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Twist of Fate update Monday 22 June 2020 on zee world; Twist of Fate update Monday 22nd June 2020, The Episode starts with Mohan badmouthing about Abhi for not signing the cheque. Pragya asks him to tell the room no. and says only she can badmouth about him. He asks if she is Abhi’s wife. She says she don’t have time now and goes. Abhi climbs the stairs and knocks on the hotel room calling Neha and Tarun. He says I know you are inside and asks them to open the door. He says I will not get angry, and asks them to open the door before Pragya comes. Pragya thinks he will reach them before me and climbs the stairs. He breaks the door and don’t see anyone there. He calls for Neha and thinks she is not here, if they have hidden here. He thinks the room is small, they can’t hide. He thinks if they vanish. He comes near the window and sees the cloth rope. He says they have eloped.

Twist of Fate update Monday 22 June 2020 on zee world Pragya comes there. Abhi hides seeing her. Pragya sees him hiding and asks where are they? Abhi says he has hidden so that he gets spared from her questions. She asks where are they? Abhi says in my pocket. He says when I came here, they were crying and apologized to me. He says they went home and asks her to go and check. He thinks to search them and thinks I will search them so that I can find them and not Pragya. Pragya tells that she knows what is in his mind and asks why he sat on the window. Abhi says I am tired and resting and asks if she thinks he is sitting on Tarun and Neha. Pragya sees the cloth rope. Abhi says don’t tell me that I made them elope. Pragya says you reached before me so that I can’t prove King’s innocence. She accuses him and tells that he broke the door, and made Neha and Tarun alert and then they elope. She says she will check beneath the window. She looks down. Abhi asks her to be careful else she will fall. Pragya says you will be happy. She slips. Abhi holds her hand and pulls her back. Pragya falls on him and they have an eye lock. Tere khareeb aaraha hun….plays…

Twist of Fate update Monday 22nd June 2020 on zee world Abhi asks why did she become Jhansi ki rani? Tarun and Neha are hiding outside the hotel. He tells that your chachu and my brother must have come here to search us. He tells that he heard Mohan telling the other guy about calling my family. Neha says it is good that you heard. Tarun says but why your chachu came? Neha says they must be searching us together. They try to take a cab, but the cab driver refuses to take them. A shop keeper guy looks at them. Pragya says why did you break the door, if anything happens to you. She blames him. Abhi asks her to search them and asks her not to think herself as Jhansi ki rani and tells that she is his fuggi. Pragya gets emotional.

Mohan comes there and says I know you are husband and wife and that’s why arguing like husband and wife. He says husband didn’t sign the cheque and wife took the cash back. Abhi asks for whom I came here, and says Tarun and Neha are not here, so the money is not valid. He asks him to talk to Pragya. Pragya asks him to repair the hotel and leaves. Mohan thinks he didn’t get the money and the girl and boy eloped.

Twist of Fate update Monday 22nd June 2020 In the Police station, Constable tells King that he knows that he is a big singer. He feels lucky to see him. Chachi comes there and asks King not to trust Pragya as she is betraying him. She tells him that Pragya calls Abhi home when you are not at home. She tells him that she saw Abhi wearing his clothes and saw them close. She says surely something is happening between them. King hears her silently.

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Twist of Fate Monday update 22 June 2020 on zee world She tells that Pragya went saying she is going to search Tarun. King says I know that Abhi came to my house and worn my clothes, as flour fell on her. He says I can see what you can’t see. He says Pragya is outside at late night to search your son and a girl. She is doing the work which we shall do. He says Pragya has done so much for him which she can’t think him. He says if she doubts on Pragya then it is like doubting on him. Abhi and Pragya come out of hotel and ask about King’s car. Someone say that it is gone to petrol pump. Abhi says they might go there. Man says they went by taxi.

Twist of Fate update Monday 22 June 2020 Pragya telling Abhi that she will search Neha and Tarun. Abhi says this is Delhi. He says Tarun is smart and he got clue that we are here, and that’s why escaped. Pragya says you wants to search them before me and that’s why saying this. She asks a shop keeper if he saw a girl and boy going who were scared. Shop keeper says he had seen them. Pragya recalls Chachi’s words. Abhi gets Tanu’s call and she asks if Pragya is there? He says yes. Tanu says I will come there. Abhi asks him not to come there and says he is enjoying with Pragya and singing songs, thinking to make video and upload for my fans. He ends the call and checks for Pragya. Tanu thinks what Abhi was saying and thinks Abhi can’t control his emotions, but Pragya has control on her emotions being someone else wife, she won’t let him do anything. She then thinks Pragya loves Abhi and might want to come near him. She wonders what to do.

Twist of Fate 22nd June 2020 Aaliya comes to tanu and says you didn’t sleep yet. Tanu says I have understood why Pragya made Neha elope and says she did this so that she can come closer to Abhi, she knows that their destination will meet while searching Neha and Tarun. Aaliya asks her to calm down and says don’t think much. Tanu says he said that he is going to sing romantic song with Pragya. Aaliya says he must have said being irritated. She says you are bhai’s wife and Pragya is king’s wife and says their love is like trains tracks which can’t meet. Tanu thanks her.

Twist of Fate Monday update 22nd June 2020 Pragya calls Chachi and asks her to give address of farm house. Chachi gives the address, Abhi hears Pragya when she repeats the address. Pragya turns and sees Abhi close to her. She asks did he hear her? Abhi says I was talking to my family. He says I have understood and tells the address. He says I will bring kids. Pragya says I will go and make the kids understand. Abhi says it is new love and their logic…Pragya says there is no logic in love and says you will not go alone. Abhi says I will not hear you. Pragya challenges him that she will reach first. Abhi says you would have won if requested. She says you will lose. He says you will not reach the car. Pragya asks if he will go without wallet and says it is down on ground. Abhi bends down to check his wallet when Pragya takes his car keys, runs and sits in her car. Abhi thinks she left like a clever cat. She is in the car and thinks Abhi is innocent like before.

King talks to constable. Constable says I told my wife about your wife who is very courageous and unique and fought with Inspector for him. He says you are very lucky to have such wife and now my wife is learning from your wife. King hears his words and sees Pragya’s reflection in the wall. He thinks he used to see girl’s looks, but now he is feeling deep for Pragya.

Twist of Fate 22 June 2020 Neha and Tarun are in the farmhouse. He tells that he will give their marriage invitation to his Di. Neha says you didn’t tell me about your di. Pragya comes there and sees light, thinks they might be inside. Tarun says he calls his brother’s wife as Di. Neha says if she will have problem with me. He asks who you will call? Neha says she will call chucks. Tarun says who fights with my brother always. Neha says he loves me a lot. Tarun says we will marry surely and says we are already eloped and shall marry. Neha says she doesn’t want to marry like this and wants a proper marriage. Tarun says if your family had approved of our marriage then we wouldn’t have eloped. Pragya comes inside the house. Neha says you are scolding me since long and says she don’t want to talk. Tarun says I was making you understand. King is in the lock up still and thinks of Pragya restlessly. He asks God to stop and don’t do this with him. He says if Pragya sees any changes in me then she will understand and kill me.

Tarun says I was making you understand. Neha says I don’t want to understand. They see Pragya there. Neha identifies Pragya and recalls their moments.

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