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Twist of Fate 12 July 2021: Twist of Fate update Monday 12th July 2021 Ranbir tells Rhea that Sanju is with the girl who acted to be Prachi. He says Dad and Chief was telling me that they saw Sanju today in college, but he don’t study in college. He says he has a strong feeling that Sanju is behind this and says once he is out, he will catch the real culprit in 5 hours. Rhea coughs and tells that she shall go. She goes and collides with Prachi. She then blames Prachi for making Ranbir fight in college. Prachi says she don’t want her to do this intentionally. 

Rhea says you are doing it intentionally and blames her for the happening. Prachi says we can’t change what has happened, and tells that Ranbir is her good friend and always helped her. She says she will take him out from here. rhea says friend and says you had suggested me to stay away from him. She says if she wanted to get closer to him, says you are doing this for your own selfish motto. She says you are using him and sabotaging his future. She says since you came in his life, he spends most of his life in lock up. Prachi says Ranbir didn’t do any crime, he came here as he helped her. She says I didn’t like him previously, but he helped her at the times of need. She says he was flirt before, but not anymore. She says he has become her friend. She says there is no motive in friendship and tells that Ranbir and I are good friend and will always stand by each other. She says there is no reason for supporting each other, we respect one another and asks her to respect that.

Abhi tells Vikram that Sanju is spoiling Prachi’s image. Pragya asks Prachi what had happened on Diwali night. Abhi tells Vikram that he feels that whatever had happened on Diwali night and this are related. Prachi tells that Sanju’s mother is dead and her last wish is that he apologizes to me. She says he came here to apologized to me. Pragya says who said that his mother is died, and tells that her mum won the gram panchayat’s elections. Prachi is shocked. Abhi tells Vikram that Sanju is not her friend, and came to take revenge from Prachi. Vikram asks why is he taking revenge from my son. Abhi says I will bail you Ranbir.

Prachi says how can anyone lie about their mother. Pragya says nobody is like you and tells that she will call sarpanch ji and asks about Sanju. She asks for her phone. Abhi says I will call Prachi and asks her about her bad experience with Sanju.

He calls her and the call is busy. Pragya says call is not connecting. She asks Constable if they can meet Ranbir. He asks them to come. Prachi asks Pragya to go and tells that she don’t want to get angry on him. Pragya says he will feel bad with your anger and that’s why you are not going. She says I felt good. Prachi thinks what is good about this. Constable asks Pragya to talk to him for 5 mins. Ranbir says hello. Pragya asks why did you fight and beaten that guy.

Twist of Fate 12 July 2021 Ranbir says his friend started first. Pragya says she is feeling bad, it is terrible, but she is relieved that he did this for her daughter. She says she has no words to thank him, tells that she is very grateful to him, for helping Prachi, giving priority to her and her respect. She says I don’t have any words to say. Ranbir says I didn’t do anything for Prachi, but for me. He says Nick said bad about her, so I had beaten him as I felt bad. He says it was reflex action and asks her not to thank him. Pragya says you helped Prachi on Diwali day also and says you don’t know what you are for me. Ranbir says you are very special to me and says if I had handkerchief then would have wiped your tears. He asks her to stop crying. Pragya takes out Abhi’s handkerchief and wipes her tears. Ranbir says even chief has similar hanky. Pragya says it is of him only. Ranbir says if she likes him for her daughter…and then stops and says I will ask later. Pragya says if you had asked me then my answer is yes. She goes. Ranbir is surprised and thinks how did she know?

Vikram asks Inspector to leave his son. Abhi says Inspector was helpless to arrest Ranbir as Nick is Politician’s son. He asks did you investigate the matter? He says two friends were fighting and says you would have filed case against Nick for talking bad about a girl. He says do you know about section 498. He says what you will do if anyone tells bad about your family. Vikram thinks why is Abhi making him angry and asks Inspector to call him. Inspector asks Constable to call him. Lawyer says we can take Ranbir home. Vikram asks him to come home tomorrow. Prachi comes to Inspector and tells that her mother said that lawyer is on the way and they will bail out Ranbir. Inspector asks her to ask her mother to rest at home, says Ranbir is out on bail.

Pragya asks Constable about her daughter. Constable says she went out. Prachi gets call from Sarpanch. Pragya greets him and says she wants to ask something. Prachi sees Vikram and Ranbir with Abhi. Vikram and Ranbir go. Prachi comes to Abhi. Abhi asks her about Sanju. Prachi tells that he was not her friend and tells that she had slapped him and he came here to apologized to her. Abhi asks her to stay away from him and tells that he is behind all this. Prachi asks how is he sure? Abhi says you are innocent still to understand the world. Prachi says you are talking about my mum. Abhi says she is mum and I am dad. He says your mum raised you all alone and you shall be grateful to her.

Twist of Fate 12 July 2021 update: Vikram and Ranbir come there. Vikram says someone tried to spoil your image and asks her to file FIR. Prachi says she has filed it. Abhi tells that he has hired detective to find out. Ranbir tells Prachi that he will find out. Vikram talks to Pallavi and asks her to end the call as her voice is coming out of phone. He tells Ranbir that Pallavi is waiting for him eagerly. Prachi hears them and says sorry, tells that Ranbir was here because of her. Vikram says its ok. He asks Abhi to come home. Abhi stops the car seeing a bit of glimpse of Pragya. Vikram asks him to drive the car. Abhi drives off the car. Prachi asks Pragya what did Sarpanch say? Pragya says Sanju’s mother is alive.

Pallavi is waiting for Ranbir. Abhi comes home first. Pallavi asks where is Ranbir? Abhi says we were coming home, it is all Vikram’s fault. Pallavi blames Vikram. Abhi says we were coming….Pallavi says Vikram might have taunted him and that’s why Ranbir went to his friend’s house. Abhi says no and tells that they were coming home. Pallavi asks if Ranbir is arrested again. Abhi asks her to let him talk. He asks Vikram and Ranbir to come. They come inside. Pallavi asks Ranbir how is he?

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