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Twist of Fate 21 February 2022: Twist of Fate update Monday 21st February 2022 The Episode starts with Rhea telling Abhi that she is glad that mom is back. Abhi says so am I and is relieved that nothing will happen to me. Prachi comes there. Abhi says I thought you are naughty, but your sister is naughty as well, standing at the door and listening to us. Prachi says she was listening to him, while he was talking about her mom. Abhi says he likes when Pragya talks about her. Rhea asks Abhi to tell about Mom. Abhi says there are many stories, and a book can be written on it. He asks Prachi to say. Rhea asks Abhi to say. Abhi says she stayed with mom and can say. Prachi starts talking about Pragya and says she stays silent, but when the matter about family comes, she can fight with anyone. She says she is very protective, doesn’t do promises, but if she does, they can do anything to keep up her promise. She says Mom has promised me that she will not let anything happen to you. Abhi says I know her, but likes hearing it from your mouth. He tells Rhea that Judge will be her principal and goes. Prachi says good night to Rhea and goes.

Pragya comes to the room and gets emotional, while the song plays. Tanu tells that she has waited for him since long time, Pragya is leaving from our lives. She wishes he would be drinking wine with her and says this shall have happen 20 years back. She tells that her love age is more longer than of Pragya and tells that she has done a mistake by stayed with Nikhil, but Pragya had done this mistake and stayed with King, when you can forgive her why can’t me. She looks at his pic and says you will get Pragya type of girls, but I am rare. She says I love you Abhi and everything is fair in love and war. She says very soon you will be with me and I will party with you. She says if she loves you, then she has to leave you. She has no option. She drinks wine and says cheers.

Pragya thinks of her words and thinks Tanu said a big thing. She gets Abhi’s call and thinks of Tanu’s words asking her to leave Abhi. Abhi thinks if she forgot him after going to mayka. He thinks she might be busy and must not have seen my call. He talks to fuggi toy and thinks he will always keep Pragya with him for the lifetime. He calls Pragya again. Pragya doesn’t pick the call. Abhi thinks he shall let her sleep. She thinks how to give you to Tanu, but if I don’t agree to her then….cries. Abhi looks at Pragya’s pic and cries. Naina song plays….

Later Prachi slips and falls on Ranbir. Ranbir holds her. Song plays….jaanisar…while they look at each other. She tries to go and gets hit by his hand accidentally. He asks her to show while she asks him not to help her. He says he was helping her. Prachi asks him to just stay away from her. Aryan comes there and says I have seen what happened, let him be how is he?

Next morning, Tanu awaits for Pragya’s call and thinks soon it will be 9 am, and acts as if Pragya telling that Abhi agreed to marry her and that her kumkum is of Tanu now. She dances happily and thinks there will be nobody between us, Pragya will cry seeing us together, she has to cry. She thinks why Pragya haven’t called till now. Pragya thinks of Tanu’s demand still. Tanu thinks if she is working on my plan or doing her own plan. She says if I don’t get her call then I will shift to Plan B. She counts till 5 and gets a call from a Bank. She then thinks to call Pragya herself. Pragya calls driver asking to get the car, thinks she agrees to leave her love if it is freedom for him.

Tanu finds her phone busy and thinks what does pragya thinks of herself. She thinks she can’t threaten her as it will be called as blackmailing, as self praises herself. Prachi calls Ranbir. Ranbir comes to her and asks if she wants to tell him something. Ranbir gets a call. Prachi says she wants to tell something. Ranbir says I am very busy and is about to go. Prachi slips and is about to fall in the pool, when he holds her. Song plays…..

He says you might hate me, but if any trouble comes on you then I will save you. Prachi says I know. They see Rhea.

Pragya comes to Mehra farmhouse. Mitali says you didn’t come at night. Aaliya says everyone was tensed here, but you must have slept. Dadi comes there. Mitali tells Pragya that they are dependent on her and says if you think about others then who will think about us. Pragya says nothing wrong will happen here. She goes to Abhi’s room. Dadi thinks something had happened to her. Aaliya says I shall do something, Pragya said that she is doing something, but it is not seen. Dadi says pragya is trying. Aaliya says it is not enough. Dadi says if you had known Pragya, then would have known that Abhi is her life and tells that Pragya is trying to take him out of this trouble.

Rhea comes to Ranbir. Ranbir says you said that you want to say something. Rhea says I just want to meet you. Ranbir goes. Rhea tells Prachi that she knows that she wants to take her place in the house, and wants to become dad’s favorite daughter. She says this will not happen, as he loves me a lot. Prachi says I don’t want to take anyone’s place. Rhea asks her to stop behaving like a helpless girl and asks her to learn to walk and don’t fall on him. She warns her to stay away from Ranbir.

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