Twist of Fate 2 October 2021: Twist of Fate update Saturday 2nd October 2021 The Episode starts with Dushyant asking Pandit Ji to solemnized the wedding from the start. Pandit Ji starts chanting the mantras again. Ranbir says when Rahul will gain consciousness. Prachi hopes very soon. Pandit Ji asks the bride’s father to do the ghatbandhan. Dushyant stops him and tells that do I need to make you understand separately. He says I told him that Mr. Mehra will do the ghatbandhan. Aaliya thinks he will be happy when he comes to know that he has tied her daughter’s ghatbandhan. Abhi looks on.

Madan is driving the car and his phone falls down. He bends down to pick it and is about to hit Pragya. But just then he sees her and stops the car. Pragya stops him from driving the car blindly. He says even you were lost in your mobile and tells that he is going to buy Beer. Rhea is semiconscious and hears her. Pragya scolds him and asks if he will drink and drive. She thinks to note down the number. Sarita behen calls Pragya and tells her that they came to the party for the catering. Pragya asks her to give a call to Prachi. Sarita behen asks her to talk later to Prachi and ends the call. Pandit ji asks Abhi to hurry up as he can’t recite the mantras until the ghatbandhan is tied. Abhi says you are doing ghee’s work and ties ghatbandhan of Ranbir and Prachi. Prachi thinks if she will really get married. Abhi tells Ranbir that he has called some men to stop the wedding and asks him not to worry. Ranbir asks do you know such men? Abhi says yes, and tells that he sings for fake work. Ranbir thinks he don’t want him to stop the marriage.

Madan asks his goons to tie the girls tightly to the chairs. The goons tie Maya and Rhea to the chair. Madan tells his goons that he has to kill one of them. The goon says they shall kill the girl wearing bridal dress. Madan says Madam didn’t tell whom to kill, as one is wearing the bridal dress and the other was holding it. He messages Aaliya asking her to pick his video call and tell him whom to kill, seeing the face. He tells that he has to kill one of them and waits for Aaliya to pick the call. Rhea gains consciousness and hears them. She thinks who is Madam, thinks she must be Maya and wants to kill me. She thinks to act to be unconscious and waits for the right time. Abhi thinks when they will come here, 5 mins…Ranbir and Prachi perform the rituals. Pallavi tells that this marriage will not stop. Beeji goes to Abhi and tells what Pallavi said. Abhi says this marriage will not happen. Aaliya thinks Sarita behen is looking happy and that means that Prachi was ready for marriage and Madan kidnapped her. She gets Madan’s message asking whom to kill. Aryan and Shahana try to make Rahul gain consciousness. Aaliya hears Aryan and comes there. She asks who is he? Shahana says he…Aaliya says I am asking him and not you. Aryan tells that he is Rahul and tells that they are trying to make him gain consciousness so that he stops the marriage. Aaliya says no, and thinks he shall not gain consciousness until Rhea’s marriage happens. Madan thinks why Aaliya Madam is not picking my call.

Aaliya goes to her room and picks the call. Madan asks why do you take so much time. Aaliya says you work for me, I don’t work for you. Madan says he wants to know whom to kill and that’s why made a video call. Rhea tries to free herself. Aaliya asks Madan to take the camera towards girls, says she will tell him whom to kill. Madan is coming towards the chairs where the girls are tied. He comes near the chair. Rhea stabs glass piece in his leg and he falls down injured. He calls his men. Rhea cuts the rope with the glass piece. The goons come to Madan. Madan asks them to run behind the girl. Rhea sees Maya there unconscious and gets shocked. Aaliya thinks Maya or Prachi shall not come here. Rhea throws something on them and runs out. Maya gains consciousness and asks where is she? Madan asks her to sit silently. Maya thinks Prachi got her kidnapped and thinks she will not leave her. She frees herself

Dasharath tells Dushyant that if he wouldn’t have been here then Maya’s marriage wouldn’t have happened with her choice. Mrs. Chaubey tells that neither Ranbir nor his family likes her. Dasharath tells that he is scared of Mr. Mehra and feels that some planning is going on. Abhi asks Vikram to come with him and says if you hear me then you will laugh. Vikram tells Pallavi that he will just be back. Sarita behen thinks Ranbir will be yours and it is written on your forehead and palm. Aaliya thinks she has written Rhea and Prachi’s destiny. Rhea will marry Ranbir and Prachi will go far away from here. Rhea sits in the car and tries to start car. The goons come there and ask her to open the door. She pushes the door on the goon and runs away. Maya comes out. Madan and the goons catch Maya. Madan asks the goons to lock her in godown and he goes behind Rhea.

Vikram asks Abhi about his plan. The goons come there and show the pistol. Vikram says he can’t fire the gun. Abhi says you are not Kohli and says after shooting, we will blast the bomb. Vikram is shocked.

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