Twist of Fate 27 August 2021: Twist of Fate update Friday 27th August 2021 The Episode starts with Pragya coming to the mall. She sees the doll in the mall and asks the salesgirl to show it. She reminisces about Kiara asking her to buy the doll. She recalls their happy moments with Abhi. A FB is shown, Pragya reminisces Abhi. Her friend sees Pragya and says I thought you are in Hoshiarpur still. She asks did you shift here? Pragya smiles. Her friend tells that she is very happy to see her. Pragya tells that she came for Prachi and Shahana as they had come for their studies. Her friend says it is good. 

Abhi comes there. Karmo sees him and tells that she is ready to jump off from the 10th floor, for an autograph. Pragya says my autograph. Kammo says no, his photograph and asks her to see it. Just then someone comes in front of Abhi and Pragya couldn’t see him. Kammo comes to Abhi and asks for his autograph. She then asks him to take a selfie with her friend who is a big fan of him and sings his song which he never sang to. Abhi asks how did she know when I didn’t sing those songs? Kammo asks him to question her and takes him to the toy shop. Abhi looks at the doll and reminisces Kiara, asking him to return his Cookie. Kammo goes to search Pragya. Abhi looks at Pragya and calls her. He goes behind her.

Dushyant asks Mr. Chaubey if Maya is a burden for them. Mr. Chaubey says she is our only child and we are living for her. Dushyant says Prachi doesn’t want Ranbir and Maya to get married and trying to woo him. Mrs. Chaubey asks how we can stop her, she is Ranbir’s friend. Dushyant asks her to explain to Prachi that her closeness with Ranbir will be bad for her health. Mrs. Chaubey says she will make her understand. Ranbir sees Prachi and asks him to handle him, the crying baby in front of her. Shahana says it seems two things are going on in his heart.

One is Mata’s tension and something which he can’t tell, but it is in his heart. Ranbir says everything will be easy when Prachi is here. Shahana says I will complain to Ranbir about you. She says just as we entered his house, it was all dark and everything was messed up. She says Rahul came out of the bathroom and picked the knife, he would have killed us. Prachi says nothing happened, Rahul thought we came to kill him, and got scared and picked the knife. She says he is coming here. Ranbir asks when? Mrs. Chaubey calls Prachi and asks her to come to talk to her. Prachi goes. Shahana says she is not getting a good feeling.

Pragya comes inside the lift. Abhi stops the lift door with his foot and gets inside. Pragya gets surprised seeing him. Abhi hugs her and kisses her. They get emotional seeing each other and sheds happy tears. Allah Wariyan plays…..The lift stops. A couple sees them hugging. Abhi coughs. They go. The lift starts again. Abhi hugs Pragya again.

Mrs. Chaubey asks Prachi, how did she know Ranbir and his family. Prachi says she met them through someone else, but she studies with Ranbir in the same college. Mrs. Chaubey asks why she wanted to break Ranbir and Maya’s marriage. Prachi says it is not like that. She says Maya is marrying Ranbir for you and tells that nobody will be happy in this marriage. Mrs. Chaubey says you didn’t know about Maya’s father who is very dangerous. She says we don’t want your closeness with Ranbir and asks her to maintain distance with him. She says I will tell your mother also and asks her to fix her meeting with her mother. Prachi asks what you will tell her.

Pragya asks Abhi to tell. Abhi says ladies first. Pragya says I am very angry with you and once I start, I will not stop. She says phone….I called you many times, but you didn’t pick my calls. She reminds him when he called her to the cafeteria, but he didn’t come. Abhi says he was very busy that day. He says I also called you many times, but you didn’t pick my call. Pragya says you are lying. Abhi asks why will I lie? If I am scared. He says I am scared, but I didn’t lie. Pragya says I don’t know why you are angry with me and tells that she doesn’t want to talk to him. Abhi says there is a good moment here and there are no cameras. Pragya says she wants to go. Abhi asks her to kiss him. Pragya finds the lift stuck and tells Abhi.

Mrs. Chaubey tells Prachi that she is an ordinary girl, but Maya is Dasharath Chaubey’s daughter and she is from a political family, you don’t know about our power. She says that mall girl Roshini was sent off to mental asylum as Maya’s father sent her. Prachi says if you wanted to convey to me that your husband is a bad guy, then don’t tell me as I know this already. He doesn’t have a heart and doesn’t have a love for anybody. She says if you want to make me understand then I will not do and will not explain anything. She says I will keep my family away from you and you shall keep your family away from us.

Mrs. Chaubey says they can finish her off and tells that Maya and Maya’s Papa can do anything to break her relation with this family. She says I want your mother to make you understand to get separated from Ranbir. Prachi looks at her. Mrs. Chaubey asks if your mother doesn’t want you to get separated from Ranbir. She says Maya’s papa and Dushyant don’t like Ranbir and your relation, you are trouble for them. Prachi says she can’t break her relation for their stubbornness and asks her to ask them to leave their stubbornness. She says if you leave your stubbornness, then I will vote in the next election. Mrs. Chaubey says you are taking it lighting and threatens her to end her relationship with Ranbir. She says go and talk to your family, they will explain to you. Prachi says my mother taught me that we shall never throw the stone in the pit and if it comes in the house or neighborhood, we shall clean it.

Pragya says the lift is stuck. Abhi says you have pressed many buttons altogether. Pragya says I was angry. She says what to do now. Abhi says we shall fight and says this is happening because of me. Pragya says I called you, but you said that I didn’t call you and vice versa. Abhi asks her to use her mind.

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