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Twist of Fate 4 September 2021: Twist of Fate update Saturday 4th September 2021 Prachi getting restless at night and couldn’t sleep. Shahana asks if she is not getting sleep. Prachi asks her to sleep and thinks Ranbir always picks her call, thinks he must be busy. She then thinks not to pick his call. Ranbir comes to Abhi and asks what happened to him. Abhi says he is fine, absolutely fine. Rhea comes holding coffee and tells that she didn’t know that Vikram’s uncle was here, so she brought only one coffee. Vikram takes the coffee and asks her to bring another coffee for Abhi. 

Abhi throws a pillow on him and tells him that he never misses anything, her first school, her first coffee, etc. Vikram gives coffee to Abhi. Abhi tastes and enjoys. Vikram goes. Abhi asks Ranbir to sit. He says he came to know everything and asks him to do whatever he wants to do and tells that his chief is with him. Ranbir thanks him and asks him to have coffee. Abhi tells Rhea that coffee is good. Rhea thanks him. Ranbir finds his phone switched off and switches it on. He sees Prachi’s missed calls and calls her. Prachi gets upset with him and scolds him for not picking her calls. She says if you had called me then I would have told that I was busy, will talk later. Ranbir says I am talking later.

Prachi says you called me at the wrong time and tells me that she was sleeping. Ranbir asks if you are my girlfriend. Prachi says no. He says you want to talk to me, but you are angry and tells me that these are symptoms of a good girlfriend. Prachi says she doesn’t want such talks and tells that it is madness. She tells that she wants to sleep, and is angry. She says you didn’t pick my call twice and then switches off your phone. Ranbir says I didn’t know how did it switch off. She asks if you are a child. He says I didn’t tell you that you are my girlfriend and asks if she wants to become his girlfriend. Prachi says no. He tells that they will go to Rahul’s house and will ask him why he stepped back. He says he will pick her from her house at 8:30 am. Prachi ends the call and lies down on the bed. Shahana tells Prachi that this is a love symptom. Prachi asks her to sleep.

Ranbir comes to his room and sees Rhea sitting on his bed. He tells that he was busy with a phone call in the kitchen. He asks can I sleep now and asks her to get up from his bed. Rhea gets up and sits again. He asks why you are not taking dad’s help. Ranbir tells that chief landed in jail because of me and that’s why he doesn’t want to take his help. Does she ask how you both have a strong connection? Ranbir says I don’t want the chief to interfere in my matters and don’t want something to happen to him. Rhea asks how you will come out of Maya’s matter. Ranbir tells that Chief’s words are his command and tells that he will do something. Rhea goes to sleep.

The next day, Prachi comes and sits with Ranbir in his car. Ranbir says I can’t do one thing, ie, wait. He tells them that he was entertaining himself to wait for her. Prachi asks him to drive. Does he ask what happened? Prachi tells that Shahana tells anything so you came in my dream. Does Ranbir ask what I was doing? Prachi says you were saying that you wanted to marry Maya and that’s why I am angry with you. Ranbir tells that he has no control over dreams and can do anything. He says even you came in my dream. Prachi asks what did I do? Ranbir says you asked me not to marry Maya, but marry me. He says I said of course and agreed to marry you. He says we will go to the temple and get married. Prachi gets tensed. Ranbir says I was kidding. He says whatever we think in the daytime, it comes at night. Prachi sees Rahul on the road. Rahul is talking to Maya and asks her if she will betray her. She says never. He sees them and runs, telling Maya that 2nd one came in front of 1st. They come home following Rahul. Ranbir breaks the glass bottle to stop Rahul. He asks him to say everything else he will be dead. Rahul says then you will be jailed. Ranbir says you will be dead, but we will come out of jail. Prachi brings a knife and asks him to say. Rahul drinks water. Prachi asks him to concentrate on actions.

Ranbir says he is running and catches Rahul. Rahul says when we left in your car. Maya pulled the brake. A FB is shown, Maya tells Rahul that her mother told a story to her and asks what he can do for her. Rahul says I can pluck stars for you, can die for you, we will talk later about these things, but first, we shall leave. She asks what about diamond jewelry, bank balance, and car. He says it will take time. Maya says till then you will get old and I will become the mother of two. He says my love will be with you. Maya says she wants the luxuries along with his love. Rahul asks her to choose love or money. Does Maya ask if I get both then? She says you will be mine and money too. Fb ends. Rahul tells that Maya went back to sangeet and was told that she didn’t write any letter.

Does Ranbir ask what is her plan? Rahul says to trap you. Does Ranbir ask why you are after me? Does Prachi ask what is her plan? Rahul says she will marry you and the next day will divorce you. Ranbir asks what rubbish. Rahul tells that Maya told her…A FB again. Maya tells that she has a solid reason to take a divorce from Ranbir, has a recording of Ranbir and Prachi. She tells that she will get alimony and with that, he can start his new business. Rahul asks really? Maya says yes. Fb ends. Rahul asks Ranbir to maintain distance with Maya on the first night. Ranbir says no marriage will happen and asks Rahul to come with him to Maya’s house and tell him everything.

Rahul refuses and asks who will believe him. He sprays pepper spray on their eyes and tells them that he is leaving the city and they will never know where is he going? Ranbir asks Prachi if she is fine. Prachi says he ran away. Ranbir says people will say that divorcee is going. They argue. She says marriage hasn’t happened. He asks why she has a problem with yar. Prachi hesitantly tells that girlfriend and boyfriend speak such things. Ranbir laughs. He tells that yaar is your special friend, more than your friend, who comes in your dream, who stands in front of you and when he is with you, you can’t blink your eyes. Prachi looks at him.

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