Twist of Fate update Friday 8 April 2022: The Episode starts with Gaurav telling Mahesh that his life is changed 360 degrees, her husband is behind the bars, and I am outside. He asks his dad to enjoy his victory. Mahesh says Aaliya had come here and said that you have cheated her. Gaurav says Aaliya will be quiet, I have shown their value, to one by sending jail, and to the other by bringing on the road. He says I am getting Aaliya’s call and ends the call. Tanu asks Gaurav to give them money. Aaliya says my brother is in jail due to you. Gaurav says your brother is in jail, due to his bad deeds, and asks them not to talk like illiterates, else he will block them, and then they shall shout on road. He asks them to talk with manners. Tanu says I had doubts about you. Gaurav says Tanu can test the persons. Aaliya says I don’t need money, just needs the proofs to bring Bhai out. Gaurav refuses to give her share of Pragya’s property and also will not go proof. Abhi is coming to Aaliyah. Aaliya says you have cheated us. Gaurav says I agreed to your sayings, and you thought that I am working as per your plan. He says I made your own medicine taste by you. Aaliya asks him to give proof.

Gaurav asks why are you pleading for Pragya. Aaliya says she is pleading for her Bhai. Tanu says why are you pleading and tells us that he shall give our share. He says it was my action, my proofs, and my plan and you want your share. I have done everything. Aaliya says if I haven’t convinced Pragya, then she wouldn’t have given you her property. Tanu says you have betrayed Pragya and both of us. Gaurav says if you had not talked, then also Pragya would have given me her property. He says just 30 mins left, I will sell Pragya’s property and will leave from India. Tanu says you don’t know us, when we haven’t left Pragya, then we will not leave you. She says you can’t think what we can do with you. She says the Pragya, whom you think so strong, we haven’t left her, then who are you? Gaurav says you might have got her beaten up etc. Tanu says we got her car brakes failed and created so many doubts in her mind, that she feel that her husband got the car brakes failed, and says we created so many doubts that Pragya trusted that Abhi tried to kill her. She says we had almost killed her and will do the same thing with you. Gaurav says I am Gaurav Thapar and is not scared of your threats. He ends the call. Aaliya turns and sees Abhi standing.

Ranbir says you have all these things in your heart still, and says I thought you have moved on. Rhea says yes, we both are married now. He says you said that…Rhea says I just said that how much I..I never said that I want to get you. She slips intentionally, and Ranbir holds her. Prachi looks at them. Ranbir says I helped Rhea. Rhea asks did she ask you, and says this is called trust issues, you both need more love. She goes. Prachi says she has noticed this in office, she is weird. She says she was staring at you weirdly. Ranbir asks do you think that your husband is getting attracted to someone. Prachi slaps him lightly and says my husband is one woman man, and is out of the world. Ranbir jokes with her. Prachi hugs him and says I am feeling strange, just as something is about to happen.

Aaliya says Bhai, you have come home. She asks if the court left you. Tanu says I was telling Aaliya that my prayers were answered. She is about to hug him, but Abhi pushes Tanu and asks Aaliya not to call him that. He says you both shall get punished and asks them to get out, and pushes Aaliyah. Tanu asks what did Pragya tell you? Abhi says your heart, mind, and thoughts are all corrupted. Aaliya asks what happened? Abhi says I heard whatever you said, how you tried to kill Pragya 2 years back, failed her car brakes, how you used my name to kill her. A FB is shown. Aaliya recalls Pradeep talking to Pragya in Abhi’s voice. Abhi says now I came to know why Pragya didn’t meet me for 2 years, and when she came, she was angry. He says now the truth is out, it can be hidden. He says she loves me so much and named all the property in Gaurav’s name to save me. He says now I came to know about your truth. He tells Aaliyah, how she can trap him with Gaurav, and Pragya tried to save him and gave everything to Gaurav. Aaliya says I was worried for you. Abhi says Gaurav’s enmity is better than yours. He says you used me so that Gaurav gets Pragya’s property. He says you put hang a rope on my neck and asks why you were born? He says I let you stay here, as you said that you will respect Pragya. Aaliya says I will respect her. Abhi says that when you don’t respect your brother, why will you respect Pragya. Tanu asks where will I go? Abhi asks them to go. Tanu says I am your wife. He thinks of Tanu’s confession and holds Tanu’s hand to throw her out. He pushes Tanu out of the house and asks her not to show her face to him again. He then pushes Aaliya and asks her to leave. Does Tanu say you can’t do this? Abhi says I can do so much, but don’t want to go to jail by killing you, else Pragya’s sacrifice will go waste. Tanu says I saved you from molestation charges. Abhi says you saved me so that you can marry me. He says so that you can trap me. Tanu says Aaliya said that you had never divorced Pragya. Abhi says you tried to kill Pragya, but she returned in my life. Aaliya says I told her that she is doing wrong. Tanu says you have done a big betrayal and says Aaliya made me sit in the mandap, she brought me home and made me replace Pragya on the mandap. She says Aaliya does mistakes and I get blamed. Abhi says I am feeling ashamed that I had some relation with you both. He says you don’t know the meaning of relation and says relation is a complete word, real relation, kumkum relation. He says though Pragya had hatred for me, she has fulfilled all the relations, but you both have fulfilled enmity relation. He says Pragya’s enemy is my enemy. He takes off mangalsutra from Tanu’s neck and says you have no right to wear this, the one who has right on this, who has right on me. He says nobody can separate Pragya from me, not you both. He closes the door. Aaliya asks him to open the door.

The Clients/buyers come to Gaurav. The client tells that you had said that everything is in Pragya’s name. Gaurav says yes. Pragya gets surprised to hear what Sushma said, and asks when did you do this? Sushma says I was about to tell on call, but the call got disconnected. She says I was scared when you let Aaliya and Tanu come into the house. She says I have signing authorities and that’s why I named all the properties in Prachi’s name. I didn’t know that Gaurav is our enemy. She says Prachi’s signs are not on those papers, so you didn’t lose anything. Pragya says you didn’t tell me or anyone. Sushma says he might have known by now. Pragya says you have done a miracle and says what he might be doing after knowing this. Gaurav checks the papers and gets angry. The clients leave.

Pragya tells Sushma that life seems to be beautiful. Sushma says haven’t thought that since Abhi came, everything is changed. She says she is happy for them and wants to give them an evil eye. Pragya says I bought evil eye from EK brand. Sushma says this Diwali will be special. Pragya promotes the brand EK. Does Gaurav think how did Pragya frees Abhi? Abhi calls him and says I asked you to stay away from Pragya. He says you have snatched her everything, now I will come and punish you. Gaurav tells the address. Abhi sits in the car and goes. Aaliya hears about the hotel. Tanu says I am going inside to get our stuff.

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