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Twist of Fate update Monday 8 February 2021 On Zee world

Twist of Fate update Monday 8 February 2021 On Zee world
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Twist of Fate 8 February 2021: Twist of Fate update Monday 8th February 2021, Dasi telling Dadi that God has given clever mind to Aaliya, but she don’t use it for right things. Dadi asks Purab why did you try to make him remember all that. Purab says I couldn’t bear it. Dasi tells that they feel bad seeing Abhi running after money. Dadi says we can’t risk Abhi’s life. Purab says there is a way and asks her to bring Pragya home. Dadi reminds him of Doctor’s words and says she can’t risk his life. Purab says we shall see how Abhi reacts seeing Pragya. Dadi says if he pressurizes on his mind to recollect then….She says even I want them to unite, but not at the risk of his life. She says how we will leave if anything happens to Abhi. She asks him not to talk anything which will risk his life. She asks him to leave everything on time, and says everything will be back like before.

Pragya comes out of her office and waits for auto rickshaw. Someone informs her about strike. She thinks to go by walk and calls Sarla. Abhi comes in his car and offers to drop her, says there is a transport strike. Pragya says I will go and thanks him. She is again walking. Abhi says I want to return your favor. Pragya asks what? Abhi says you have identified my stuff and made my favorite coffee. Pragya refuses to take lift. Abhi takes her refusal on his ego. Pragya asks him not to take it on his ego and says her family may not like it if she takes lift. Abhi says okay and gives her good luck. Pragya turns and walking. She slips and falls down. Abhi comes back and says your people will not like if you go home by crawling. Pragya asks why you are teasing me, and says I didn’t refuse for help. Abhi helps her stand up.

Twist of Fate 8 February 2021: Aaliya and Tanu are in the pub. Tanu says so many guys are looking at me and praises her beauty. She says she is excited to meet Abhi. Aaliya calls Abhi and asks him to come there. Abhi says okay. Aaliya and Tanu go to dance. Pragya sits in Abhi’s car. She asks is driving allowed to you? She says I read in an article that you met with an accident. She asks aren’t you get afraid of driving. Abhi asks you just fell down, will you stop walking. Purab calls Pragya and asks where are you? She says she is coming home. Purab says I will come to take you. Purab hears Abhi’s voice, as Abhi says I am with you. Purab says if you are with Abhi. Pragya says no. Purab thinks if she meets Abhi then things will be fine. Abhi drops Pragya near her house. He thinks she might fall again and lifts her in his arms. Allah Wariyan plays…………..They have an eye lock.

He asks where is your house? Pragya asks him to leave her, and says I will go home. Abhi says your condition is will go somewhere else. He says you are No. 1 fan and I will not leave you. He asks where is your home? Pragya says I will not tell. Abhi says you are clever and don’t want to get down of rockstar’s lab. He asks someone about her home. Pragya asks him not to tell him. Abhi says she is dangerous and need to go home. Man says her house is there. Pragya says no…as Abhi takes her to her house.

Aaliya and Tanu dance on the dance floor on the song beat pe booty….Janki tells Beeji that she is trying to clean the hall and she is not letting her work. She asks her to sit at one side and play game. Beeji says I want to punish you as I lost game because of you. Janki says I know nothing about your game. Beeji says I lost as you talked to me. Sarla hear them arguing and asks them to stop fighting. She asks her to call Pragya again. Janki says she will lose game. Pragya asks Abhi to get her down as her house came. Abhi comes inside house and says hello ladies…..Sarla, Beeji and Janki are surprised and shocked.

Tanu asks Aaliya why did she refuse to dance with a guy? Aaliya says she can’t dance with any random guy and spoil her and her brother image. Tanu asks what do she wants? If she wants to stay alone. Aaliya asks her to go and touch up her make up. Tanu goes. Aaliya calls Abhi, but he doesn’t pick her call. Aaliya says Abhi is obeying Dadi’s order and not picking call while driving.

Twist of Fate 8 February 2021: Abhi introduces himself as Abhi, the rockstar. He asks if something is stuck on my face..and asks why you are seeing as if you all have seen a ghost. He says your daughter is in my hands…and gets her down. He says I know what middle class people thinks, and says his ego and her stubbornness clashed. He tells that Pragya twisted her leg and couldn’t walk so I gave lift. He says I thought she couldn’t walk back home and drop her here. Sarla asks do you know her. Abhi says she is a receptionist in the company with whom I am working. He says her name is Nikita, and she is my big fan, egoistic and stubborn too. He asks them not to scold her. He then goes near Sarla and says I know this is strange, but I can’t control. He asks about the washroom and says I know it is there. He then says I was just guessing.

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