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Twist of Fate 14 September 2020: Update on Twist of Fate Monday 14th September 2020, The Episode starts with Bulbul asking Pragya why did she lie? Abhi tells her that he did a mistake by reading the pregnancy report, and says he stopped Pragya from telling the truth too. He says Pragya supported him all this while. Dadi tells Pragya that you are getting inside my heart, the more I am understanding you. Pragya hugs her and cries. Dadi tells Abhi that she is forgiving him this time. Dasi too scolds them and asks to parents soon. Dadi says you both shall make us grand mum soon. She says I am sure that real happiness will come in this house soon. Dadi hugs Pragya again. Bulbul thinks how to make Sarla understand. Tanu gets irked and thinks Abhi spoiled her plan. She thinks what is going on in Abhi’s mind. Nikhil comes to Tanu and insists to talk to her. He says did you realize that Abhi loves Pragya and doesn’t care about you. Tanu says Abhi loves me. Nikhil tells that Abhi loves his wife Pragya. Tanu says her determination to marry Abhi will not change with his nonsense. She is about to fall, but Nikhil holds her. Abhi comes there and sees Nikhil holding Tanu. Tanu thanks Nikhil and leaves. Abhi asks Nikhil, if you are here till now. Nikhil makes an excuse and leaves from there.

Sarla tries watching Abhi’s birthday party news, and hears about his party getting cancelled. She hears the reporter saying they didn’t know the reason behind it. Sarla panics and tries calling Pragya, but her phone is switched off. Jhanki asks Sarla to call Bulbul, but her phone is at home. Sarla says we shall go there. Jhanki says we shall ask Bulbul and Purab once they come home. Bulbul asks Pragya not to take any tension as Dadi forgave her. She says she is tensed about Sarla’s questions. Purab tells Bulbul that he saw her handling Pragya’s problem maturely and is happy. Bulbul says she has learnt to be happy with other’s happiness. Purab asks if you are upset about our marriage cancellation. Bulbul says I am happy that I got a chance to spend a little longer with my family. They ask each other to promise to remain the same.

Dasi tells Dadi that something is wrong for sure, and Abhi and his wife’s name are on the report. She says we shall go to clinic and enquire the truth. Dadi says I will talk to them. Dasi asks her not to tell them as they might hide the truth. Tanu thinks about the happenings, Abhi taking Pragya’s side and clearing her name. She thinks what to do as situation is getting worse. She thinks how to stop Abhi from developing feelings for Pragya. She thinks of an idea and thinks why will Pragya do this. If she do this, then everything will be fine.

Abhi goes to brush his teeth and freshen up. Pragya stops him and says she needs to talk to him. Abhi ignores her and he says he doesn’t want to talk to her. Pragya asks why did you do this? Why did you talk about my favor. Abhi asks why she talked to Media in his favor and asks her to reply. He says he don’t wish to answer her as she has no reply for his question. Abhi says he couldn’t hear against her. Pragya gets angry with him. Abhi says how can he see his friend getting insulted? He asks why did you fight with media for me? When you have no answer, then you have no right to ask me. Pragya thinks how can she let her love getting insulted. Abhi thinks whenever someone insults her, his heart gets affected. He wonders if it is friendship or something else. Humsafar Toh Hain plays………………

Sarala taking tension about Bulbul as it is late and she has not yet returned. Purab & Bulbul arrive there and Sarala is worried and asks about the party being cancelled. Bulbul makes her understand and explains that Prgaya is not pregnant. Sarala is not ready to accept this. Purab also tells her about it and then Sarala believes it. She starts crying over it. Bulbul convinces her and tells her how Abhi supported her and spoke of Pragya’s importance, also about how Dadi praised her. Sarala is very happy after this. Bulbul wants Purab to become caring like Abhi and Purab in turns tells her to become like Pragya.

Indu Daasi and Dadi are making plans to go to the clinic and for that they need Pragya’s reports. Tanu over hears and decides to use their plan to expose her pregnancy. But before that she wants to remove the biggest hurdle from her life.

Pragya comes to the bedroom and sees Abhi has misplaced CDs and the room is in a mess. She starts keeping everything neatly and they have silly cute arguments. Abhi goes to freshen up. He sees Pragya’s pregnancy report kept openly and tells Pragya to either throw it or keep it somewhere else as he does not want to see it again. Pragya arranges some files and keeps the report in it half way out. Dadi and Daasi come there and ask Pragya to make tea. When Pragya goes to the kitchen Daasi searches the room for the reports. By then Abhi comes and tries to hide the report but Daasi finds it. Pragya comes with tea but they deny it and leave the room. Abhi tells Pragya about it and they run behind them to find out what are they up to.

Tanu meets Nikhil in a restaurant and tells him that she loves him and that she realized Abhi does not love her. Tanu wants to marry Nikhil. Nikhil is very happy. Tanu tells him her parents are having problem with their house documents as they need to sell it and settle down in Mumbai. Nikhil tells he will go to Delhi and help them as he has many lawyer friends in Delhi. Tanu is happy that she can get her work easily done when Nikhil is not around.

Daadi and Daasi reach the hospital and start questioning the receptionist and others about the wrong pregnancy report. Nurse tells them to be quiet and wait. Abhi and Pragya hide and peep from behind. Dadi tells them their one wrong report created havoc in their house. They want to speak to the manager of the hospital. Abhi and Pragya are thinking of ways to stop them. Meanwhile Tanu calls on Abhi’s phone. Abhi does not want to talk so he gives it to Pragya. Tanu blackmails by telling she is going for abortion. She wants to talk to Abhi. Abhi makes her understand but Tanu does not listen and tells she has no option but to go for abortion. Abhi gets angry and says do what you want and cuts the call. Pragya convinces him to go meet Tanu.

Tanu is at the restaurant waiting for Abhi. She wants to keep Abhi busy so that Dadi can get to know about her pregnancy from the clinic. When Abhi come there she gives him two options either to sign the abortion papers or divorce papers. Abhi is shocked and confused.

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