Twist of Fate update Friday 19 March 2021 On Zee world


Twist of Fate 19 March 2021 update The Episode starts with Pragya thinking Abhi went somewhere early morning and even Sarla didn’t come back. Abhi comes there. Pragya asks what is in your hand. Abhi says he went to bring something for her, and says yesterday I wanted to surprise you, but you gave me a surprise and kind of shock. He gives her clothes. Pragya says it is small. Abhi says it is enough for new born baby naa. Pragya is surprised. Abhi says your baby’s father should do this, and says he will scold him and bring him here. Pragya says there is no need. Abhi says I will be with you and support you, and says best friends can replace any relation. He says I am with you. When I have supported you in good time, then this time will go soon. He says he will change the clothes and come back. He asks if she thought of a name of baby and says if she wants he will give surname too. Sarla hears them and smiles.

Nikhil asks Aaliya to make Tanu understand. Aaliya asks I don’t have any option left and says you have to do this. Nikhil says your idea is a flop. Tanu says it is a good plan, and says Pragya can’t do anything if you do this. She says Abhi thinks that a poor guy left Pragya, but when he comes to know that Pragya’s guy is him then Abhi will think that Pragya has trapped him as he is rich. Aaliya asks him to come to the party and announces that the mysterious man in Pragya’s life is him. Nikhil likes their plan now and agrees.

Abhi tells Purab that he will search for her boyfriend and bring him to her. Purab says this is not possible. Abhi says Doctor confirmed her pregnancy and even Nikita didn’t refuse. Pragya hears them and signs Purab not to say anything.

Nikhil, Aaliya and Tanu have wine and have a reunion party. Nikhil says they will deal with enemies Abhi and Pragya. Aaliya says just Pragya. She asks him to come will manage for the proofs. Nikhil insists that he has a meeting to attend first. Aaliya asks him to understand and not to delay. Tanu asks Nikhil to postpone his meeting. Nikhil says okay and says I will do this work today itself. I will make Pragya hear bad word that she is an unmarried mum.

Sarla tells Dadi that she met that doctor and she said that someone gave her money, but didn’t tell her name. Mitali hears their conversation and thinks to inform Aaliya. Sarla catches her hearing everything. Mitali makes an excuse and goes. Pragya tells Purab that she can bear anything, and asks him not to tell anything to Abhi. Purab says I will tell him everything. Pragya changes his mind. Bunty and Babli comes home. Pragya wishes them happy birthday. Purab hopes Aaliya and Tanu don’t do any cheap trick again.

Mitali is in her room and thinks she shall talk to Raj and asks him to behave nicely with her infront of kids. Raj calls her name and says we shall speak nicely infront of kids, as their friends will be coming. Mitali laughs and says she was thinking same. He says I was just talking about today. Mitali thinks to make his mood good. Bunty and Babli comes there and hug their parents. Mitali and Raj give similar gifts to them. Bunty and Babli tell that their parents have similar choices as they love each other. Mitali and Raj looks on.

Nikhil is in his car and thinks when Tanu was pregnant with his baby, he couldn’t tell anyone that she is carrying his baby, and when Pragya is not pregnant with his baby, he has to lie and announce that she is going to be mum of his baby. He thinks Pragya will get shock of her life now.

Abhi tells Pragya that he was searching her and asks her to choose the color for décor. Pragya asks him to choose soft color for kids’ birthday. Pragya asks him to check the color first, and tries to put pink curtains. Abhi asks her to sit and says he will try the décor curtains. He checks and asks if white and pink combo is looking good. Pragya looks smiling at him. Abhi asks her to see the combination. Pragya says it is good. She thinks one day they will unite and Abhigya or Prabhi will come.


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