Twist of Fate 4 February 2022: Twist of Fate update Friday 4th February 2022 The Episode starts with Aaliya telling Inspector that Tanu changes her husband and if she sees any rich guy then she leaves her husband and marries him. She says she wanted to do this with Bhai and when she was not successful, she wants to do character assassination of Bhai. Does Tanu ask who called me here in this house? You had asked me to go close to Bhai and seduce him. She asks didn’t you say this or not? Aaliya says yes, she had asked her to take care of Bhai and not to accuse him. Inspector tells that he will arrest Aaliya for threatening the victim. Pragya and Abhi support Aaliya. Abhi tells that they are reputed people and don’t do such a thing.

Inspector tells that they have proof of rape and will show it to the magistrate. Pragya takes Tanu to the side and asks why are you doing this? She asks her to go. Tanu says this time, both destiny and law are with me. She says I can’t prove that I am his wife, but will prove rape. Pragya says his family will be ruined. Tanu asks her not to give the family crap and tells that today she will win. Pragya holds her hand. Tanu asks do you want to go to PS with Aaliyah. Pragya comes back and tells Inspector that her husband is innocent and the accusation is fake, just like her. They are informed that Media came there. Inspector tells that if Aaliya Khanna tries to stop Abhi’s arrest then they will arrest her too. Pragya says arrest. The lady constable hits on Pragya’s hand. Abhi agrees to get arrested.

Prachi comes to Sarita behen’s house and thinks she thought to come here. Sarita behen says it is good that you came here. She feels Prachi has become understanding. Ranbir comes there and tells that he came to return Prachi’s phone. Prachi says he came to drop me. Ranbir says he was worried as riots was happening here, but now everything is fine. Sarita behen says she heard. She asks him to come inside and have tea. Ranbir tells that his family members are waiting and promises to drink tea next time.

Prachi goes to change her dress. Tanu thinks she is feeling good to see Abhi arrested and wishes to throw Pragya out. The media knocks on the door asking if Abhishek Mehra really raped someone. The Inspector asks Constable to see where is back door of the house. Reporters come inside. Aaliya asks how did they come inside? Reporter says we didn’t do crime like your brother. He goes live and asks people to see Model Tanu Mehta and businessman Abhishek Mehra. He asks Tanu to tell how is she feeling? Tanu sheds fake tears. The reporter tells that her tears are saying that Abhi is her accused. Pragya says my husband can’t do this, I am saying this being his wife. Reporter asks Tanu if Abhi raped her. Tanu says yes. Pragya says what are you doing, you are supporting her for TRP. Aaliya asks Tanu why are you doing this? Tanu says I thought you will support me when I was kicked out, so don’t hope good from me. Inspector asks Abhi why did they raise hand on Media? Pragya says you should have stopped media. Inspector asks him to hire a good lawyer. He takes Abhi from there. Tanu advices Pragya not to hurt her. She tells that they have done pragya’s grah pravesh and tells that she will send Abhi to vanvas of 14 years surely. Pragya says she will get him freed from here today itself. Tanu tells that she has proofs of rape against him and will prove it. She tells that this time she won’t let him freed. She tells Dadi that she has done her grah pravesh, and now she shall suffer.

Pragya tells Reporters that her husband is not wrong and didn’t do any crime. Inspector asks Pragya not to stop the investigation else he will be charged with that too. Abhi is taken away by the Police in the jeep. Pragya runs behind the jeep.

She folds her hands before Tanu. Tanu goes from there. Aaliya asks Mitali to switch off TV. Mitali asks how did this happen? She says how can Tanu do this, why didn’t you do anything. She says she didn’t hear you, but blamed you. Aaliya recalls Abhi throwing them out. Tanu tells that she has divorced her husband and wants to marry him. Aaliya says she can’t do anything now. Tanu tells that their problem is Pragya and asks her to talk to Abhi. Aaliya says I have done a big mistake by bringing you here. Tanu says I love Abhi, and can’t afford to lose him. She asks Aaliya to apologize to Abhi on her behalf. Aaliya says I really don’t care if you are saying truth or lying. Tanu says I will get what I wanted and says you and your brother will repent, I won’t let anything good happening here. She says you all will repent and our friendship ends right here. Aaliya asks her to leave from there. fb ends.

Pragya comes inside. Aaliya tells that she has accepted Pragya and respected her, so that she can stay with Bhai, but she doesn’t deserve all this. She blames Pragya for the happenings. She tells mitali that Tanu didn’t listen to me due to Pragya and she accused Bhai of rape due to this. She says if Pragya hadn’t stopped the marriage that day, then this wouldn’t have happen. Dadi says Abhi can’t do this.

Aaliya says important is that Tanu got Bhai arrested and created so much drama. She blames Pragya and says I accepted you for Bhai and told Tanu that she don’t care about her. She says Tanu reacted when Bhai brought you home. She says this problem came because of Pragya and not because of Tanu. She goes on blaming Pragya. Pragya says this accusation are fake. Aaliya says it will take time to prove and asks her to leave from there. She says Pragya came here for Bhai and asks her to leave. She says we are tired to face problems due to her, not anymore.

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