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Twist of Fate 22 May 2021: Twist of Fate update Saturday 22nd May 2021 Zeeworld Rhea comes downstairs in the party. She was stopped by Priyanka who asks if she could speak to Sanju. Rhea complements her friendship with Priyanka who is always concerned for her. The best thing is, they hate Prachi equally.

Priyanka thinks she is on Rhea’s side because they target the same house, Rhea hates Prachi while she hates Prachi’s mother.
Aaliya comes to Sarika and says her dreams won’t be fulfilled here in such parties. Sarika asks what her dreams are. Aaliya says it’s to marry some rich man for sure. Sarika says its good Aaliya knows something about her, she is a gold digger and will marry rich. Sarika was introduced to Rhea by a friend and promotes her new show ‘Fitrat’.

Rhea comes to Ranbir. Ranbir asks if she is talking to him. Rhea says they live in same house and share a living room, can’t they wish Diwali to each other. She asks if it’s the lighting that’s different or something else, he looks really handsome. Ranbir says a bye to Rhea as she walks away. Back there, Priyanka stops Rhea and teases her to flirt Ranbir. She asks if Rhea is sure Ranbir loves her. Rhea says she doesn’t want her mood to be ruined.

The men come downstairs and greets Prachi and Sarita. He sends Vikram along with Purab, then says he won’t meet their mother till his image has been cleared. He tells Sarita that Rhea always takes their mom’s side, Prachi must take his side. Sarita asks him to be clear. Abhi secretively tells them that he scolded Rhea but for some reason. She thought ill for her mother, and even discussed it with Prachi’s mother. Sarita objects that Abhi is now telling Prachi here. Prachi says Abhi is right, no parent would like that their child thinks ill of her parents. Abhi requests Sarita to turn the game, they must give Prachi to him. Sarita proposes Abhi can give Rhea to her.

Abhi says Rhea really likes Prachi’s mother, he won’t mind if she has to stay with her. He demands Prachi to clarify his position in front of her mom first. Sarita says she hasn’t yet arrived. Abhi tells them he also has to leave, and when he returns Prachi’s mother will be here. Sarita wonders if Abhi also found his lost wife like Pragya. Abhi explains his sister wants to introduce him to a business partner, he is going out to avoid meeting that boring man.

Abhi was met by Vikram and Purab at the door. Vikram asks their advice to make his mother and wife fight. Abhi and Purab were shocked why he wants so, doesn’t he like peace in the house. Vikram explains they turn to prosecutors for him at home.

Abhi and Purab weren’t ready to give any advice. Ranbir caught Vikram who denies recognize Ranbir as a son. He says he has spoken to a lawyer to get his will ready and disown Ranbir. He will get him caught in a clause that he will continue to do job in the company for seven lives. Ranbir blames that Vikram’s knee operation was also a drama, to make him work. Vikram poses to be emotional and asks why he would fool everyone else. Ranbir now hugs Vikram who laughs jokingly. They father son wish each other Diwali. Vikram promises to complete his challenge, and make Bee ji and Pallavi fight.

Abhi watches Mira who was staring at him. He observes a waiter was about to hit her. Abhi comes to Mira and asks where she was lost. Mira apologizes. He wonders why she is saying sorry to him. Abhi tells Mira he has to sneak out the party for some time. He has to go and meet his wife, Pragya. Mira asks Abhi to stay for a while, Aaliya has invited a guest. He has to surprise Pragya and can go a little late. Abhi agrees. Mira silently cries it hurts that she can’t share her feelings with Abhi yet she loves him. Pragya is lucky that Abhi is still with her, though not being together.

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