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Twist of Fate 12 February 2022: Twist of Fate update Saturday 12th February 2022 The Episode starts with Ranbir telling Prachi that they shall steal all the important things related to Abhi. He peeps into the window and tells me that I will steal everything from the cabinet and you will support me in this theft. They go inside the room and search for the proofs. She switches on the lights and the alarm rings. She blames him for opening the drawer, which made the alarm ring. Ranbir says the alarm is ringing just because you opened the light. She says they shall switch off the fuse to set off the alarm. They go to the fuse room and switch off the lights. Prachi says how we will search the proofs in the big house. Ranbir says we shall switch on the lights as he feels the alarm will not ring again. He switches on the fuse and the alarm doesn’t ring. Ranbir says we shall go to the study room. He says the alarm will not ring.

Raghuvir Mishra refuses to fight the case and asks her to approach a big lawyer. He says if you want then I can suggest some good lawyers. Pragya says nobody is ready to fight the case and says what is the use of going there. Raghuvir says I can’t fight this case and apologizes. Pragya says if your son was on my husband’s place and if your bahu had asked you to fight the case, then you would have used all your strength to win it. He says you are emotionally blackmailing me. Pragya says the girl who has accused him of rape has confessed infront of me that she has filed fake case against my husband to take revenge on us. He asks do you have any proofs? Pragya says no. He says he will fight her case. Pragya thanks him. Raghuvir Mishra asks her to tell how she knows Tanu and where did they meet, why she wants to take revenge. Raghuvir’s bahu that she has gathered all the info. He asks her to bring.

Prachi and Ranbir find an envelope and open it. They find Abhi’s pics. Prachi says proof must be in that drawer, but she finds an envelope and opens it.

They find pendrive as proofs against Abhi. Prachi says we shall check the pendrive and looks for the laptop. Rhea asks Pallavi if she saw Ranbir? Pallavi says no, and tells that they were watching news, suddenly he got up and went. Rhea says he should have come to me, but didn’t come. She says Ranbir fought with her for her Dad. Pallavi says she is happy that she got understanding bahu. She asks where is Baljeet Dadi. Rhea says she is in temple. Aryan comes there and saying Ranbir is not picking the call, as he is with Prachi. Rhea hears and asks if he knows about Ranbir. Aryan says no. Rhea calls him. Ranbir tells that they need a laptop to check. They see a video in which Tanu is talking to Abhi. Prachi says we shall go home and see the remaining video. Just then Tanu comes there with the Inspector and accuses them for barging in their house secretly. Prachi says I came to talk to you. Tanu says you had called me. Ranbir says we didn’t come here for theft. Tanu says I will accuse you for breaking into my property. Inspector arrests and takes them. Watchman says I understood when the alarm rang. Tanu says your salary is doubled from next month. Tanu watches the video and thinks it is good that they didn’t see the video fully.

Pragya gets a call from Inspector, who asks her to talk to Prachi. Prachi tells Pragya that she had gone to Tanu’s house to talk to her, when Ranbir came there. She tells that Tanu got them arrested. Ranbir says he needs to talk to his Dad. Lady constable hits Prachi in the PS. Ranbir says you can’t hit her. Lady constable says rule is same for everyone here and nobody can break the rules. Prachi cries and sits in the lock up. Ranbir also sits in the other lock up. Song plays….Jaanisar….

He asks if she is feeling pain. Prachi says a bit. Ranbir asks for her hand to blow on it. He apologizes to her and says if he had not asked her to steal, then this wouldn’t have happened. Prachi says it was my decision to go there, it was a coincidence that we meet there, and asks him not to blame him. Pragya comes there and gets Prachi bailed. Lady constable frees her and asks her to meet her Maa. Pragya raises her hand to slap her, and asks why did you go there? Prachi says she had gone there to do something for Papa. Pragya says you are not having the age to tackle this problem and tells that she will handle it. Ranbir says Prachi is the brave girl and the good daughter which he had ever seen. Pragya asks why did you go there? Ranbir tells that he had gone there for chief and saw a video which was original. He says whatever video Tanu will show in court is the edited video. Pragya feels proud seeing his love for Chief and tells that she will not let him be inside for much time.

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