Twist of Fate 14 March 2022: The Episode starts with Tanu calling Somdutt and says I have freed you from PS. He says what about my money. Tanu says she is arranging and asks him not to call her. Somdutt asks her to tell a date. She says she will give after 15 days of marriage and asks if he don’t trust her, as she freed him from Police. He says if you don’t give me money. Tanu asks him to complain to Police then. She ends the call. Somdutt calls someone and says you had said right, Tanu is just promising to give money, but she will not money. Tanu comes to her room. She gets a call, but the caller doesn’t talk. She asks him to come infront of her if he dares. Pradeep comes there and holds her hand, says be careful what you wish for. Tanu pushes him and sees him. She gets scared. Pradeep asks if she is scared. Tanu says I am happy. Pradeep says then we shall celebrate. He says I have bear your every nonsense until now and asks her not to do anything wrong again which is unbearable. Tanu asks what did I do? Pradeep says you have attempted to kill me, had attacked me and kept me in the car tied. He says you got the car parked at such a place where nobody can help me.

Tanu says I had sent somdutt to help you. Pradeep says Somdutt had come, but thought me dead. He then informed you and you made plan to dispose my body. He tells that Somdutt was on his side, but went to her side seeing him dead. He says Somdutt saw me alive after informing you. A fb is shown, Somdutt says I have sent the wrong message. Pradeep asks him to do the right work. fb ends. Pradeep says I wanted money so asked Somdutt to get money from you, but you didn’t give him. Tanu says I didn’t want to harm you. Pradeep asks really, it was in my favour. He says you want to kill me and want to marry Abhi. He holds her hair and says you can’t marry Abhi. Tanu says you are hurting me. She switches off the lights. They hear Abhi’s voice asking help from Pradeep and telling that he can give him money to get rid of Tanu. Tanu is shocked.

Rhea asks Prachi what does she want? Prachi says she came to talk to her sister. Rhea says your sister is not here. Prachi says ok then I will talk to Rhea. Rhea asks her not to do emotional drama with her. Prachi says she wants to make emotional bond with her as they are connected through their parents, since they met, they have been fighting and have many difference, asks if we can’t start afresh. Rhea says I need to leave. Prachi says I will forget whatever you have done wrong, I promise, lets start afresh and behave like normal siblings. Rhea asks you told me that you hate me, and tells that she don’t regard her as her sister, as she tries to get closer to Ranbir behind her back. She says you want to snatch my life’s biggest happiness from me. She says I will not make you as my friend. Prachi goes.

Pradeep says I was thinking how much you love Abhi, today I got the answers, you love him madly. He asks Abhi to come there. Tanu asks him to come out. Abhi says you should have killed Tanu, Pradeep. He asks Tanu to apologize to Pradeep. Abhi asks Tanu to apologize to Pradeep. Tanu asks if Abhi knows you pradeep. Pradeep comes to her and says I love you Tanu and wants to marry only you. Tanu says you was talking in Abhi’s voice. Pradeep says I have this way to calm you mind. He says you are silent as if there is a deadly silence, tells that he loves Pragya more than her in Abhi’s voice. Tanu slaps him and says Abhi and his voice is precious. He says if he is so precious then think what is the value of the person taking his voice. He tells that he had fooled Pragya in Abhi’s voice too. He says it is fun to do this and says I don’t think that I need this relation. He tells that where there is no trust, there is no relation. He shows her knife. Tanu throws his knife and says you knows well that we need money for survival. She says she will give him money the needs, tells that they can become partners in this deal, if not partners in a relation. Pradeep says I will inform you by evening, if you are going to hell as you have betrayed your husband. He says we will meet for the breakfast.

Prachi goes to the balcony of her room and cries badly thinking of Rhea’s bad behavior and Ranbir taking stand for her. Ranbir comes there and covers blanket on her. Prachi looks at him and cries more. He asks her not to cry and asks why is she crying? Prachi asks why did you come in my life, why you love me so much, don’t love me. You always fights for me and wants the world to see my goodness. She asks him not to be so good that she can’t take him out of her heart. She asks why did you come in my life, why you made me see so many dreams? She cries questioning him. Ranbir hugs her. Prachi also hugs him and cries. It turns out to be her imagination, she cries more and thinks she can’t think about Ranbir, he is marrying Rhea, I can’t think of him. She thinks she can’t let her mind overpower her heart, tells herself to forget Ranbir.

Everyone is sitting for the breakfast. Mitali asks Ranbir to take something. Ranbir says I will take something. Prachi comes and sits, thinks of Rhea’s words. Pragya asks why nobody is having food, shall I make something else. She asks Abhi to have food and says everything is your liking. Abhi says he is not in a mood. Pragya says I will forcibly make you eat. She asks everyone to start having the food. Mitali says they behave like kids. Rhea gets Pallavi’s call. Pallavi asks her to talk later and give call to Ranbir. Rhea says Pallavi aunty called me so she wants to talk to her. She attends the call. Pallavi asks Rhea to give call to pragya. Rhea says I wilk to you after dinner. Pragya asks her to put call on speaker. Abhi asks about Vikram. Pallavi says he is good and asks Pragya if she believes in 7th births. Pragya says yes, but some people’s destiny is not good. Pallavi asks if marriage shall happen in a good mahurat and asks Abhi. Abhi says date and mahurat are good, after 2 days. Pallavi says I will inform vikram. Rhea says she is so happy. Ranbir tries to talk to Pallavi, but she ends the call. Aaliya congratulates Abhi. Mitali asks Ranbir why is he not saying anything, see Rhea is happy and smiling.

Ranbir says chief, I can’t do this marriage. He says I want to say that I can’t do this marriage now, as tomorrow is his marriage. He says my marriage can be done later. Abhi says my marriage is not a marriage, but a plan. He asks him to marry. Prachi excuses herself. Mitali says it will be fun to shop clothes, jewellery etc. Abhi says now we can’t do anything, as tomorrow is my marriage. Shahana asks him to do something so that he can exchange vows with Pragya.

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