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Twist of Fate 12 September 2021: Twist of Fate update Sunday 12th September 2021 The Episode starts with Ranbir getting a call and tells them that he is coming there. Does Abhi ask what happened? Ranbir tells that he came to know about the thief and runs out. Abhi comes out. Ranbir tells that an agency called him and told him that the thief is caught. Abhi says all the best. Vikram calls Abhi and says sorry for their behavior, says we shouldn’t have doubt Prachi. Abhi asks him to go and tell everyone that Prachi is not the thief, he tells that Ranbir had hired an agency to catch the thief and now he is caught. 

[Zee world] Twist of Fate update Sunday 12 September 2021

Vikram says thank god, where are you? Abhi says I am coming home and asks him to tell Aaliya that if someone is a middle class then they are not thieves. Vikram says what to tell her, leave it. Abhi asks if he didn’t mean sorry from the heart. Vikram says I mean it, whatever you said is right. I will tell Aaliya and asks her to come home. He turns to Pallavi and tells them that the real thief was caught. Pallavi says she will call Aaliya and inform her, she was stressed about the money. Vikram says even you were stressed about money. Pallavi says she was not stressed about money, but she was angry with Prachi. She tells that she will talk to Prachi and will apologize to her. She says she will forgive me.

Aaliya comes to Sanju’s house and asks for his phone. Sanju tells that there is no recording. Aaliya checks. He says I trust you, but you don’t trust me. She asks him to give her money. Sanju tells that he doesn’t have cash as his third partner is having the cash. He says Police were after us so we three, took three different ways. He says he will get the cash.

Aaliya asks him to keep 20 percent and bring the remaining money to the backyard of her house. She turns to go when she gets Pallavi’s call. Pallavi informs her that they have done a big mistake by accusing Prachi, she says I shouldn’t have told all that to Prachi. Aaliya asks what are you saying? Pallavi tells that the real thief is caught, I heard Vikram and Abhi talking, Ranbir has gone to catch him and I am sure that he will catch him. Aaliya looks at Sanju and says great, ends the call.

Pragya tells Rhea that she wants to say something, but she might not like it. Rhea asks her to tell. Pragya says she will tell and tells that she has a bracelet which she has kept for many years. She takes out the bracelet and recalls, a FB is shown. Pragya tells Abhi that she has gone to the temple with Suwarni Dadi and the Pandit Ji asked what did I want, I wanted your happiness always so he reads some mantra and gave this mala. He said that it will have all your happiness. Abhi says I am very happy and says she should have asked for her happiness. He asks her to keep it and tells them that he is born to do sin and then will wear it to penance. He makes her wear it and says happiness will be yours. Fb ends.

Does Rhea ask what is in it? Pragya tells that it will keep her sorrows away and will keep her happy. She tells that she had taken it for someone who gave it to her as he used to care for her. Rhea asks if she is going to give this to her. Pragya says your dad might have joked, you are perfect and more perfect than perfect. She says you understood it so easily and asks her to keep it with herself and whenever she is stressed, keep it on her forehead. Rhea asks her to make her wear it so that she gets her love and also the person’s love who returned it. Dimpy comes there and tells Rhea that her car is working. Rhea asks Pragya to sit in the car and goes to check Dumpy’s car.

Aaliya gets angry and slaps Sanju. Sanju asks what did I do? Aaliya says Ranbir’s private investigator has seen your man and he must be arrested by now. Sanju gets shocked. His other friend comes there. Sanju asks him to keep his hand on his face and says his hand is heavy. Aaliya tells that she has done a mistake by hiring him and counts that he couldn’t do any of her works. Aaliya slaps Sanju’s friend.

Sanju’s friend gets angry. Aaliya slaps him again. Sanju asks his friend to be quiet and tells him that he will not leave her. Sanju asks him to think about what will happen to us if our third partner is caught. He says Rhea will drown us. Sanju thinks whenever Rhea gives some work, it fails and I get caught. Does he say doesn’t know if our kundali will ever match or not?

Aryan and Ranbir get down the car and see the goon running. Ranbir manages to get the bag and runs behind the goon. Dimpy tells Rhea that her car is fine and asks why she is with Prachi’s mom. Aaliya calls on Rhea’s number. Pragya informs Rhea about her Buji’s call. Rhea asks her to attend the call and tells Buji that she will talk to her later. She then asks Dimpy not to lecture her and tells that Prachi’s mom is different from her, she cares for me. Aaliya calls Rhea. Pragya picks the call. Aaliya thinks Pragya and ends the call. She thinks she must be stressed out and that’s why thinking her to be Pragya. Rhea comes back to the car.

Pragya tells Rhea that she couldn’t give her message to her Buji. Rhea tells that her buji can handle the problems and tells that she tells that blood is thicker than the water. Pragya thinks of Aaliya and asks Rhea not to be impulsive. She asks her to think for 5 mins and then makes a decision. Aaliya calls her again and asks where are you? Rhea says she is with Prachi’s mum. Aaliya says thank God, she is with Anuradha and not Pragya. She asks her to return home and tells that there is a problem with her plan. Rhea says ok. She tells Pragya that she has to go. Pragya tells that she will take a taxi. Rhea says she will drop her. Pragya says she will go and gets down the car. Rhea calls Aaliya and asks what happened? Aaliya tells that Ranbir has gone to catch the thief. Rhea gets tensed.

Ranbir and Aryan come back to the car. Ranbir tells Aryan that although the thief escaped, they got the money back. He says he will prove Prachi innocent now. Abhi tells Sarita behen that he will leave. He gets Ranbir’s call who tells him everything and ends the call. Abhi tells that the thief is arrested and asks her to come with him. He says it is necessary to prove her innocence.

Pallavi asks why Abhi asked to call Aaliya here. Does Rhea ask if the goon is caught then and take our name then? Aaliya says she will think. Abhi and Prachi come home. Abhi thanks Vikram and says Aaliya has a problem with Prachi and said that she will prove that she is guilty, but I had said that he will prove her innocence. He tells Rhea that Ranbir got the proof. Ranbir tells that he has hired the investigator and he cracked this case. He told the exact location where the thief was taking money. He says we couldn’t catch the thief, but we have the proof and shows the money 10 lakhs rs. Aaliya smiles fakely. Ranbir says Prachi is innocent. He says this bag has all the money and that’s how it is proved that Prachi is innocent.

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