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Twist of Fate 5 July 2021: Twist of Fate update Monday 5th July 2021 The show starts with Aaliya suggesting Rhea not to speak to Ranbir. She must not confront him and prove him right, instead she must behave as an all good girl so that Ranbir realizes his mistake. Otherwise, Ranbir might get shameless and may openly start speaking to Prachi and going along her. Rhea needs to attack Ranbir’s heart and throw Prachi out of there. She needs to incorporate a disgrace for Prachi in Ranbir’s heart. Rhea smiles and nods.

Twist of Fate update Monday 5 July 2021: Prachi asks Sarita if her will doesn’t matter. Her mother and Sarita both like Ranbir but she doesn’t. Sarita asks Prachi to imagine herself with Ranbir, and she will like it. Prachi asks if Ranbir called and said he loved her. He flirts almost every girl and is crazy, he is not serious about life and is extremely immature. Pragya smiles thinking Abhi was like Ranbir when young, he was also immature and flirtatious with any fan. She joins Sarita and inquires what kind of guy Prachi likes for her marriage. Pragya says when daughters grow up they turn to friends, she has to tell her the kind of guy she likes. Prachi says she never thought but Shahana inquires her repeatedly. She says she likes a guy who is opposite Ranbir, who is nice, does a 9 to 5 job, has a simple living and is understanding. Pragya smiles that she also liked such a guy, but fate always has something different for them. Sarita was bored of her choice. Pragya hugs Prachi.

On the breakfast table, Ranbir comes to take. Abhi tells Daasi they weren’t only robbers, they were killers as well. Daasi tells Abhi not to think much about them. Rhea joins the table and wishes Good Morning to Daasi calling her as Didu. Ranbir thinks Rhea wasn’t the one who claimed her love, he had convinced her that he loves her. He should have spoken to Rhea before Prachi. Pahlavi asks why they switched chairs, Rhea doesn’t like what Ranbir does. Rhea replies she now does. Abhi likes Ranbir for Rhea. Aaliya thinks she will make sure Ranbir gives up on Prachi for her Rhea.

Ranbir denies an offer of butter from Dadi. Rhea feels the omelet was extremely hot. She cries and was offered juice by Ranbir. Vikram tells Ranbir he must come to office with him. They didn’t get much time for a one on one talk for long. Ranbir tells everyone he doesn’t want quality time, he only wants him to drive and do his share of tasks. Everyone laughs. Abhi promises to free him from shackles of his father’s prison. Vikram was offended that it seems Ranbir isn’t his son. Rhea felt bad that Ranbir chose Prachi over her. Ranbir silently thinks he was mistaken that he loved Rhea, but he actually loved Prachi.

There, Pragya promises that she will no more speak to her about Ranbir. But Prachi can openly tell her which guy she likes. Prachi hugs Pragya. Sarita wasn’t ready for any promise, she only likes Ranbir for her. Sarita asks Pragya if she is ready for any guy for Prachi. Pragya says at least Prachi will now share her heart out with her.

At home, Purab asks Abhi when to leave for office. Abhi discusses with Purab that Rhea is in love, and Ranbir also seems to be in love now. Ranbir gave up his seat for Rhea and takes care of her before him. Purab asks him to speak to Vikram. Abhi says it seems to be too soon. He must let their children enjoy their love for a while. Purab asks what Abhi wants. Abhi says he doesn’t want to show they know about their feelings. He doesn’t want to embarrass them and wait for them to confess their love.

Ranbir discusses with Aryan that he can’t remember if he proposed Prachi or not. He was angry at Aryan for making him drunk that day. Ranbir wonders how to confirm if he proposed Prachi or not. He suggests about calling Prachi and confirm. Aryan disagrees with the idea. Ranbir now offers to decide through tossing coin. There was head. Both jump that this shows Ranbir proposed. Ranbir wonders what Prachi’s reply was then. Aryan suggests a toss again and decide through best-out-of-three. The coin was stuck. Aryan tells Ranbir to go and call Prachi now. Ranbir wonders how he can ask Prachi directly. He decides to meet Prachi, and the way she would talk will show if he proposed her or not.

Twist of Fate update Monday 5 July 2021 update: Rhea was driving the car lost in deep thought of what Aaliya said to her in the morning. She wonders what to do so that no guy likes her. She hits a guy who shouts at Rhea. Rhea asks about Sanju.

Ranbir and Aryan stop the car outside Prachi’s house. He was nervous, and tells Aryan he will stay normal but only judge through her manners if he proposed her. Aryan wonders what he must have spoken to her while being drunk, what if she is extremely angry at Ranbir. While they walk towards their door, Ranbir was in deep thought about Prachi.

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