hotel with tears in her eys. Rhea smiles happily. Ranbir walks behind Prachi. Song plays….Ranbir says I will curse the day all my life, I met you. She gets shocked and looks at him as he goes in his car. She shouts No.

Ranbir stops the car and recalls seeing them on the bed. Prachi is running on the road. Ranbir gets out of his car and recalls her words. She sits down on the road shattered and crying. Ranbir is also shattered and cries, asking why did you do this with me? Prachi says you have betrayed me, why did you doubt?

In the hotel, the doctor checks Sid and asks him to visit the hospital. The manager asks him to get the check up done. Sid says I am fine. He asks Manager to take him to CCTV room, and asks him to show the CCTV. Manager says yes. Aaliya hears them, and is still there.

Rhea comes home and hugs Prachi, playing her emotional cards. Pallavi asks what happened? Rhea says Sid betrayed me and having an affair with Sid. She says I knew and told Ranbir, but he had blind faith on Prachi. But today he saw them together in hotel room together on the bed. She acts and cries. She says Ranbir got very angry and broken his relation with Prachi. She says I will break my relation with Sid, and can’t leave with that betrayal Sid. She says that betrayal Prachi. Prachi comes there.

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