Twist of Fate 1 May 2022: The Episode starts with Rhea thanking Pallavi for saving her life and hugging her. Ranbir is about to enter there, but someone pulls him out. Rhea says someone had come. Pallavi says nobody, let’s go to the mandap. Vikram is seen stopping Ranbir and says this marriage is important for Rhea. Ranbir says I can’t marry Rhea. Vikram says we have made you understand not to marry Prachi, but you didn’t listen and went ahead to marry her. He says it is enough, you have to marry her else we will die with Rhea. He asks him to marry Rhea and asks why do you want to ruin everything for that woman.

Pallavi brings Rhea to the mandap. Rhea sits and asks for Ranbir. Pandit ji says he went with Vikram. Dida asks Pallavi if she doesn’t understand that Ranbir doesn’t want to do this marriage. Vikram brings Ranbir there and makes him sit on the mandap. He then makes him wear the turban. Pallavi asks Pandit ji to start the marriage vidhi and tells Dida that Ranbir will marry as nobody forced him to marry. She folds her hands and asks Dida not to feed such things in his maang. Rhea smiles. Pandit ji asks them to get up for the rounds and make each other wear garland. Rhea makes him wear garland. Ranbir imagines Prachi on Rhea’s place and smiles. He then makes her wear the garland. Everyone smiles. He then sees Rhea and his smile vanishes. Rhea realizes he is thinking about Prachi still and thinks once they get married, she will take out Prachi from his mind. Pandit ji asks them to sit.

Pandit ji asks Pandit ji to tie their ghatbandhan. Pallavi ties the knot. Ranbir recalls Pallavi and his marriage. Suddenly a heavy wind comes. Pandit ji asks them to get the window closed and says if this havan kund fire gets off then it will be inauspicious. Pallavi asks someone to close the windows. Pandit ji asks Rhea and Ranbir to stand up for the rounds. Ranbir is still sitting. Rhea asks him to stand up for rounds. He imagines Prachi and begins taking rounds with her. Rhea thinks everything is happening nicely, I am so happy. She says my happiness would remain the same, but Pallavi aunty told Sid about this marriage. She says I know the truth and says Prachi still loves Ranbir and has no affair with Sid, whatever happened in the hotel was plotted by Buji and me. She thinks if Sid and Prachi come here, then they will do drama. Pallavi thinks 4 rounds are over and thinks no hurdles shall come between their marriage. Ranbir looks at Rhea as he stops, after Pandit ji asks Rhea to walk ahead from the 5th round. Rhea walks ahead. Suddenly the ghat bandhan cloth opens up. Vikram and Pallavi get shocked. Dida smiles. Just then Prachi comes there and says stop this marriage. Dida smiles seeing her. Ranbir is shocked seeing her there. Rhea thinks why Ranbir is not completing the fast.

Prachi reminds Ranbir of his promise and says don’t do this marriage. Rhea says your drama started again and says why don’t you go far from us. She asks her to just leave. Prachi says you will not say anything, you have made stories and played with people’s lives. She says today I came to expose you and end all your games, don’t think about playing any more conspiracy. She says I will tell your truth to everyone today. She says what do you think that you will fool me like you have fooled Sid that Ranbir don’t love me and wanted to get rid of me so that he can marry you. She says will I agree, and says will he marry you? Ranbir asks what do you want to say? Prachi says what Rhea is hiding and blames her for their separation, says she made that hotel plan and pushed us there. She says she had told Sid that Mummy made this plan and wanted to separate us. Rhea says she is lying, can’t bear my happiness and that’s why came here to break it. She says I will not let you be successful. Prachi says I am telling the truth.

Sid comes there and says I can prove this truth. He walks inside and says Rhea’s lie has spoiled my life too. He says when you were telling me everything, I had recorded everything on my mobile. He says her truth and lie are on my phone.

Prachi asks what happened, why your face color went and says this is your real face. She says your plans are running away from you, the dreams which you have seen to marry Ranbir. She says it was your plan, whatever happened in the hotel room. She says you stoop low to separate Ranbir and me, and blamed your own sister and ruined my character. She says Ranbir has agreed and asks where did his trust go? She says how can you think that your Prachi can do this and says I am not like this and loves you so much and only you are in my heart. She says you taught me to love and I married you seeing your obsession. She says you came into people’s talks and left me. She asks why you didn’t trust me and says Rhea separated us as she wanted to marry you. She says I am the same who loves you and will love you always. Sid says he needs a big screen to expose Rhea. Prachi says no Sid, this is the truth to expose Rhea, but Ranbir and my love will decide to trust me. She says I have proof to prove my love and asks him to say if he needs any proof, and asks if he doesn’t remember what her sister has done with her. She says someone other is with her this time. She asks Ranbir to hear his heart and asks it if it loves her even now.

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