Twist of Fate 9 November 2020: Twist of Fate update Monday 9th November 2020, Dadi with Rachna, watches Tanu going towards Abhi’s room. Rachna says she will stop her, but Dadi says she will stop her and asks Ronnie to stop her. Ronnie stops her. Dadi and Rachna smiles. Tanu says she is going to be Abhi’s wife. Ronnie says Abhi stays with Pragya more and they look good together. He says he is not interested to marry her. Tanu gets irked and goes. Pragya tells Purab that Aaliya has refused to tell the name of the third person. Purab says we shall target Tanu. Pragya says okay and thinks to find out from Tanu. Purab says he will go to office. Abhi asks Ronnie why you are standing outside room. Ronnie says he was waiting for Pragya. Abhi asks if Tanu came here, I heard her voice. Ronnie says no and says he was talking alone. Abhi asks him to tell truth. Ronnie tells that Tanu went towards there. He apologizes and says he stopped Tanu on Pragya’s orders.

Twist of Fate update Monday 9 November 2020: Abhi goes towards her. Tanu thinks Pragya might know her truth and planning to kick her out. She wonders what does she want. Abhi calls her. Tanu says this is a good chance. She acts and packs her stuff. Abhi comes and asks if she is going somewhere. Tanu says yes, and says she is leaving the house. Abhi asks why? Tanu says you don’t care about me and don’t need me also. She blackmails him emotionally and says she was not permitted to meet him. Abhi says he had slept in the morning and that’s why Pragya asked Ronnie to stop anyone to meet him. She says you are taking her side. She says I will go from here and will not tell anyone that the baby is yours, says it is all my mistake. Abhi says it is my mistake also. Tanu comes to the point and asks him to marry her. She sits and drinks water.

Abhi says I have always supported the truth and the truth is I don’t love you, but there is one more truth that you are having my baby. I am ready to marry you, but don’t want to marry you keeping someone’s love in my heart. He asks her to give time so that he kills his feeings for Pragya and become hers. Tanu says I can understand, but situation is getting worse. Abhi asks her to give 7 days to marry her. Tanu hugs him and says I will give you time. She apologizes for forcing him to marry and asks him to understand her helplessness. Abhi goes and thinks he is doing wrong. Pragya comes back home and looks at Abhi. She thinks why Abhi is looking at her this way. Abhi tells her that he doesn’t know what she feels for him, but asks her to keep far from him and end all her feelings for him.

Pragya wonders what did Tanu do? Tanu thinks Abhi will marry her after 7 days and then she will help him get the property, or will take him somewhere far. She says Abhi is rockstar and will earn money. He will give that money to me and is happy. Pragya comes to her and says she saw Abhi going from there. Tanu says she shouldn’t tell Pragya about Abhi promising her to marry in 7 days. Tanu tells that Abhi haven’t met me, all thanks to you. She says he might be missing me and couldn’t meet because of you. Pragya says he will be frustated if he had met you. She says I came here to talk something else, and asks about the person who was helping Aaliya. Tanu says I don’t know what you are saying? There is no one from within the family and nobody want to kill you. Pragya says I was talking about Paper fraud. Tanu is shocked. Pragya says I gave this offer to Aaliya also. She says I will not let you marry Abhi and asks her not to complain. Tanu asks if she is threatening her. Pragya promises that her name will not come in all this, and asks her to tell. She gives her a day’s time.

Abhi thinks about promising Tanu and wonders what to do as he can’t be away from Pragya. Hamari Adhuri Kahani plays……………He recalls the moments with Pragya and gets sad.

Twist of Fate update 9 November 2020: Tanu thinks about Pragya’s words and thinks if Pragya was really offering her a deal or trapping her. She thinks to talk to Raj and get solution. She calls Raj. Mitali asks her to be away from her husband and accuses her for trapping her husband. Tanu says you should be ashamed to talk this. Mitali says he is not here and I won’t let him meet you. Tanu says you shouldn’t have told me before and goes. Pragya comes to Dadi and tells that Aaliya haven’t told anything, but I went to try. She says my strength is strong and says I have given the same deal to Tanu. She says Tanu is not clever like Aaliya and she will meet that person. Dadi says whoever is that person wants to kill you and asks her to be careful, as Bulbul was murdered by them. Pragya says I didn’t know about him last time, but now I won’t let them be in peace.

Abhi taking Pragya’s stuff out of room. Pragya stops him and asks what he is doing? Abhi says I want to remove your memories, and says it gives me pain. He says time has come to do reality check and to take a right decision, and I have decided to remove you from all the places where I have kept you, even if it is my heart or home. Hamari Adhuri plays………….pragya looks on sad and thinks why he is doing these kind of talks. He picks the fuggi toy and recalls the happenings. Abhi asks her not to keep her stuff in the room, else he will leave the room. Pragya gets teary eyes.

Dadi and Dasi see Tanu walking in the house. Dasi says she is tensed and is about to cry. We shall ask her. Dadi asks her to leave her. Dasi says Tanu is going to be your bahu and will give you heir. Dadi says I do worry for her, but I don’t want to trouble her by asking anything. Dasi asks her to come. They go to Tanu. Dasi asks what she is doing? Why she is looking tensed? Tanu says no, and says I am very happy. Dadi says I told naa. Dasi says you couldn’t see her tension and says her face has blacken. Dadi says you couldn’t see properly, and says Tanu is whitish white in color. Dasi says she is worried about her marriage. She says if baby is born before marriage, then you will see Abhi holding baby. Dadi says she will talk to Abhi about marriage. Tanu calls Nikhil and says I want to meet you today. Ronnie hears her and thinks to inform Pragya……Pragya looks at Abhi’s photo and cries…..Paas Aaye Hamari Adhuri plays…………She recalls his words and their romantic moments.

Ronnie calls Pragya and informs her that Tanu have spoken to someone and fixed a meeting. Pragya says she will check her in the room. Tanu sends message to Nikhil asking him to send the address. Pragya comes to Tanu’s room and spy’s on her phone. Tanu sees her going out of room and asks what she is doing in her room. Pragya says she came insearch of Abhi and says he is not picking the call. Tanu says one day he will not come in your talks. Pragya says I have to take him for a meeting and you couldn’t stop him from going with me. Tanu thinks she has to go else she would have stopped Abhi.

Twist of Fate 9 November 2020 update: Abhi is in the restaurant and gets angry at the manager. Purab comes and asks why he is not in good mood. Abhi says he wants to go far from Pragya and want to forget her, want to go away from her eye sight. He says I have decided to end my feelings for Pragya and asks him to help him, and says he did a commitment with Tanu. He says Pragya have snatched his everything and controlling everything as if he is not him. Purab says atleast your love is infront of you, but my love is gone. I am still living for my love, and you also have to live for your love. Abhi says yes, you are saying right, I have to forget everything and will have to live for my love. He goes to washroom. Pragya is in the car and thinks to message Dadi. She calls Purab and tells that she is following Tanu. She says she haven’t told anything to Dadi. Purab says Pragya is already tensed and he shall not talk to her about Abhi.

Pragya says Dadi will get angry knowing she went alone, and asks about Abhi’s mood. Purab says he didn’t tell me anything and asks her to take care. Tanu stops her car somewhere and Pragya follows her asking taxi driver to wait for her 5 mins. Tanu comes to an isolated place and says I am here. Nikhil comes and says I have selected this place to hug you. He hugs her. Pragya prays to God to help her see the person and says she couldn’t hear or see him. Nikhil asks why did she call him? Tanu says Aaliya is caught and is in jail. Nikhil asks what happened? Tanu hears some sound and asks who is there? She says we shall meet somewhere else and goes. Pragya thinks to find out about the person.

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