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Twist of Fate 2 January 2021: Twist of Fate update Saturday 2nd January 2021, Tanu challenging Dadi that she will win and Pragya will lose. Dadi thinks if Tanu knows Abhi from 5 years and is taking advantage, then she is with him since his birth and will make only Pragya take his advantage. Tanu is being pampered by Abhi and he gives her soup to eat. He asks her to have soup and says Dadi called him. Nikhil thinks he has to eat outside food daily, and thinks he has only a girl friend who has someone else in her heart. He thinks once Tanu is married to Abhi, and then he will become CEO of his company, and will hire 4 girls chefs, laughs. He gets Tanu’s call and asks what happened? Tanu says Abhi has thrown his anger out of his heart, and is taking care of me very much. She says he stands outside bathroom to make sure that I am fine. Nikhil says wow, your one move brought him closer to you. Tanu says Abhi will forget sarla and Pragya and says her life will be blossoming when these two go. Nikhil asks her to make Abhi have feelings for her, and says men have two weakness. One is food which you couldn’t make and other thing is tears which directly flow in a man’s heart. He asks her to go and get inside Abhi’s heart.

Abhi comes to Dadi’s room and sees Pragya crying. Pragya goes from there. Abhi asks what happened? Dadi says she was crying as you have played with her feelings. Abhi says I didn’t do anything. Dadi says when I went to your room that day, she was hearing your songs on her phone and smiling. She says Pragya was smiling seeing your pic also, and says you have melted mogambo’s heart. She says Pragya was dishearted as Tanu entered your home and says your fuggi is hidden behind mogambo’s attire. Abhi says yes, and says he feels same. He asks if she was crying much. Dadi says yes. Abhi asks what shall I do? Dadi says propose her. She says tomorrow is her birthday and if you propose her then she will get happy. She asks him to say sorry to her also. Abhi says Pragya scolds me. Dadi asks him to say sorry. Abhi says what about Tanu? Dadi asks do you love her? Abhi says no. Dadi says I will take care of Tanu and her child. She asks him to handle Pragya before anyone else propose her as she is beautiful. Abhi says yes. Dadi says she is rich also. Abhi says it is mine. Dadi says but nobody else knows, if a man propose her then…She asks him not to waste time and handle Pragya. Abhi says Tanu….Dadi says I will handle her. Abhi thanks her and says he will remarry Pragya and have honeymoon with her. Dadi says you have to propose her today itself. Abhi says yes. Dadi says Tanu have used my trick, and now I will used hers.

Twist of Fate 2 January 2021: Abhi says mission propose. He holds her photo frame and says I came to know that you are my fuggi, and loves me. He asks do you like me with jacket or without jacket. Rachna and Purab come to his room and sees him with specs, jacket etc. They laugh. Abhi says I am trying my new look. Purab says we didn’t know. Rachna says did you really try your look? Abhi says yes. He asks Purab and Rachna, if they have done his work. Rachna says you didn’t give any work. Abhi asks her where is Pragya? Rachna says she is in kitchen making sandwiches for Dadi. Abhi says I love Sandwiches and goes there. Rachna says we shall go and see.

Abhi comes to kitchen and asks what are you cooking? Pragya angrily says achaar. Abhi thinks she is angry. Pragya asks if he wants to make sandwiches for Tanu. Abhi says he wants to learn from her and asks her to teach him. He holds her closely and asks him to take his name….Pragya says you…and makes sandwiches for him. Abhi thinks I am so close to her and she is not saying anything, it means she is my fuggi. Shall I propose her now or after sometime. Pagya says sandwich is ready and gives to Abhi. Rachna and Purab are happy to see their romance. Abhi eats sandwich from her hand. Purab says we should have made their video. Rachna says they should be happy always. Tanu hears them and asks what? Robin is about to go to kitchen. Purab and Rachna stop them from going there. Rachna says food will not be made today. Robin says what about others? Rachna says I will order food from outside and asks him to take a day off. Robin says I will ask Pragya. Purab says Pragya is with Abhi in kitchen and they are making sandwiches. Robin is happy also and goes. Tanu hears them and thinks to go and check on Abhi.

Abhi and Pragya talk to each other. Abhi says I talked to your pic and asks if she liked his help. Pragya blushes. Abhi asks her to tell about her feelings. Pragya says I am habitual to work in kitchen and says you will get irritated here. Abhi says you want me to take clothes out. Pragya says no. Abhi says I was joking and helps her in making sandwiches. Tanu peeps in the kitchen and says so this is happening here.

Zee world Twist of Fate 2 January 2021: Tanu seeing Abhi and Pragya romancing in kitchen and gets angry. Dadi talks to Sarla and says she is with Pragya and will help her win. Sarla blesses Pragya. Purab and Rachna come there and tells Dadi that Abhi and Pragya are romancing in the kitchen. Dadi says Tanu will get jealous now and says it is her plan, and feels proud. She says she made this plan to keep Abhi away from Tanu and tells about her conversation with her. Tanu hears Dadi. Dadi says when I talked to Abhi, he agreed and ran to Pragya. Purab says you are great. Dadi says Abhi will propose Pragya tomorrow and says she is waiting for the way when they will become three. Tanu gets angry. Rachna and Purab smiles. Tanu thinks how can Dadi think of a plan, although she couldn’t walk properly. She gets angry on Abhi, and thinks he don’t have his own thinking. Abhi brings sandwich for Tanu and asks her to eat it.

Pragya says we made it with love. Tanu tastes it and says good. Abhi asks Pragya to come and goes to give sandwich to Dadi. Tanu throws the sandwich once they go, and thinks what to do? Abhi gives sandwiches to Dadi and says it is made by Abhigya. Dadi asks Pragya not to shy and says Abhi will surprise you. Rachna and Purab also tease her. Rachna says it will be shock for Tanu. Pragya gets happy hearing from Dadi and hugs her.

Tanu comes to Nikhil’s house and says I was celebrating alone and asks her for a dance. He says you couldn’t dance now. He says you entered Abhi’s heart and home in one go, and says it is called Tanu returns. He gives her wine. Tanu throws it and says we are wherever we were. She says Abhi is roaming around Pragya and not caring me. She says Abhi is going to propose Pragya tomorrow in the party. Nikhil says Abhi should get emotional with you as you are having his baby. Tanu tells Nikhil that Dadi filled Abhi’s ears and took him on Pragya’s side. Nikhil says I have an idea and says I feel like kicking myself, why didn’t I get this idea before. Tanu kicks her and says she is helping her.

Nikhil says Abhi will do now, I won’t do anything. He says Abhi will lighten Pragya’s kumkum, so that it doesn’t appear on her forehead. He will break all relations with her. He says Pragya will take much time to come out of it, and asks who will do the work now. Tanu asks what? Nikhil says matchstick work. Tanu asks him to do something before Pragya’s birthday. Nikhil says plan is easy and effective, and will not let Pragya to protect her. She will get my shocking surprise and she will think why did she born?

Twist of Fate 2 January 2021: Later in the night, Abhi comes to Pragya’s room wearing a mask. Pragya asks Abhi to wake up, and thinks he is more scared than me. She asks who are you? Mask man says prince of your dreams. Pragya says you will take my life. Abhi is actually wearing mask and says he came to wish her birthday. Pragya tries to beat him. Abhi says he is Abhi, the rockstar. He says you have ruined my plan to hug and kiss you. Pragya smiles and says we will do again. She asks him to scare her again and switches off light. Abhi comes and hugs her, wishes her happy birthday. Abhi gives her black rose, then makes it red. Pragya asks how did you change the color. Abhi says see what your dream man will do tomorrow. Pragya is hopeful and thinks about Purab and Dadi’s words. Abhi asks her to sleep. Pragya thinks something good will happen tomorrow. Tanu complains to Abhi that nobody takes care of her and asks him to bring milk for him. Abhi says you would have called me. Tanu says she can’t climb down the stairs and asks him to bring. Abhi goes. Tanu wonders what Nikhil is upto some conspiracy.

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