Twist of Fate 17 September 2022: The Episode starts with Prachi thanking Ranbir. Rhea says there are many servants who do breakfast together with us and says if you do then what is the big deal. Prachi says she didn’t thank for the breakfast and says there is another world. She says you was busy making sheera. She says Ranbir took me in his embrace before you came and that’s why I am thanking him. She goes. Rhea asks did you take her in your embrace. Ranbir says I held her as she is about to fall. Rhea says Prachi has stoop low and asks why did he take her in his embrace. Ranbir says nothing of that sort happened, she came to troubled you and you are getting troubled.

Aaliya calls Rhea. Rhea asks where are you? She says do you have an idea, what is going on in my life. Aaliya tells that she had gone out for the company where she works. She asks about her message, that Prachi has returned. Rhea tells her everything. Aaliya says Prachi returned, how dare she? Rhea says I can’t fall to her level and can’t do anything. She says she is going to do something big and I am going to lose everything. Aaliya asks her not to worry and says she has returned. Rhea thinks I won’t accept defeat anyhow. Prachi comes to the dining table and sits on the chair. Ranbir also comes and sits. Pallavi asks Ranbir about Rhea. Ranbir says she is coming. Prachi asks Ranbir if he will take and keeps the bowl. Ranbir lifts his plate. Rhea comes and says I will serve you. Pallavi says we were waiting for you. Prachi says not me, I have started food already. Ranbir is about to serve the food to himself. Prachi stops him and asks him to let Rhea serve the food. She then asks Rhea to serve food to her also. She says she do one thing at a time. Rhea says you don’t exist for me. Prachi says I am not for you here, and for whoever I am here, he knows. Rhea says I will serve Sheera. Pallavi tells that it is Rhea’s first rasoi and asks Dida to try sheera. Dida tries and makes face. She asks Pallavi to try. Pallavi tastes it and says it is yummy. Rhea asks Prachi to take it. Prachi says she is allergic to sweets and sweet people. Pallavi asks Ranbir to taste it. Rhea says she will make Ranbir taste it. He says I can eat. She insists and makes him taste it. Ranbir tastes it and make faces. Dida and Ranbir tell that it is too sweet.

Pallavi says what is a big deal, this is her first rasoi. Dida asks how much sugar is added. Prachi says it might be Rhea’s love and tells Ranbir that he might get sugar, due to the over sweetness. Pallavi asks Ranbir to say something to her and says she is getting sarcastic. Prachi asks Ranbir not to make husband and wife fight, it is not good. She comes to Ranbir and asks him not to spoil his mood, and have something there. She asks him to return soon. Niti brings curd and sugar. Prachi says you have meeting today and makes him eat curd and sugar. He thinks for what she came, he don’t understand. Rhea gets upset. Pallavi gets a call and goes to attend it. Dida also goes to take her medicine. Ranbir and Prachi have an eye lock. Rhea makes him turn towards her and asks what are you doing. Prachi asks him to have fun and goes. Rhea asks him to tell something to her. Ranbir says what to do? He says she wants to trouble you and you are getting troubled. She asks aren’t you getting troubled? Ranbir says no and goes.

Rhea comes to Prachi and asks him to stay away from Ranbir, and says he is my husband. She says keep the legal issues out, and tells that she is his wife now. She asks her to leave the house. Prachi looks at her and says why are you angry? She says I shall get angry, as you have snatched my husband, house and love and even sister. She asks her to think her level of anger. Rhea asks why don’t you burn in your anger and asks why are you living as your husband has abandoned you. She asks do you have any reason to live. Prachi keeps her hand on her tummy. Rhea says live and let us live. Prachi says I can go, but if I go then you will get the happiness, which I can’t bear to give you. She says I had given you the happiness once, when you brought Maa and Papa between us. She says I would have given you my Ranbir to you, as I used to love you a lot. She says I used to have lenses and at one point, I was blinded. She says that day, I saw you staring at Ranbir in office canteen, your sight, your bad sight, but I couldn’t understand as I was blinded in your love. She says on Janmasthami day, I was dancing better than you, and something pierced in my foot. She says I had found bangle piece of yours, I couldn’t understand then. She says now I have no relation with sister, you are my sautan now. Rhea says your countdown will fail infront of my seven rounds. She says Ranbir filled my maang with sindoor with his wish and says now I don’t have to fight for suhaag, but with sautan. She says you have challenged to throw me out in 3 days, but I will kick you in just 2 days. Prachi says life is of 4 days and asks when you will win if the life ends.

Ranbir comes to the office and asks receptionist to send Shiv. He tells that Shiv is fired for being late. He sees Shiv’s brother Jai and his old time friend coming there. Jai asks can I apply until Shiv comes. Ranbir hugs him. He says whenever I tell him, you are fired. He says sorry and returns to work. Jai says he likes you a lot. Ranbir asks him to become his secretary until Shiv returns. They leave for the meeting.

Prachi visits the gynaec and asks if this is her first pregnancy. Prachi nods yes. Doctor tells that you will hear your baby’s heart beat for the first time. Prachi gets emotional hearing the baby’s heart beat and thinks you should be with Ranbir. She says I feel that the baby will be alone, as I want you to be with him, but not with me.

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