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Twist of Fate 7 June 2021: Twist of Fate update Monday 7th June 2021 Priyanka warning Rishi and telling him that bad thing will happen with his family. Rishi tells her that everyone has ended between them and now there is nothing left. Priyanka asks him to listen to her. Rishi slaps her and tells that he will forget her like a bad incident. He asks her to just remember this slap. Priyanka asks him to listen to her. He pushes her and leaves. Priyanka says I was your life’s biggest mistake, you will be punished for this. Ranbir tells that he likes short skirts. Aryan comes and asks if he is going to wear it? Ranbir says no and tells that he was talking to Mummy and Prachi, and both of them think that I am a very good boy. Aryan says it is a good thing.

Ranbir says I want to be a bad boy and not good. He asks him to look at himself and says you are boring boy. Aryan says I am not boring. Ranbir asks him about his girlfriends. Aryan says he don’t have now. Ranbir tells that good boy don’t have any girlfriends and tells that girls like him as he has a bad boy image. Aryan says even I want to make boy boy image. Ranbir says this bad boy image is slipping from his hand and says what to do. Aryan says if you had scolded Prachi rather than taking a stand for her, then you would have become bad boy. Ranbir says this is wrong and says I would have taken stand for any other girl too. Aryan says you like Prachi and wants to make your good image in her eyes. He says again, you like Prachi. Ranbir asks I like Prachi.

Shahana comes to Prachi and asks if she is searching Ranbir and missing him. Prachi says she was seeing Rhea. Shahana asks did you forget that what she said in party and reminds her that Ranbir took a stand for her. Shahana tells her that she said her friends that she (Prachi) and Ranbir are best friends. Prachi asks what and asks her not to tell this, as people will think differently. Shahana thinks even she…

Ranbir tells Aryan that Prachi is just his employee. Aryan says you are making same old excuses. Aryan says she is different from other girls and has something which others don’t have and that’s why I feel protective towards her. Aryan says you feel protective…Ranbir asks him not to tell anyone. Aryan suggests him to be good with Prachi and bad with others. Ranbir says he is going to meet his bad friend so that he gets influenced. Aryan teases him saying he will tell Prachi.

Shahana tells Prachi if Ranbir doesn’t propose you then I will propose him. Prachi says Ranbir is good, but you shall not think about him and even me. Priyanka comes near the cliff and looks down. She thinks he pushed me and said that he will forget me, but I will do something that he will never forgive me. She says you will be punished all your life and will spend your life in court and jail after my death. Abhi thinks Priyanka shall not meet that guy. Priyanka writes a suicide note and keeps it near the cliff. She writes sorry for giving him pain and tells that all his pain will go with her death. She throws the suitcase from the cliff and is about to jump down.

Rishi comes home. Pragya scolds him and asks why did you go there? What did she do? Rishi says she did the same madness, first she played the marriage mantra on her mobile and starts taking rounds with me. Pragya gets angry and says I will talk to her Chacha. She says I know such girls and Disha’s life is ruined because of one such girl.

Hritik comes to Disha and praises her smile. He tells her that he couldn’t sleep. Disha asks him to tell what happened to him. Hritik tells that there is some secret in him which makes him cry when alone. Disha asks him to tell. Hritik asks him to share why she cries being alone and tells that he saw her going to Mehra Mansion. He asks if Purab Khanna is your ex. Disha gets teary eyes. Hritik says I knew. Disha says Purab ji is your ex. Hritik gets teary eyes too. Disha tells that she lied to Purab that they are in a relationship as she didn’t want him to know that she still loves him. She says I need to go. Hritik tells that Purab knows everything when he picked Veronica’s call on your mobile. He says he knows everything. Disha is shocked and leaves.

Pragya calls on Purab’s phone. Peon tells that he is not in the office. Abhi comes to the cliff and sees her scarf hanging on the tree and finds suicide note also. He reads her note that she is leaving from the world, had given him trouble, now he will be relieved etc..He shouts Priyanka.

He comes to Pragya’s house and rings the bell continuously. Rishi opens the door. Abhi asks what did you say to Priyanka? Rishi says she had called me, I said nothing..Abhi says she said that you called her there and asks what did you say to her that she committed suicide. Rishi and Pragya are shocked. Abhi says you was about to come to cliff. Pragya says I stopped as Rishi came back. Abhi asks her to tell the truth and asks if she is supporting him. Pragya asks what are you saying? Abhi says he has read the suicide note and it was written clearly that Rishi insulted her badly and that’s why she is committing suicide. Rishi is shocked.

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