Twist of Fate 13 February 2022: Twist of Fate update Sunday 13th February 2022 The Episode starts with Pragya telling Ranbir that she feels proud of him and doesn’t let them be in jail being Chief’s wife. She tells that when Prachi called her, she was with the lawyer. The lady constable asks Prachi to go inside the lock-up. She tells Ranbir that she knows that he loves her, seeing him worrying for her when she hit her and also when her mother scolded her. She says you wouldn’t have told her, so I will tell her. She tells Prachi that Ranbir loves her a lot and asks her not to leave him. Tanu tells Inspector that Ranbir and Prachi were trying to destroy the proofs which she wanted to use as proof in court.

Inspector says he didn’t only arrest them for entering her house, but also to try to damage the proofs. Pragya comes there and tells Inspector that he could have warned and left them, they are kids. Inspector says they had broken Tanu’s home window and tried to tamper the proofs, it is big evidence. Tanu says you shall not leave them and says Pragya is doing this. She tells me that Pragya had sent her daughters to my house and threatened me and asks her to arrest Pragya first. Pragya says excuse me Inspector and takes Tanu out. She asks Tanu not to drag the kids and says they are kids. Tanu says Abhi was not in his senses so I said that he raped me. She tells that she was expecting Rhea, but Prachi came. She says I will win from you after 20 years, it starts with your daughters and ends with your husband. Pragya says she will not let anything happen to her daughters, husband, and family. Tanu says this fire will burn all your family.

Pragya calls Raghuvir ji. Raghuvir ji says can I sit? Inspector asks if he came for a small case. Raghuvir says no case. Pragya comes there and calls Raghuvir. Inspector asks how much money, he got from her? Raghuvir asks how much money, did you get from Tanu? He says I didn’t ask you, just like you was joking, I was joking too. He shows the bail papers of Ranbir and Prachi. He asks if he arrested Abhi, then why did he give the news to Media. Inspector says what I could have done if they reached here. Raghuvir asks who gave the news to Media. Inspector says I don’t know. Raghuvir asks him to find out, as such questions will be asked in the court and you have to answer. Vikram comes there. Pragya says she didn’t get time to tell him and tells him that the bail has been done. Vikram thanks her. Pragya introduces Raghuvir to Vikram. Inspector asks Raghuvir to be here. Raghuvir says though I have handled fewer cases, my memory is sharp. Lady constable frees Ranbir and Prachi. Vikram goes to get the car.

Tanu comes to Pragya and congrats her, tells that Inspector told them that they are bailed. Pragya says just like I saved them, I will save Abhi too. Tanu says what a coincidence and asks if she thinks she will defeat her, and says if she wants she can tell Inspector that they came to her home with murder intention. She says she has set up everything and asks shall I file this nonbailable offense. Ranbir asks if this is a joke. Tanu tells that he is talking like Pragya and asks him to absorb his anger. Pragya asks Ranbir to leave it. Tanu tells that Pragya has accepted that she will not win and asks her to get Prachi married, as when judge gives his verdict against Abhi, then who will marry rapist daughter. She talks about their values. Prachi asks her not to talk about values. Tanu says she wants her to see Abhi going to jail and tells that Pragya’s fake confidence will fail. She says it is clearly shown in the video that Abhi is forcing on her. Ranbir says he knows Chief since childhood and will sue her. Tanu says Pragya is silent as she knows that her failure started. Ranbir gets Vikram’s call and tells him that they are coming out.

Sarita behen tells Shahana that she will go to the PS. Shahana makes her sit and asks shall I bring water for you. The doorbell rings, Prachi comes there with Pragya. Shahana asks if Ranbir and his Papa went. Pragya nods her head and promises Prachi that she will bring her Papa.

Pallavi is furious at Ranbir. Ranbir comes home. Pallavi asks if he thinks everything a joke. Does Ranbir ask what happened? Pallavi says you get caught by Police and your Papa brought you home. She asks him to see his surname and says you are Kohli Industries, heir and future. Ranbir says you don’t know anything. Pallavi blames Prachi for all this. Ranbir says I had gone there for chief, she didn’t ask me. Pallavi says this girl is making you mad and blames Prachi. Ranbir says you don’t know. Pallavi says I care for you. Ranbir says you tell that you care for the chief and asks if you did something for him. He says Prachi tried to do something for her Papa, and you are doing nothing, just blaming her. Rhea comes there and hears them. Pallavi says enough and raises their hand on Ranbir, but stops. Vikram comes there and asks what is happening here.

Pallavi asks didn’t you see what happened? Vikram says I know what you were talking about and tells Rhea that both Pragya and Prachi are fine, I dropped them to Sarita Behen’s house. Pallavi says Ranbir fought with me today and even last time he fought with her for Prachi. She says he got engaged to Rhea and is roaming with Prachi. Vikram says he is my son and went there for Abhi. Pallavi says if you had not bailed him out, then he would be in the lock-up for the night. Vikram says Pragya got him bailed. Pallavi gets angry and says what a big deal, my son got arrested due to her daughter. Vikram says it is difficult to talk to you. Pallavi says don’t talk to me. Sarita behen is worried. Pragya says tomorrow he will go home from Court and not jail.

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