Twist of Fate update Sunday 10 April 2022: The Episode starts with Tanu asking Aaliya to tell what all she planned against Pragya. She says the molestation case which Gaurav filed on you, was Aaliya’s idea. She says Aaliya is with Tanu, and the money idea was of her only. She says she wanted to ruin you with Gaurav, first molestation case, and then she stole your quotation and gave it to Gaurav.

Aaliya says yes, I did. I wanted to ruin Pragya, but I am not responsible for whatever happened with Bhai. She says Bhai is responsible for whatever happened to him. Gaurav wanted to take revenge as Bhai had beaten him. She asks Pragya to ask Tanu, why she encouraged Gaurav to kill Abhi. Tanu says I didn’t encourage. Pragya asks Aaliya to tell them where did Abhi go to meet Gaurav? Aaliya says red zone bright hotel. Pragya slaps Tanu hard on her face and says I had stopped myself for many days, so did it today. She leaves.

Abhi comes to the hotel and asks the receptionist for Gaurav Thapar. The receptionist calls Gaurav. Abhi takes the call and says I am coming. Gaurav tells the receptionist to let him come. Pragya sits in the car hurriedly and thinks of Aaliya’s words. Abhi walks inside thinking of Aaliya’s words that she made Pragya understand to give her everything to Gaurav. Pragya calls Abhi and asks why didn’t reach home. She says you didn’t tell me that you went to Gaurav. Abhi says you named all the property in Gaurav’s name just to save me. Pragya says you are my universe and tells them that she can give anything for him. Abhi says he wants to punish him, as he wanted to bring you on the road. Pragya says you will not do anything. Abhi says I will settle all scores with Gaurav. Pragya says don’t go there, he has planned to kill you. Abhi says he had planned this from the start. Pragya says nothing is ruined, my property and business are with us, whatever I have earned is not lost. Sushma aunty has handled everything. He asks her to wait for him. Pragya says my promise. He ends the call without hearing about the promise. Pragya prays to God to protect him. Gaurav uses chloroform in the handkerchief when two goons come there. Gaurav says only you both came. The goon says this is a hotel, everything is recorded on the CCTV. He says we have to first make sure. Gaurav says he has planned everything were to kill him. The goon says you shall be a gangster.

Gaurav says there shall be no injury on his body, and tells that he wants his death as an accident. He says people shall think, about why he came here, and why he went to that side. Pragya is stopped and the police officer tells that the road is blocked due to work in progress. He asks her to go through ring road. Pragya runs. Abhi asks about room no. 505. Pragya tries to remove the barricade and tells that she is trying to save her husband. Constable removes the barricades and says you are with your husband, Delhi Police is with you. Pragya drives off.

Abhi is still walking and comes to room no. 505. Gaurav asks the goons to hide and says he will sign them. Gaurav opens the door. Abhi comes inside and says you want to kill me. Gaurav says I was angry and that’s why told them that I will kill him. Abhi asks him to apologize to Pragya. Gaurav says I have sent you to jail and says I bribed Subhash so that he breaks the wall, and 6 people died. Abhi gets angry. Gaurav says poor people are born to die and I don’t repent for anything, and I will not apologize to anyone. Abhi grabs his collar and says you have blackmailed her, troubled and cheated her. He says you shall apologize to her. Abhi hits Gaurav. Gaurav asks his goons to save him. The goons come there holding chloroform. Abhi fights with the goons and makes them smell chloroform. The goons fall unconscious. Gaurav gets tensed and says listen to me. Abhi holds Gaurav and beats him.

He continues to beat Gaurav and ties his hands. He says you shall apologize to Pragya, and to the family of people whom you have killed and to the law. He says I don’t want to kill you and go to jail. Pragya comes to the reception and asks where is Gaurav Thapar. The receptionist says room no 505 and tells them that someone had gone to meet Abhi. Abhi tells Gaurav that he has recorded everything, whatever he said, and says this recording is enough to send him to jail. Just then Gaurav’s father comes there and breaks a glass bottle on Abhi’s head. Abhi holds his head. Abhi says I don’t raise hand on elders, and says I want to slap you for giving birth to such children. Gaurav gets up and takes the chloroform handkerchief. Abhi is lecturing her father when Gaurav makes Abhi smell chloroform. Abhi faints. Mahesh tells Gaurav that he shall inform him, wherever he goes. He says he wanted to send me to jail, I have planned to send him up. They wear caps and make Abhi sit in the wheelchair while he is covered with shawls. Pragya is coming there. Gaurav looks at Pragya. Pragya doesn’t look at Gaurav and his father. She is walking from there but doesn’t see Abhi. She senses his presence and turns back. She comes to room no. 505. Someone opens the room. Pragya just finds the unconscious goons.

Gaurav tells Mahesh that he has ruined his plan. Mahesh says when I came there, you were tied and lying upside down. Gaurav says I was not defending him as I don’t want any scratches on his body. Mahesh says he had said that he has recorded your confession and told that they shall get his phone, it fell on the floor. Pragya finds Abhi’s phone and thinks where is he? if he is fine, then he would have his phone with him. She gets worried.

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