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Twist of Fate update Monday 24th May 2021 Zee world Pragya and Rishi wait for an auto and discuss it’s a trouble finding auto or taxi on Diwali in Delhi. Pragya appreciates Rishi’s help. He understands she is only boosting his confidence.

Abhi had reached the street where Pragya had just hired a taxi from. Pragya stops the car as she thought she left the keys, then recalls Madhu is there at home. She moves ahead.

Priyanka comes to the terrace and decides to push Shahana. Prachi comes to terrace and wonders why Ranbir called Shahana upstairs, if he is really lost. Priyanka comes from behind and wonders if Shahana changed her dress into the one like Prachi wore. She cautiously walks from her back. Rhea and Ranbir just came upstairs. Priyanka had pushed Prachi but Ranbir runs to save her. The lights were turned on. Priyanka apologizes as her heels slipped. Shahana had come upstairs. She takes Prachi downstairs again.

Abhi rings the bell of house. Madhu opens the door. Abhi introduces himself and asks about Pragya, he wanted to surprise her. Madhu says Pragya has gone out, she didn’t know he is about to come. Abhi wish her Diwali, then requests Madhu to call Pragya back home. She will have to do it on her own, as he wants to surprise her. He swears to God that Pragya will be excited to know.

Rhea calls Sanju and asks why he didn’t reach. He asks Rhea to turn around, the most handsome guy in universe has reached. He asks her to come over to her. Sarita Behn comes to them and inquires what they are doing here. The boys wonder why this old lady didn’t introduce them to Prachi and Shahana. Sanju turns to Prachi and goes into fantasy of marrying her. He was happy that Rhea invited them both in the event. Rhea drags Sanju from midway. Prachi wonders if this was the same guy from Hoshiarpur.

Madhu wonders if she has seen Abhi earlier. Abhi tells Madhu he was here yesterday, but was drunk and can’t remember seeing her at all. Abhi tells Madhu he is a singer, and sings. Madhu was excited that he is Abhi, the rock star; then why he lied about being Abhi Sheik Prem Mehra. He requests Madhu to make the call.

In the car, Rishi says he feels good outside. Pragya says he must have felt better outside on the day of festival.

There, Madhu calls Pragya and requests her to return home. Pragya asks why? Madhu signals Abhi for a reason. Madhu begins to cry loud. Pragya finally promises to come back. Afterwards, Abhi gifts her some money. In the car, Pragya discuss with Rishi that she must go back home. They must have brought Madhu back. Rishi gets a call from Sarita to take her back home, she is bored and doesn’t feel right here. Shahana comes to Sarita and asks her to take her along as well. Pragya tells Rishi to go pick up Dadi, while she was dropped in the market.

Sarita calls Preeta and asks if Shahana teases Rishi, or Rishi teases her. Preeta genuinely replies its Shahana who always tease Rishi. Shahana was offended. Prachi says it was a festival joke. She helps Sarita sit on a couch as Sarita felt tired.

In the room, Sanju insists on Rhea to marry him with Prachi today. Rhea insists he must first win her heart and speak to her. She confirms if he was even her boyfriend. Sanju replies he was half boyfriend, he wanted to be one but she never stepped towards him, thus a one sided relationship. Priyanka comes to the room and tells Sanju that there is CCTV camera in the room. All the CCTV cameras are disconnected and only this one is connected with TV. A waiter is a part of their plan and will bring two drinks, an orange and a black. He must give orange drink to Prachi. She will feel dizzy and he must bring her to the room, settle her on the bed. Meanwhile, everyone will think there is romance going on and Prachi’s reputation will be ruined.

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