Twist of Fate 22 January 2022: Twist of Fate update Saturday 22nd January 2022 The Episode starts with Ranbir asking Rhea if she saw Chief. Rhea says I didn’t see, I was here. Ranbir says where did he go? Rhea comes to him and says sorry for not behaving normally. She says she will be soon. She says you are concerned about Dad and when he gets fine, then he will feel proud of you. Ranbir says I am not doing this as he will feel proud or impress Rhea. He asks her to be sensitive towards her Papa. Rhea says you have the quality to understand people, but not me. Ranbir thinks you might not get it until you don’t think from the heart. She says sorry. Ranbir asks her not to say sorry and says even the chief will not understand her sorry now. Mitali comes there and asks them to get ready. Ranbir goes.

Prachi comes to Mehra Mansion to take Shahana back, thinking she shall not know Maa is working here as a Servant. She thinks Shahana has a soft corner for Ranbir and will tell him everything. She walks inside and collides with Ranbir. He holds her. Manmurade plays……Prachi looks at him with tears in her eyes. Manmurade song plays….Ranbir asks if she came to stop his engagement. Prachi says she didn’t come for him. Ranbir gets teary eyes and wipes his tears. Prachi goes to search Shahana. Ranbir comes to her and says you had said that you didn’t come to me. He asks why she doesn’t understand that they have a connection between each other. Prachi says I have thought and tells that you are very stubborn and asks him to stop living in misunderstanding.

Ranbir asks her to tell in his eyes that she doesn’t love him. He says if you are going to lie then don’t tell. He asks her to tell him that she loves him. Prachi says I don’t know and goes. He asks her to stop. Prachi shows her fingers and says there is no ring on her finger, as there is nothing between us. Abhi says I have the ring and shows the ring in his finger. Prachi hugs him and cries calling him Papa. Abhi asks her not to touch him and tells that Ranbir gave this ring to me, I didn’t know that this is your engagement ring. He says this ring has flowers and it is worn by girls and I am boy. He asks Ranbir to make Prachi wear the ring, as she is crying. He asks Prachi to give her hand. SubhanAllah song plays….Abhi asks Ranbir to make Prachi wear the flower ring. Prachi cries and hugs Abhi. Abhi sees the waiter and goes. Ranbir asks Prachi to return the ring as she doesn’t deserve it.

Sarita behen asks Pragya to return home. Pragya says until he gets fine, I have to work here as a Servant. She turns and sees a lady, asks her not to tell anything. The lady tells that she will not tell anyone and identifies Pragya. She says she came here with her husband Hemant for Ranbir’s engagement. Pragya tells that her husband is her world and that’s why she is here. The lady says she understands well. Pragya asks where is her husband? The lady tells that she talked about love, but confused about it, trying to find out if it is conditional or consensual. She says she got married as her parents wished and had children as her mother-in-law wanted. She says she feels like they are forced characters who worked for the society conditions. She asks if this is just our life, or if there is any happiness beyond this. Pragya asks what happiness. The lady says she wants to live life and do whatever she wants to, with her wish. The driver comes and says your husband is calling you. The lady asks her to watch her story in the story of a married woman. Pragya says surely. The lady goes.

Shahana thinks where is Aryan and comes to his room. She keeps a note for him in the drawer and thinks if he forgot his own room. She thinks if he fooled her then she will not leave him. Aryan is locked in the bathroom and knocks on the door. He asks someone to open the door and thinks Shahana will think wrong and it will be difficult to control them.

Abhi drinks and tries to do friendship with waiters. He burps. The waiter goes. Pragya takes Abhi’s glass and drinks. Abhi asks if she drank his juice and says you shouldn’t have done this. Pragya says sorry. Abhi says it is ok, you have done so much for me, taught me how to drink. He says waiters made me drink much. Pragya asks him to come to the room and says she will teach him how to make aeroplane. Abhi agrees. The waiter collides with Abhi. Abhi asks did you hit me? Pragya says no and helps the waiter pick the fallen stuff. Abhi throws the paper rocket in the air and it falls near Rhea. Shaina asks if the children are here in the party. Rhea sees Abhi and goes to him. She asks if he is playing alone. Abhi says sorry as the rocket fell near her. Rhea says it’s ok and gives Paper rocket to him. Abhi tells her that he made two friends, one is Gayu and another one is Ranbir. He says Ranbir is very good and made him wear a ring, and also made other girl wear ring too. Rhea gets tensed and asks where is that girl now. Abhi says they are behind the pillar. Rhea thinks the other girl is surely Prachi, if she tries to snatch my Ranbir from me then nobody will be worse than me.

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