Twist of Fate 5 March 2022: The Episode starts with Aaliya calling waiter to bring water. Pradeep comes there in waiter’s clothes. Tanu asks him to come fast and then identifies him. She wonders how did Pradeep come to know about me. He gives her juice and whispers her to meet on the terrace. Mitali asks Tanu to drink. Tanu drinks the juice and gets up. Pragya says I think juice is showing its effect. Tanu gets drowsy. Abhi and Pragya take her to the sofa. Ranbir gives her pillow and says I am making place for her rest. Pragya says we have to make her confess. Abhi asks Rhea to start the recording. Pragya asks what is your name? Tanu says Tanu. Pragya asks where do you stay? Tanu says New Delhi. Abhi asks why did you accuse me for rape? Pragya says you have accused him wrongly for rape. Pradeep waits for her on terrace and thinks to go down and check. Pragya asks Tanu to answer and says you have accused him wrong and asks her to say. Tanu says she went to Abhi’s room that day to play a game.

Abhi asks Rhea to record him instead. Rhea asks where is her husband? Pradeep is standing out and peeps in the room and sees Tanu drowsy. Prachi says he should have come, we have sent invitation. Abhi says we have to prove my innocence, then I will be out and she will be jailed. He says for that we need proofs. Pradeep thinks they want to make Tanu confess something and thinks he won’t let her go to jail. He lights the lamp wire on fire and thinks this will work. Tanu does actions of rubbing Abhi’s clothes with hers, but they don’t understand. Ranbir feels the smell and comes out. He sees the short circuit happening. Rhea shouts calling Abhi. Everyone comes out leaving Tanu inside. Ranbir asks Abhi to go back else Tanu will gain consciousness. Abhi and Pragya come back and see Tanu missing. Pradeep takes Tanu to the washroom and makes her wash her face. Tanu gains consciousness and tells that she is getting late for her engagement. Pradeep stops her and tells that Pragya and Abhi have given her sedatives to know her secret. Tanu is shocked and says but you gave me that drink? He says I gave but..

He says you can’t marry Abhi. Tanu says it is my life and I will decide, I need money. Pradeep says I know that you don’t return my money and says I don’t trust you. Tanu says you asked me to trust you and now telling you don’t trust me. Pradeep says you can’t do this marriage, else I will tell your truth to Abhi right time. Abhi tries to open the door and thinks Tanu might be inside the door. Pradeep is about to open the door, but Tanu hits something on his head. He faints. Abhi says it seems I have to break the door. Tanu drags him and locks him in the cupboard. Aaliya says why nobody came till now. She says I will go and check. Prachi, Rhea and others come there and tell that Tanu aunty just vanished. Ranbir tells everything about short circuit and says where is she? Shahana asks if her husband came and took her from here. Abhi breaks the door and gets inside. Tanu says she was in bathroom and was cleaning her dress. She says she is ready and asks him to come for engagement. Aryan says where did she go? Ranbir says we should have given her two dose. Rhea asks where is she? She tells that she is going to get Dadi’s blanket which is in Dad’s cupboard. Ranbir asks about the pill. Rhea says it was strong so I gave just one.

Tanu comes downstairs. She recalls Pradeep’s words and says she don’t remember what they gave her and says she knows that they were trying to know if her rape was real or fake. Mr. Singhania calls her on video call and congratulates her. Tanu asks where is Ranbir, Rhea and Aryan and says she has a feeling that his family don’t want his engagement. Abhi asks her not to get engagement then. Tanu says ok, don’t do marriage with me, I will not send you to jail, says I will see whose heart you will keep. Pragya says yours and says we both want same thing. Tanu asks Pandit ji to come. Rhea is about to open the cupboard, when Aryan tells that Shahana messaged that Tanu is downstairs and the engagement is about to start. They rush downstairs. Mr. Singhania asks Tanu if she told them what he told her. Tanu says she forgot and asks him to say. Mr. Singhania says he wants to keep Tanu on the safe side and tells that he will call her every 30 mins and if she don’t talk to then, then he will bring Police there in 15 mins. Tanu thanks Singhania and ends the call. Pandit ji asks them to bring groom and bride’s ring to start the engagement. Aaliya brings the rings. Pandit ji asks them to exchange rings. Tanu faints and falls on the sofa. Aaliya calls her. Pragya says she fainted again. Abhi says we shall take her to room and make her confess. Mitali takes Pandit ji to side and tells that she will give him something to eat. Pandit ji says he will go to other place and then will return here. Shahana asks him to do the work first. Mitali asks him to sit for sometime.

Abhi and Pragya take Tanu to room. Abhi asks Pragya to ask Tanu. Pragya says she is unconscious, how to ask her. Abhi hugs her. Prachi comes there and says sorry. She says she is searching Rhea. Pragya asks him to call her husband and asks why he didn’t come. He calls him and the phone rings from the cupboard. Rhea says voice is coming from inside the room. Pradeep is unconscious. Abhi and Pragya come to the bathroom.

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