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Twist of Fate 23 August 2021: Twist of Fate update Monday 23rd August 2021 The episode starts with a night scene in the room. Shahana wakes up Prachi, teasing that she proposed to Ranbir and he said a no. Prachi was irritated and says that Ranbir actually proposed to her, and she said no. Shahana runs outside and tells the family. Pragya and Sarita ben was excited too. Sarita Ben asks why she didn’t tell them about the proposal, and urges Pragya to call Ranbir’s family and fix a date for their wedding. She dials the number herself, and Pragya considers her as the elder. 

Sarita Ben speaks on phone about Prachi and Ranbir. She comes to know that Ranbir told his family already, and they are coming for Roka. Prachi was hit by a pillow on her face and realizes that it had been a daydream. Shahana asks where she got lost. Prachi changes the topic. Afterward, Prachi silently thinks she won’t tell anyone about Ranbir’s proposal, otherwise, they will get her married.

Ranbir comes to Abhi’s room. He requests Abhi’s advice. Abhi looks skeptical and senses it’s a matter of love and heart. Ranbir was impressed. Abhi says he has gone through all such times in life when the matter of heart becomes a matter of life. Ranbir tells Abhi that he confessed his love to the girl he likes. Abhi says it’s good. Ranbir says there is a problem. Abhi silently thinks that it’s the same with every love story, the guy comes to the girl’s father with his problem. Ranbir was telling Abhi that she reacted quite aggressively and went home without any positive response. Abhi thinks this is the reason, Riya flew for a holiday. He tells Ranbir he is trying to figure out what’s wrong. It’s normal that she didn’t react the way he expected. Girls are different, and whenever it’s about a proposal, they are nervous. Ranbir was relieved that Abhi says she will come back. He will now sleep calmly. Abhi assures them he will fulfill all his dreams, and advises him to use sanitizer before sleep. When alone, Abhi thinks that Riya is after him, but Kiara wasn’t only after him; she was his xerox.

There, Pragya sat with a photo of Kiara. Sarita Ben comes to the room and realizes Pragya seemed upset. She turns to leave. Pragya offers Sarita Ben to sit. She shows her the photo of her elder daughter, Kiara. Abhi also sat with Kiara’s photo and kisses it. Sarita Ben complements that Kiara is beautiful. Pragya smiles that Kiara was the one who made her mother for the first time. She never thought of living without her, and now years have passed. Sarita Ben says now Prachi is her life. Pragya recalls that Kiara was a xerox copy of her father. She loved the Holi festival, was mischievous and always naughty, and demanded a different lunch all day. She cries missing Kiara.

There, Abhi also recalls all the moments he had spent with Kiara. Meera who had come to the room says all of Abhi’s daughters look like him. Abhi laughs that he has spoiled Riya. Meera asks if there is something in Riya, that resembles Pragya; she has never met Pragya. Abhi tells Meera that Prachi is like Pragya, not Riya. Meera asks how? Abhi says there is Pragya’s reflection in Prachi, if she meets Prachi; she is like Pragya. Though, nobody can be like Pragya. It feels strange that he isn’t talking about his own daughter, and instead of discussing someone else’s daughter. Aliya comes outside the room and smiles that at least her brother is happy with Meera.

Vikram comes home with a headache. He demands Pallavi a medicine. Pallavi says she told him there would be a hangover if he drinks. Vikram asks when she said this. She had no reply now. Ranbir comes there and complains to Pallavi that dad is always scolding Anita on phone. Pallavi was insecure and asks who Anita is. Vikram explains to Pallavi that he only scolds her for calling him pointlessly, then asks Pallavi if she had given birth to his enemy.

Vikram throws a cushion towards Vikram but it feels near the door. They were shocked to see Maya’s parents there at the door. Vikram and Bee Ji were unhappy, while Pallavi and Ranbir welcome them. Maya’s mother was appreciative of their open-mindedness, as their whole family drink and even offered their daughter a drink. Maya goes to greet everyone and was even ready to touch Ranbir’s feet. Her father gives Ranbir time of 2 pm for the mall, as they have to do the shopping for their Sangeet. They leave.

At home, Shahana demands Prachi all the change money she got. Prachi gets a call from Ranbir. Shahana was inquisitive about why she doesn’t pick up the call. There, Ranbir was also restless and wish that she picks up the call.

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