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Twist of Fate 6 June 2021: Twist of Fate update Friday 6th June 2021 Aaliya coming to Purab. She says forget the anger now. He asks what do you want. She says party invite. He says you go there. She says its simple party, you behave impossible, if you don’t go, company and Abhi will be affected. Abhi comes. She asks where were you, this is invitation for Jindals party. Abhi says we will go. Purab says if you are going, we will go. Aaliya says thanks. Abhi says its Priyanka’s call, I will come. He goes. She says Purab you think I m world’s worst wife, don’t leave from the company. He says it will affect company right. She says no, it will affect our image, I don’t want to be alone. She goes. Priyanka asks why isn’t Abhi answering, is he upset with me.

Abhi calls her and asks did you reach airport. She says flight is delayed, Rishi wants to meet me at the cliff, he wants to talk to me. He says why, don’t meet him. She says I will meet him, he wants to apologize to me, sorry, we were good friends, I will think of it always. His phone calls in fish bowl. He thinks what is Rishi planning, why does he want to meet.

Vikram comes and jokes on Abhi. Priyanka asks driver to give his phone, she has to make a call. She asks him to go out of the car, she has to talk to talk to her husband. Pragya thinks of Abhi’s words. Rishi’s phone rings. House helper says his phone always rings. Rishi comes and answers call. He says Priyanka. She says yes, I want to apologize to you. He says don’t cry. He says Maasi, she is apologizing. He says Priyanka, everything is over. She insists. She says fine, if you don’t want to meet, I will think this is my punishment.

Rishi says she wants to meet me. Pragya says no, you shouldn’t meet her. She goes. Priyanka counts down. She gets Rishi’s call. She asks driver to sit in the car. She answers the call. Rishi says I m meeting for the last time, where are you. She says thanks, cliff… He says I m coming just for 10 mins. She says its enough for me. He goes. Vikram says your new phone will come with same sim, why are you worried, did you miss number of Prachi’s mom, I have it. Abhi says you are much relaxed.

Vikram says I don’t take tension, where were you yesterday. Abhi says I went for some work. Purab comes and says Vikram, you called a meeting. Vikram says I will be back. He goes. Abhi says my phone fell in water, give me your phone, I have to talk to Pragya. Purab gives his phone. He calls Pragya. She answers and says yes Purab. He says its me, I didn’t wish to trouble you, I wanted to talk about Rishi. Maid says Rishi isn’t at home. He asks what, he called Priyanka to meet. Pragya says Priyanka called him to meet, she is lying. He says he is lying. They argue. He says Priyanka went to meet him at the cliff, I m going. She says I m also coming. Priyanka says Rishi has to come. Rishi comes in a cab. She smiles. He comes to her. She hugs him. He says stay away.

She says I m sorry for the break up. He says I just came for 10 mins. She says I love you a lot, am I so bad. He says no, don’t know why you became such, just tell me what is it. She says sorry, we are meeting for the last time, I wanted to say how much I love you, I m begging you. He says stop these drama. She says you are my first and last love, I realized we are made for each other, if I m aggressive, you are sober, we complete each other. She cries. He says don’t cry. She thinks he can’t see me crying, it means he is melting.

She takes him and says I have forgiven your mistakes. She lights some fire and plays mantras. She holds his hand to take rounds. He stops her and pours water to blow off fire. He says you are my life’s biggest mistake. He goes. She runs after him. Ranbir thinks why did I agree with Prachi, reason is something else. Pallavi comes and asks where is my energy ball, I didn’t see you since morning, what shall I do, I thought to see your face and take some energy. He says I told Rhea that I m at home. She says you are upset that she went abroad. He says no, its peaceful now. He asks what are you thinking. He says we eat everything in buffet, we know what we like the most, I m thinking what type of girl I like.

She beats him and says be afraid of me. He says I m not married, I m exploring life, I will get married some day, you get angry. She says I m not your Dida. He says understand me, you know what I like and dislike. She says I know. He asks what type of girl I like. She says short skirt girls with short hair, dusky or fair, dare devil type. He says exactly, I like such girls. She says no, you don’t like such girls, but you feel so, you will get attracted to them, actually you like the opposite one, my kind of girl. He says I m talking about girls, not mummies. She says Prachi is the perfect example, I forgot to give medicines to your dad. She goes. He thinks Prachi, my kind….

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