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Twist of Fate 24 April 2021: Twist of Fate update Saturday 24th April 2021, Hritik asking Disha not to take Veronica’s words seriously and says she is angry and that’s why said this. Hritik tells her that he will take the plate. Disha asks do you think I am angry because of this and says you are irritating me really. He says this is happening since the day 1. Disha says your attitude of I am so casual and cool are irritating. She says you broke her heart and told that I am the culprit. Hritik says just as I told her that I like you. He says she said, let’s break up. He says if I had told her to break up then she wouldn’t agreed and says he used her name and saved his bachelorhood. He says I will not forget your favors. Disha is upset.

Shahana comes to the room and tells the room that it is not hers now and asks the roof to fall on his head. She collides with Rishi and taunts him. Rishi holds her hand and says what wrong did I do with you? Shahana says your innocence doesn’t suit you. Rishi says you are fighting with me for a room. Shahana says you don’t know what is that room for me. He says before you, I used to stay in that house. Shahana says you was not there when we came here. Rishi says we shall be friends. She says it is not easy to become my friend. Sarita behen comes and asks why didn’t you meet me. Rishi says Madam stopped me. Sarita behen asks if she troubled you. Shahana says we were not fighting. Rishi says she was asking me if I had food or not.

Priyanka and Rhea come to Abhi’s room. Priyanka says where is chucks? Rhea calls him and says phone is ringing here. Abhi comes there and what’s up there. Rhea says you scared us. Priyanka says who leaves phone in room. Abhi says it is not much needed. Rhea says we need something. He asks what? Rhea says permission. Abhi says you came to my room at night and says this might be something big. Priyanka asks him not to refuse. Rhea says party, night party with college friends and says she wants Priyanka to come. Abhi asks them to go. They get happy. Abhi tells Priyanka that no guys from the organization. Rhea asks what do you mean? Abhi says Priyanka understood. He asks them to go as he is feeling sleepy. Rhea asks her about the guy. Priyanka says leave it.

Shahana comes to Rishi and asks him why he acted to be good infront of Sarita behen. He asks if someone make me antirishi tablet. She says you are bad infront of my eyes and says I am from Hoshiarpur, but you are clever. He asks if she don’t want him to be good and says you felt good that I saved you from Nani. Shahana asks him not to try to be good. He asks why? She says don’t know and goes. Rishi says I am bad infront of your eyes, but you are good infront of my eyes. He says this girl is mad.

Purab comes to Disha’s house and thinks it is late, it is not good to go now. Song plays….yeh hunda pyaar……He rings the door bell. Hritik opens the door shocking Purab. Disha asks who came? Hritik asks do you know that I am here and asks if he came to meet him. Disha says why you came? Purab says my car stopped nearby so he came. Hritik says Disha don’t like such jokes and asks him to say truth. Purab tells that his company rhythm is organizing an event and he wants publicity for it. Hritik gets a call and asks Disha, can he go to balcony and talk. He asks her to make something for Purab, tea or coffee. Disha goes.

Prachi asks Shahana why she is after Rishi and says he is a simple guy. Shahana tells that he is not good and says something happened. Sarita behen comes there and asks Shahana to come with her to temple in the morning. Shahana says she has an important lecture tomorrow. Sarita behen says then how we will teach a lesson to that girl. Prachi asks what happened? Sarita behen tells about her fight with a rich girl. Prachi asks her to forgive that girl and don’t interfere Police. She says she has presentation tomorrow and goes. Sarita behen says both mother and daughter’s names are with P and they don’t know to give Punishment, but Pravachan. Shahana says our names are with S and we will give Saza and tells that they will keep Pragya and Prachi away from this matter. Sarita behen says done. Purab comes to kitchen. Disha asks him to sit out. Purab asks why hritik is here? Disha says this is my house. He asks can’t you see that he likes you. Disha says you shall not care and says this is interference. She says I can let anyone come here, says it is my house and life. Purab says I don’t like him. Disha says you got married to the girl whom I disliked and says Hritik is a nice guy and I don’t have the problem with him. Purab says but I have. Disha says door is that side and asks him to leave.

Shahana asks for her earrings. Rishi says I saw in my room. Prachi and Rishi are leaving for office. Pragya asks her to take tiffin and asks her to have almonds to remember things. Prachi says I don’t like it. She goes. Pragya smiles and a fb is shown. Pragya is in the auto and thinks to make Abhi have almonds. She gets down the auto and stops Abhi’s car. Abhi asks if she is missing him. Pragya says you forgot the guitar at home. Abhi asks her to come with him. Pragya asks him to have almonds. He says he hates almonds and you are with me to make me remember and hugs her.

Shahana comes to Pragya and says Rishi has taken her room and is upset. Pragya hugs her and says you don’t know how much I love you. Shahana asks her to tell which earring to wear.

Purab is in his room and looks at the ring which Disha returned to him. He thinks of Hritik’s words that there is nothing between Disha and him. He thinks he went to meet Disha, but fought with her. He regrets.


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