Twist of Fate 19 September 2022: The Episode starts with Prachi telling Ranbir is her husband and she is his wife, and she has come here to show her rights on Ranbir. Aaliya says Ranbir is of Rhea now and that’s why you don’t have any right on him. Prachi says I don’t need to prove, as I already proved infront of guests who had come for marriage, and says if I sit to prove again then I will get very angry on your dear Rhea, and then you can’t bear and feel bad. She says it is late night and I am too tired, I don’t want to explain. She says your Rhea will explain to you, how did I prove, as she has waste time. She asks Rhea to tell the truth, no melodrama and no mirch masala. Rhea gets upset.

Dida tells Ranbir that Prachi has to speak about their relation always and asks why you stay silent also. Pallavi says mummy ji, why do you support Prachi always. Ranbir stops her. Dida goes. Ranbir says Dida has soft corner for Prachi. Rhea asks if she can say anything. Ranbir says if anyone says anything to Dida, then my Jwala mukhi will burst. Dida comes to Prachi. Prachi apologizes to Dida for all the drama happening infront of her. Dida says I don’t feel good, but I am relieved that amrit might come out in this sagar manthan. She says I like your changed avatar and says I get happy when you give a fitting reply to Rhea. She says I tried to alert you and show Rhea’s truth to you, but you didn’t see. Prachi says I was blinded and couldn’t see, you have always supported me. Dida says Ranbir shall support you, who has married you. Prachi says you are with me, and I don’t need anyone support, and says if your love, blessings are with me then I don’t need to fight. Dida hugs her and says I am always with you.

Aaliya tells Pallavi that she is in tension, as Prachi is behaving badly with Rhea infront of her. She says Ranbir is behaving normally. Pallavi says you don’t need to take tension due to Ranbir and says he is doing as we want. She says we wanted him to marry Rhea, and he did. Aaliya asks if he has done favour and says he should have married her long back. Pallavi says if he had not married her, then. Aaliya says so this option was also in your mind. Rhea says why you both are fighting, says we have to kick Prachi out of house and legally too. Pallavi says Prachi has support of Police and NGO and she will not go out easily from Ranbir’s life. She says I hope she doesn’t insult us infront of my club members, and tells Aaliya that she fears that Prachi might do some trouble. Aaliya asks can I come tomorrow? Pallavi says youa re the family now. Aaliya says she is coming to keep eye on Prachi so that Rhea can enjoy. Rhea hugs her. Pallavi says Prachi didn’t let Rhea to enjoy normal married life. Aaliya says how she can say so much who don’t have tongue till yesterday. She says I will see her and asks Pallavi to take care of Rhea. Pallavi says Rhea is safe with me. Rhea asks Aaliya to come fast and says I don’t have much time, as Prachi has challenged me to throw me out in three days. Aaliya asks her to tell Prachi in the morning that she will throw her out in 3 days, and says Police can’t do anything if you do what I thought. She shares her plan with Rhea. Rhea smiles happily and says wow, this is amazing and going to work. Aaliya asks her to wait for tomorrow and says Prachi will be out of the house tomorrow. Rhea says she can’t wait. She thinks Ranbir will not know and Dida can’t do anything and Prachi will be out. She laughs.

Dida comes to Ranbir and says she is upset with him. Ranbir says you have all the rights to get upset with me. Dida says I want to know how much you know me, and you haven’t changed. Ranbir says I haven’t changed and tells that Prachi has changed. Dida says Prachi is changed due to you, and I like her change, but don’t like to see you changing. Ranbir says why you are doing injustice with me. Dida says you was silent when Aaliya said so much to Prachi, atleast you would have spoken for Prachi, if not for her, then for your chief. Ranbir says what I would have said, and tells that Prachi said that she came to trouble me, but she herself is getting troubled. He says I see love in her eyes for me, and says she shall accept her love for me, and shall slap me to vent out her anger. He says she is trying to show strong, but gets weak emotionally. He says she tells me that she hates me, but makes me eat curd sugar and asked me to come home soon. He says she is alone enough for Mummy and Rhea. He says if she needs support then I will support her, but she has to take the first step and says not me. Dida says I will tell Prachi. Ranbir gives her promise and says Prachi shall do this herself. Dida says today I got a hope, and says I will not tell anything to Prachi. Ranbir hugs her and goes.

He finds missed call and makes a call. Shahana is on the call. She says you have once kidnapped Prachi and you used to love her so much. She says how did you marry Rhea, she hates Prachi so much. He asks can you come to my house now? Shahana says I will see if I get any auto. He says it is late and asks her to come tomorrow. He says you have to hear me fully, and asks her to come wearing some festive clothes. Shahana says you are changed. Ranbir says Mom has kept party and asks her to come. Shahana says if I find your fault then I will. He asks what will you do. She says I will decide while coming and ends the call.

Prachi comes to the kitchen and says there is nothing here, what will I eat? She is about to go, and sees Ranbir standing there. He holds her hand. Prachi asks him to leave her hand. She says I have to leave. Ranbir says I am making sandwiches, and will make for you too. She says I haven’t come to have food here. He asks why are you lying? He asks shall I apply butter? She nods yes. He says I know that you like it, and asks if she remembers that they used to have it late in the night. Prachi recalls their moments. Ranbir cuts the cucumber and keep on the sandwich. He gives it to Prachi. Main Kamli ban… She says I will go to room and eat. He asks if taste will not come if you eat infront of me, or if you are scared that you have to thank me for this sandwich, or afraid that I might ask you something. He asks what is the truth, that you came to trouble me. He asks her to trouble him and call the Police. Prachi says I will not leave you easily and tells that she will get him punished. She says you have made sandwich for me and I haven’t made it for you. Ranbir says you know that I will be hungry, if you don’t have it. Prachi says it is your misunderstanding and I will prove that I have come here to trouble you. Ranbir says you are troubled now and asks her to have sandwich now, and trouble him later. Prachi says I want to trouble you in the party, you gave me Police idea, but I have more better idea to trouble you.

Niti comes to Rhea and says she will do the decoration. Rhea says she is liking to decorate, as if she is doing farewell to someone. Prachi comes there and says nice decoration. Rhea says I know to impress guests too, like you are impressed. Prachi says yes. Rhea says I have fixed your date of leaving from here.

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